seems like i can start the ANGST pre-order earlier than expected.
DRIFT - STALKING LIKE KILLERS FOREVER 12" pre-order the record and merch here:

New #hate5six video: YEAR OF THE KNIFE from 2018-04-01 in Philadelphia, PA. Support hate5six on Patreon!

just a heads up, half of the Shards and Year Of The Knife tapes that‘ll be available through me are already gone

Year Of The Knife at this years outbreak fest. on another note ultimate disease tapes should be available soon.‬

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Regulate and a couple other good ones. watch out for that upcoming lp this summer.

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punk rock. tapes coming soon.

6 track album
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World Eater

Hello boys and girls ,
Since you are probably being busy watching Netflix we‘re gonna keep this as short as possible .
After almost 9 years we‘ve come to the de...cision to put this thing of ours to rest.
If you’re waiting for some drama here we‘re sorry to disappoint you since their isn’t any bullshit . We‘re still in good standing with each other and still we can laugh about our bullshit talks 😉
We still have a show in two weeks in Coburg and there will be a final „ goodbye „tour in May .
So it would be cool to see some faces on our last string of shows .
We will keep you posted about the tour and the final show which will be the last one of the tour ASAP .

All the thank and fuck you‘s coming later when this is really done

Nice Sunday everyone and don’t forget to listen to victim in pain !


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Ich habe kurzerhand ein E-Mail Interview mit der Metallic Hardcore Band ANGST geführt. Genauer gesagt mit deren Sänger Steffen.
Das Ergebnis könnt ihr jetzt nac...hlesen. Es gibt ein paar Neuigkeiten zu erfahren, aber auch Hintergründe zur Bandgeschichte zu entdecken.

Die aktuelle Scheibe BURDEN OF LOSS könnt ihr bei Street Survival Records ordern. Kann ich nur empfehlen!

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I had an e-mail interview with the metallic hardcore band @[447223762077318:274:ANGST]. More specifically with their singer Steffen. You can read the result now. There are some news to learn, but also to discover background history. You can order the current disk burden of loss at @[165035980206532:274:Street Survival Records]. I can only recommend it!
Nachdem mich ANGST letztens in Erfurt live umgehauen haben und die Band sowieso momentan in aller Munde zu sein scheint, habe ich mich dazu entschlossen Sänger Steffen eine Mail zu schreiben und ih…
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World Eater

Hey everybody ,
Some of you might noticed that street survival records rereleased our demo and the s/t 7“ together on a 12“ LP . So we‘re gonna do a little Rele...ase Show together with neighborhood watch who are about to release their first full length Lp.
Angst and Escape joining the party as well .

Do you?

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Bob Wilson Presents: Year of the Knife ( FYA Fest 2018 Tampa, FL The Cuban Club January 7, 2018 1. Sony A7Sii & Canon 16...

for lj xxx

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Year of the Knife December 8, 2017 Theater 294 Farmingdale, NY