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Meet Sarah, our Kick Boxing Master! Come to her class, Wednesday at 9:30 A.M!! IT's a great way to burn calories and feel unstoppable!!!
Hi Strength In Numbers family! we are starting a new feature called "trick of the track" These video clips will give you tips on technique for each of your favorite classes! Check it out!
If you are serious about dropping those extra pre holiday pounds, this is perfect for you!!!

Already 3 people "like" my Shenango Valley YMCA page.. Thank you!!!!

Well my sweet facebook family, first I want to thank you all for being such faithful fans of the best little club in the world, Strength In Numbers. But you know we grew, and now our new home is at the wonder YMCA in hermitage. Of course I have a facebook page for it, so please become a fan, of Shanango Valley YMCA..Thank you!!!!


Hi Family! Today at the YMCA you have to check out Wednesday Body Pump with Ben- Jammin! at 5:30! Then it's Rachels 6:30 Club Dance party!!! Other classes are 4pm total conditioning, 5:15 pm Totally toning, 6:15 pm boot camp! 6:15 pm cycling... CHECK IT OUT

Hey we have an awesome spring soccer program for the kids! It's great fun! Call and ask about it!!! 724-981-6950

Ahh great classes at the y tongiht! thank goodness for the plentiful parking!! tomorrow 5:30 am and pm will get you Zumbella!!! At 10:30 our am Body Pump with dave! And the place is chuck full of awesome classes! Check it out!!

It's Monday at the YMCA so what is on the fitness menu from Strength In Numbers? How about 5:30 PM Body Pump! work off the weekend and then it's you know, that club dance party zumbella!!! at 6:30! Also you know there are so many cool classes you can try at the Y! CHECK IT OUT!!!

Hi S.I.N Family, we are having so much fun in our new home!! Please come join us there! Monday 5:15 a.m Body Pump!! Be there! then of course it's 5:30pm Body Pump and Rachels Club Zumbella!!!! at 6:30p party at our new place!

Please come try all the other great classes as well there is soo much cool stuff going on!!!

Hi My S.I.N Family!! I see so many of your friendly faces at our new home at the YMCA!! Tonight is 4:30 Body Pump with Tara and then of course ZUMBA with Bella!!! Catch Daves class at 5:15 tomorrow A.m then It's Friday Party Pump at 5:30 PM with Ang and me!! Party at the Y!!

Wow we are really rocking our new house!!! ben's Wednesday Pump rocked and Rachel really clubed out the place at 6:30! Dont forget that we have our 10 a.m pump class tomorrow! Then of course we have 4:30 Body Pump and 5:30 Zumba!!!

ok family this is it!!! Come to our first Body Pump Class at 5:15 the YMCA!!!!! then our first evening class tomorrow at 5:30 P.m!!!! Its our first party at our NEW place!!! Also what???? You know Club Zumba in the Y hOUSE!!!! 6:30 P.M !!! come on everybody!!!!

CORRECTION!! 4:30 pm DON'T MISS TARA'S BODY PUMP CLASS!! She will rock the house! come one come all lets pack this house also Bella's 5:30 Zumba!!!!! Tomorrow.. Tonight we got CLUB ZUMBA!!!!

Hi Family! please join Ben Jammin at 5:30 for the LAST EVENING BODY PUMP at Strength in Numbers! Lets pack the house! show your support, I can't be there tonight!! But then Let Rachel rock your world with CLUB ZUMBA at 6:30 pm.. Party at our place a little while longer!!

We will be open at S.I.N through this Thursday, March 3rd. So tonight is Body Pump at 5:30 and then CLUB ZUMBA!!! at 6:30 PM Party at our old place!

Hi family! Ok time to unlease the the news full force!!!!! We are moving to the YMCA!!! 1 week from today! please call or come in today to get your membership trainfered over!! Same classes, same class times! Our first Body Pump will be 5:30 Monday! All trainers will be there so come party with us!! Right by walmart!