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Lee Baker Blooper!!!

For those of you who are interested... a quick announcement. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet with some great people at Pantex and I accepted a job with them as a public affairs specialist. I wanted to thank Class 4 Winds for the chance to lead that organization for almost the last two years, it's a great group and members, and I wish them nothing but the best. Can't wait to get started in my new role out at Pantex and thanks to you for letting me continue being a part of your lives.

I had a gentleman stop me as I was filling up my car yesterday to ask about Brian James leaving and how he came back a couple times and how after I left in 2003, I came back as well.
And I also realized a number of people in the newsroom have left and come back and that's true of many newsrooms.
Guess you can chalk it up to the call of journalism or not liking what we found outside of news or whatever.
I think it's a testament to a newsroom when people from that ne...wsroom and others want to work there. All of us want to work at the best place and try to make a difference by being the best storytellers we can be. I think that's the big lure. Sort of like the old town cryer... it's important for us to be the one that delivers an accurate and fair story to those who listen. Not that it makes you feel important or invaluable; rather it's have the trust instilled upon you to do the job.
I sincerely hope as time goes by, those joining all newsrooms realize the responsibility placed on them to do that job and please remember that if we've gone away, whether to ever return or not, it's been an extreme honor to serve the general public.
As viewers you really do have the power to have your voice heard and let stations know what you like and don't like. Management takes those calls, email and letters seriously. You have no idea what it means to someone to be told that a viewer said "great job" or "Loved that story" or "you're the one I turn to..."
So if you get a minute, pass on a sentiment to management to let them know when you're pleased with someone. They do hear often about your dis-pleasure, because it seems those feelings prompt people to lash out. Doing it when you like something might take a little more effort but it is very appreciated. I"ll let Brian know someone asked about him. Bet it brings a smile to his face.

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I am so ready to see the new news set... lots of changes over at the old stompin' grounds... and they're doing some really good things on air and off.

Of all the infinitely many numbers in existence, the number seven appears to be humanity's favorite. Why?

So glad KVII is getting a new set. Not that the old one going out isn't iconic. It certainly is, but here's a couple things you might not have known about "The Canyon."
1st-That set was not meant for KVII. It was originally custom made for KCBS-TV out in L.A.. The set does pivot almost 180 degrees, with the morning show on one side and the rest of the days' news delivered from the desk. From what we were told, KCBS thought it was too small and didn't want it, so we picked up for basically, shipping costs (or so we were told). There are monitors in the desk you can't see at home which makes it a lot easier than looking for a monitor off the side. If you look closely at the number two position, (Lee is 1, Larry 2, Lisa 3 and Brian 4) there's a nasty burn mark where a light fell one night right after we cut our evening teases and left a burn mark on the desk.
2nd-If you pivoted the desk too far, it runs over the microphone cords that are strung underneath and I hate to think how may time the engineers had to fish out those lines and run new ones.
3rd-As for the Canyon set, it was created by a group called the "Art Commandos" out of Las Vegas. They came down and spent about three days in the Canyon, taking pictures and making sketches, then went back to Vegas, created the entire thing out of hard styrofoam, painted and sculpted and shipped it out here in crates. It took them 2 days to put it together along with hanging the cyclorama in the back.
Little known facts---
There is also a snail permanently attached to the sculpture. It's in the front near the bottom, glued to a ledge by the Art Commandos.
There was a barrier put down around the front to keep the old cameras from bumping into the canyon and damaging it. If you go by to see it before it goes down, you can see the damage in a couple of places.
The lighting was originally set up with a new board to re-create the colors of sunrise, mid-day light, sunset and darkness. Each show had a particular setting and was used to mimic conditions outdoors at the time of the broadcast.
While our set was being constructed, we had to use the front conference room. It was very hot in there with all the lights we had to use... a stark contrast to the cold garage that will be used until the new one gets installed.
(My all time favorite)--Mr. Spock was up on the lighthouse for a few days. A 4" inch figure of the noted Vulcan was placed up there by one of the production crew and stayed until the production manager noticed it. He was ceremoniously taken down and retired.

