Where is everyone getting their moto fix? Share with the group and make the events larger.

Due to management and policy changes between Summit Point Karting and BSR (Summit Point Raceway) the go-cart track has been restricted to go-carts ONLY. Unfortunately this means there will be no Summit Point MASMA events scheduled for 2012.

MASMA is in the process of setting up Supermoto events at other track including VIR and New Jersey Motorsport Park. We'll update you as we progress.


We need volunteers to assist in taking over control of the MASMA events. Other motorcycle event schedules and responsibilities are preventing us from creating a full MASMA schedule. Therefore Scott and I have decided to let those who have offered to help run, organize and promote MASMA supermoto events the opportunity to drive this going forward.

This does not mean that we won’t be involved at all, it simply means we will not be able to do all the “behind the scenes” work ...of running a 7 or 8 event schedule. We will attend as many events as we can and will assist in track layout, tech inspections, riders meetings, etc.., But will NOT be responsible for scheduling, track fees, email lists or promotion. We will assist in track restorations and improvements with our own skid steer when time permits.

We will make the necessary introduction and contacts with the summit point track people (BSR), and will be available at any time for consulting if needed. Joe Hensley, who assisted in running most of last year’s events, is ready to be a part of the new management but it is NOT a one person job. Scott and I have enjoyed meeting and riding with over 150 different riders over the last two years. We believe that MASMA can continue to exist and grow if a couple of guys put forth the effort. Unfortunately we do not have the time to devote to it this year. So if you guys want to continue to ride, someone is going to have to step up and take over. Call or email me (Mitch), Scott, or Joe for any questions you may have.

Mitch Piper (703)-969-2292

Joseph Hensley (703)-999-5801

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The weather is looking perfect for Friday. We will be using the dirt section and its the last event for the year... so come on out everybody!

See everyone on Friday!!!

We will have our MASMA shirts available this Friday with this slick new logo. $15.00 a pop! See you guys then!

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Just got word from Summit Point Raceway today that we are now able to use the whole Supermoto track including the brand new dirt section.
Spread the good news with all your riding buddies!
See you all on Jun 24th

I spoke with BSR on Monday to get an update on the dirt section. They are still working on the zoning issue with the county. At this time the dirt section is still off limits, but we will be checking in with them again on Friday morning just in case they get it sorted out.
See you all on Friday.

UPDATE: We met with the track owner today and we have the OK to use the asphalt section of the track. If the zoning issues get completed before our trackday, we will be able to use the dirt section also. The track is doing everything they can, but are at the mercy of a slow county gov.

Thanks for your patience and understanding guys. We'll keep you updated as we receive information.

Official email from Summit Point Raceway.

I have to ask you to cancel the supermoto event for tomorrow.
Right now the Jefferson County Planning and Zoning Office is reviewing...
the permitted uses of our property. If we did a SuperMoto event
tomorrow, it would jepordize our ability to do SuperMoto events here
in the future. To you and all those who planned on comming... I am sorry.


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ATTENTION! Tomorrow's track day (April 29th) has unfortunately been CANCELED by Summit Point Raceway. BSR has informed us at 1pm this afternoon that they're unable to allow any use of the Kart and Supermoto track until further notice due to zoning and use permit issues. We will forward the official word from Summit Point Raceway as soon as we receive it. This matter should be resolved before the next scheduled event.

70 degrees and sunny for Friday!

Here is a teaser of the dirt section. It was too dark to get photos of the rest.

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Helmet (must be worn at all times while on course)
Goggles or face shield
Gloves (must be worn at all times while on course)
Riding suits (one of the following: One piece or two pieces [connecting] leather or Kevlar riding suit). Commercially manufactured motocross jersey and pants will be accepted....
Hard Back protector

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Bike must be clean and in good working order
Numbers on front of bike
Throttle must return freely to full close
Working engine kill switch
Operating front and rear brakes with pads in good condition...
No mirrors
All lights removed or taped over
All 'kick' stands removed or secured
Safety wire for fluid containment
Fluid Containment: catch can for fuel, coolant and crank case breather if not directed to airbox.

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