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Matt Dahms
· July 18, 2017
I was referred here by a family member, and decided to give them a shot. They not only did what I came in for(oil change), but they also rotated my tires(I have 35" tires, not easy), and did a whole h...ost of other checks, which most places advertise, but never do! Watch your mechanic next time you go to one of those places, they don't do half of what they say they're doing! Mike was my service advisor, and he was BEYOND awesome!! Lifetime customer here! See More
Ken Besserman
· August 4, 2017
Excellent auto repair company. Top notch employees and wonderful service. I highly recommend Sun Auto to any one.
Jerry Stoddard
· April 11, 2017
They do more damage than repair. Brought my car in for a transmission overhaul, two weeks later the car was done. They did not test drive the car, the transmission would not shift out of first. They d...idn't test drive the car because they broke the steering ram mount, and had no way of repairing the broken mount. I had to take the car to another shop to get the mount repaired. They also did some damage to my fender, and said it was poor bodywork. So, one more week, and finally done. There was also a problem with the brakes, a problem that the test drive mechanic did not find, and I also did not note. See More
Debra Lynn Brown
· January 10, 2015
I have used Sun Automotive since I move here to Las Vegas…I had some repair work done to my car las Aug and Sept and wax very disappointed when on the last repair the price that was quoted now doubled... but everyone is entitled to a mistake…here it is Jan and the last of the repairs that need to be done and I was quoted $1300…when everything was said and done the bill is now over $3000…I'm sorry but most of use just don't have that laying around…so this is the 2nd time it's more then quoted…so now I ask myself are these qualified mechanics or just anyone who can turn a wrench? I will no longer be bringing my car to them since I can't trust that they know what they are doing and give an accurate quote…rest assured I will tell everyone I know how I feel…I saved the $1300 and didn't want to be in debt so guess what now I have a credit card bill to top this off…this is the location on Durango…I wish I could give a minus 10 See More
Robert A. Hill
· August 9, 2016
I can't say enough good things about Sun Auto Service at Stephanie and 215. Steve and the entire crew there are great! Very knowledgeable and customer service oriented; they take care of whatever is...sues I'm experiencing with my vehicle in a fast, friendly manner. I plan on being a Sun Auto Service customer for years to come, and am happy to recommend them to my friends. See More
Beckie Zientara
· April 7, 2017
I have always used Sun Auto for my routine oil changes (that come with a tire rotation). On my last visit, and now I've lost track of time and don't have the receipt in front of me, but the counter re...presentative called me out to the garage and that's NEVER good news as we all know. My car was on the lift and he walked me under to the front of my car where the oil pan is. He pointed to fluid that was collected on the oil pan and then moved his flashlight further to the right to show me that it was also present on what appeared to be the timing belt gasket. He told me that the labor just to go in and find out what it was would be around $1000. My heart sank! I've BABIED this 2014 vehicle that I bought new so that I could I could drive it into retirement. It only had 32,500 miles on it when this was discovered. What the representative then told me made me slightly relieved when he said since I have such low mileage it should definitely be covered under my warranty. He didn't stop there, he told me to be sure I went under the car with the dealership service advisor to be SURE they saw everything he had shown me and there would not be a question of what was going on. THANKFULLY, I took his advise the very next day. Yep, they tried to tell me it was an oil pan leak that probably was the poor work of where I had my oil changed and then he remembered I wanted to go under the car to inspect it with him. Lo and behold, there was no denying there was also fluid outside the timing belt gasket and he had to admit that it WAS a warranty issue!! PHEW! I was not out $1000 for the labor or the parts and had a rental for the week while the dealership got parts and repaired it. So thankful for my Sun Auto Austin Slaughter Road!! See More
Ann Mendoza
· July 9, 2015
We are fairly new to LV, after several misses to find a repair shop for our 2002 Volvo we took it to Sun Auto on Craig Road. Jon Fisher was absolutely the best, he kept us informed, showed us what nee...ded to be done. Fixed a small problem quickly and for a fraction of the cost we were quoted by a Volvo repair shop. We finally found a shop to take our cars. Thank you Jon Fisher and Jeremy Wooten. See More
Chris Coufal
· July 2, 2017
I typically do all my own automotive repairs and maintenance because I do not trust most shops to complete the work satisfactorily. I grew up in the industry and know my way around most vehicles and ...if I have any issues, I'm not afraid to crack open the shop manual. I maintain all of my vehicles and know every detail about them all the way around. Today, I let my wife take my 2014 Silverado to Sun Auto in Cedar Park for an oil change because we are going on a road trip in the morning. I just didn't have time to complete an oil change and tire rotation before we needed to leave. My wife took the truck and returned once completed. When I opened the hood, I was surprised to see they had spilled fluid all over the top engine panel and not cleaned it off (attaching a pic below). Then I immediately noticed they hadn't even replaced the battery cover back over the post (pic attached below). I decided to go over the entire truck because my worst fears of going to "that shop" had come true yet again (I've had one previous dealing with Sun Auto on my wife's car....I'll explain later). According to my $83.90 bill, all fluids were checked, yet you can see from the pic attached below that my washer fluid was not filled. Let's have a look at the pics below of my rims where the technician jammed the impact into two rims and scratched them.....and then seemingly realized he did it and wiped them with his finger to erase the damage. Finally, I looked under the truck to ensure the filter had been properly replaced and tightened, only to find a dirty filter. Was it actually changed? It's awful dirty to have driven less than 2 miles from Sun Auto to my house and be parked until I came home. Is this really the service I should expect from a business charging $80+ for an oil change? I could have taken it to the certified dealer where the truck was purchased and had everything done for $69 correctly and had it ran through the car wash on the way out