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Steve Myers added 15 new photos.

FB Friends... Need extra money for the holidays? Send anyone you know who is looking for a house to our Open House at 3309 Whitecotton and if they make an accep...table offer, you get $500 in a referral fee. 2-4 today off 34th and Coulter, north of Sleepy Hollow.
New carpet, new paint, new floors, new counter tops, we built an amazing deck and and she's ready for open houses.
But to generate a little interest... I wanted to post some photos and numbers, in case you know anyone looking for a house near 34th and Coulter on a quiet cul-de-sac.
The asking price is 6-K below appraisal, and 40-K below replacement costs. Since the county appraisal, it's received a new roof, 60-K worth of renovations and updates, including guaranteed house leveling service and a new sewer line.
SO--if you know anyone interested in a house about 2 blocks west of Coulter off 34th for under $145-K, this might just be for you. Uploaded a bunch of photos with the updates. Please share with anyone looking for a really great place at a reduced cost. As they say, the sellers are motivated.

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Props to my friend and former co-worker Leeann Kossey for heading back on air at ProNews 7! What a great addition she'll be on the morning show!

Hey gang!!! Hope everyone is ready for summer to end. If you are not quite ready and are looking for one more round of golf... then read on, and please pass this on to anyone you think that might be interested.
Thanks a bunch! It's a fundraiser for Class 4 Winds & Renewables that takes place on Thursday, September 25th!

Hey Panhandle area golfers!!!


If you need an excuse to take off for a golf scramble on a Thursday... I've got more than 10,000 reasons! There are still a few spots left for next Thursday's Interstate All Battery Center Golf Scramble for Class 4 Winds & Renewables: Great prizes to be won including --Hole in one(s)- $10,000 cash, MGM Grand Las Vegas Vacation, Men's Rolex Watch, Golf Clubs, Ipads, TV's, and more! Plus, raffle tickets for Southwest Airlines Tickets and one lucky golfer's name will be drawn and that golfer will get one shot at a putt worth $5000 CASH!!! Sign up today on our website,

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A good friend of mine, Wes Reeves at Xcel just posted a photo of his old barber and got me thinking.
I did a story a couple of years ago about the last barber shop to close in Pampa...and to me that's a sad part of Americana that's about to go by the wayside everywhere.
I used to hate getting a haircut as a kid, but loved to go see my old barber, Don Woods. He was the nicest gentleman and always made you feel special when it was time to "lower your ears."
I loved the smell of... the shop and all the old (and I mean OLD) magazines. Field and Stream, Car Digest, Hunting, Fishing and just about anything the elder guard considered worthwhile and manly.
Until I was about 10-11, my mom would always take me and finally I was able to go by myself. Occasionally, there were the elders in there and they would always ask, "How are you today, young man?" I hope they realized what it meant to be a scraggly kid who needed to lose an inch or two, to be asked how I was doing. These were the founding members of the spit and whittle club and having them say hi and cement the stereotype of older gents hanging out in the barbershop just killing time is invaluable.
Seeing that old striped barber pole spinning out front, the fragrance of that strange blue antiseptic liquid that all the combs were kept, the piled up hair in the dustpan, the padded 2x12 "kid riser" that was slung over the arms of the chair..that amazing chair.
It could be moved into any number of positions and was always very comfortable. I remember Don asking if I was "big enough" and could I "sit up straight" so we could ditch the padded seat.
Mom still has a lock from my first haircut, and I don't remember who did it, though I think it was from her hometown of Watonga.
Don was the best barber I ever knew, and he retired when I was about 14. I remember him telling me he didn't go in for those longer hairstyle for men, so I had to find someone else. Mom cut mine for a couple of years and then Danny Matthews became my man of choice and when I moved to Lawton for a job at KSWO, I still would go back home to Ada about once a month to have Danny cut my hair.
Since then, many of you out here in Amarillo knew Trannie, best cutter this side of the Rockies, who we lost a few years back.
And now it looks like we're losing the rest of the old guard barbers and the striped pole barbershops. Kinda sad.
Guess I'll have to go find a bottle of that blue liquid and keep it in my office.