Now let's discuss my previous experience with Sun Auto Last year. My wife takes her GMC Acadia there for oil changes because she says they are friendly and helpful. I will agree they are friendly, however she always calls me from there because they are suggesting her to spend several hundred dollars for something else other than what she went for. She took her car in for an oil change and long story short, they gave her some ridiculous several thousand dollar estimate and told her the water pump was out as well as the front main seal. They said the engine would need to be be pulled to replace both. I instructed her to bring her car home. I knew the water pump had a small leak from the weep hole and it was only a matter of time. I pulled out my service manual, did my research and ordered the water pump as well as several other parts to do a complete overall and maintenance (shocks, struts, brakes, ball joints, swaybars, filters, plugs, sensors and a list of several other items. The parts arrived and I began a 2 day "fix-a-thon" in between work and honey-do lists. During the water pump replacement (BTW did not require pulling the engine), I cleaned the engine, torqued everything and discovered there was no oil leak. I replaced the shocks as well as the cabin filter (this is important in a second). The last thing I had on my list was to take it in for an AC check and to add coolant and I figured I'd let them do the oil change while it was there to save me time.. I took it to Sun Auto and dropped it off. I made sure to tell them everything I had done and referred them to their previous diagnosis and told them I ONLY wanted an oil change and AC check. They called me an hour later and told me that I had a bad AC line and it was going to be a $723 repair because they had to pull the entire front end off the car and it would be $400 in labor. Upset, frustrated and mind-blown, I agreed to pay the fee and asked them to complete the work. They called me an hour later and told me the car was ready for pick up. What the heck? I thought the entire frontend had to be removed, the line replaced, the system charged and the frontend put back on.....oh and it also needed and oil change. On the phone, the technician also told me the cabin filter was dirty and needed to be replaced. I informed him that I had just replaced it 1 week earlier and there was NO WAY it was filthy. He argued with me on the phone and I told him we would pull it out together and look at it. He also told me my rear shocks were leaking and needed to be replaced and that my brake pads were bad. I explained to him that I had just replaced the shocks, replaced the pads and had the rotors turned all less than a week ago. He quickly decided not to pursue the conversation and asked me to come in and pick up the car. When I arrived, I paid at the register and the gentleman that rang me up was not the tech. I asked him a few questions and he informed me they had only pulled the bumper off to replace the line. Why did they try to charge me for stuff that did not need replacing? I am attaching pictures of my invoice of purchasing the parts I replaced as well as the invoice from them stating the parts needed to be replaced.

If I were you, I'd steer very clear of using Sun Auto for any repairs or maintenance.
See More
Susan Hays
· October 30, 2014
When my chk engine light refused to stay off, despite the necessary repairs, the guys at the Tropicana off Ft Apache Sun Auto location went way beyond good service. They worked with me and my car to my it to pass emissions/smog test for over two weeks and did not charge me for all their time. I am amazed and pleased to find a trustworthy, friendly & hardworking auto repair service. If they are not tired of seeing my car & my face I will be back with all my auto repair needs!! Thank you so much Shawn, Rick & Mark!!! See More
Karen Henderson
· August 16, 2016
I totally respect and recommend Sun Auto Service. I have used 3 of their locations and always been treated with respect, given quality service and advise and even had a laugh or 2. My only negative co...mment would be that the different locations do not have access to each others information. I almost spend $700 for something that was done at another location just 6 months. Whew! I'm glad I keep my receipts. See More
Tami Badertscher
· May 29, 2013
I get my oil changed here regularly and have always been treated well. I had a tailight go out today and on the way home I swung into the Washington location. I had the baby with me and called from th...e parking lot to see if they had the bulb stating I didn't want to haul the baby out of the car if they didn't. Robert came out to the car - checked and changed the bulb within 10 minutes! I didn't even have to get out of the car. Now..THAT is service!! He couldn't have been nicer about the whole thing. WTG Sun Auto Service. See More
Sara Johns
· January 19, 2016
I went to the one on Craig and MLK. They were so helpful and they even dealt with the warrenty people, they were very patient as well. I would highly recommend them.
Edward Nunez
· May 12, 2017
Great deal on a Oil Change . With no pressure to do anything else . But if they see something they tell you in advance.
Rob Baker
· June 26, 2017
Consistently awesome service...I am a customer for life!
Ace Steele
· September 15, 2015
Without A doubt, the most ignorant, bunch of idiots in the Henderson area. I don't know what is worse, the employee with the silver Jeep who repeatedly parks in the fire lane, blocking all other traff...ic 4 hours at a time, or the apathetic attitude of the manager when I called about this issue. See More
Nick Lemons
· April 19, 2016
Went to get my ball joints replaces and after i got it to leave my check engine light came on. Found out they pulled a hose so i would throw a code. Then they wanted to charge me $150 for diagnostic...s. Complete crooks DO NOT GO THERE See More
Chrystina Perkins
· November 2, 2015
The workers here are thieves the will steal anything in your car I couldn't watch my car while it was being worked on so they stole everything they are pathetic people I do not recommend them, go some...where else they are very unprofessional. See More
Kurt Chambers
· August 15, 2015
An honest and respectable mechanic shop in North Las Vegas. If your vehicle is in need of care this is the place to go!!!!!!!
Christa Eagleton
· September 2, 2016
Incredible. The location at Tropicana and Fort Apache is beyond belief. Honest, fair, trustworthy. So grateful I was referred to them.
Holly Marie
· March 26, 2015
Seriously thankful I found this place. My VW is super difficult and they always come to my rescue. Thanks Jesse!

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