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Wow...they certainly have been adding to the ranks over at KVII. I've met two of their new reporters in the last couple months. Going to be back on channel 7 this evening talking about Wind Energy across the region.
It's really a great opportunity landowners, county governments and this part of the state is being given with our Classification 4 Winds that all developers are looking for when they start siting a project.
I hope you'll support it as well as it means so much to t...he Panhandle region. I'm sure the story you'll be seeing tonight will reflect that.
I also hope everyone's doing well and with the serious chance of rain in the forecast...I can't imagine anything but great news in the days ahead!
And for those asking how married life is really could not be better. I am the luckiest man to have found Casey and I'm counting on a lot of years and happiness ahead. I think we'll just keep it in the newlywed phase for the next 20-30 years.

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Thanks to everyone for the kind wishes and good lucks as Casey, Caleb and I start our new life. We had a great ceremony, spent one day with family then headed off to Vegas for our honeymoon and a national wind convention. We had such a great time and now are ready to start things off here in a new life surrounded by some of the greatest people in the world---
I'll share more pics from our trip and hopefully a video link of the fountains at the Bellagio. Casey loved seeing them, we had dinner on the balcony overlooking the lake and she taped a couple of the water shows.
Here's a pic right after the ceremony captured by my cousin Danny. Pretty much captured the last few weeks in a single second.

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I sincerely hope everyone had a great Easter. I had a blast looking back at old photos people were posting of their best Easter Sundays. The young ladies in their new dresses and white gloves, the little boys in their new suits and patent leather shoes, all running around gathering hidden eggs and for just a moment, having no cares in the world. I remember those days with vivid colors and emotions. The old PAAS Easter egg dying kits, the smell of the vinegar you had to use, t...he wax crayon that allowed you to secretly write your name and have it be the part of the egg that wasn't dyed, the fake grass for your basket, the sisters and me running around looking for our eggs, the basket full of candy and soon to be headless chocolate rabbits. The year my cousin Rocky brought us all rabbits, much to the chagrin of our parents, heading off to the First United Methodist Church of Ada to listen to Reverend Herman Ging tell us all the Easter story again, and learning about the sacrifice made by Jesus for all of us. The smell of the church and the freshly cut grass outside, jumping in the family Pontiac and heading home to that wonderful every-Sunday-dinner that Mom put in the oven that morning. The rest of the day spent eating candy, making life miserable for my sisters and just relaxing, because after all, Sunday is the day of rest.
My future family of Casey and Caleb (less than 2 weeks until the marriage!) went to Trinity Church and then spent the rest of the day dodging our much needed rain and finishing up the new deck we re-built on the back of our house. We didn't get much rest, but sometimes there are things that must be done in the time allotted. And that's okay as well; we spent the evening with her family playing volleyball and eating hamburgers and hot dogs from the backyard grill. Another perfect Easter I hope yours was, too.

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The sky is a lovely shade of brown. not a cold, heartless brown, but more of a warm tan, even a little beige as other parts of the region, probably as far away as Colorado, Kansas and I think a piece of Utah are wafting their way across the plains, blanketing everything in a sun-roasted covering of fine dirt and sand, only to find it's way into every orifice of your body and give your hair the feeling of 150 grit wet/dry sandpaper..
Still, it's a pretty shade of tan.

Wha? Chef Bud has 350 more likes than I do...well, he is a popular guy, and honestly one of the funniest and nicest people I know. It was so good to catch up with him and the rest of the Daybreak crew today...I don't even mind if he has more followers on FB than me. (sniff, sniff).

I saw this past week where Chef Bud celebrated his anniversary on the morning show...Congrats! He is such a pleasure to work with and be around and he is an AMAZING chef!!!
In fact, I think I'll drop by the set next Monday the 31st and join them for a segment on Daybreak! Okay, I'm going to promote a big seminar that Class 4 Winds & Renewables is hosting on April 11th & 12th, but I can't wait to get up at the strike of OmyGod O'clock and run down and see my morning buds!
Tune in, as I'm sure there will be more discussed than just wind farms. See you then!

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