Founded on November 1, 1983
Our Business Strategy has demanding and realistic targets.

We have a continuous goal to radically improve speed to Courier Market in Bangladesh....

We have a realistic understanding of what of our competitors.

We explore modern technologies and research to drive new product service.

We create paths for unemployed youth providing jobs which are a tremendous help and financial support to improve the social and economical condition of our country
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As a customer-driven company, Sundarban Courier Service (Pvt.) Ltd. is dedicated to understanding and fulfilling customers’ needs and whatever it takes to provide customers with the highest level of reliability and service quality.
Company Overview
Sundarban Courier Service (Pvt.) Ltd. is one of the most renowned Domestic and International Courier Companies to have a completely computerized system which en...compasses General, Special, Express, Foreign Service, Value declaration, Parcel, Several application and tools for the convenience of our Customers.
The wide coverage of it in every aspect of our Business activities enables us to lower the cost of providing services to our customers while improving the quality of SCS provider.
We have transformed team of young educated people into a skilled work force, by establishing our own offices at district/divisional level, fleet of commutations with our own Transport facility by extending proper distribution / deliveries of documents and parcel at the remotest Upazilla / Thana areas. Besides, we have been able to develop a sound IT System for controlling distribution of all our products services and achieved good performance and reputation all over Bangladesh and abroad.

With the expansion and development of courier sector, we have been able to expand our Business in other sector simultaneously creating group of companies with the addition of *Daily News Paper “Prattasha”, *Sundarban Creative Furniture,*Sundarban Marine Products, *Sundarban Express Transportation System (SETS),*Mass Electronics Ltd, *Sundarban Washing Complex,*Reliance Industrial and Trading Corporation Ltd. (Bangladesh-Taiwan joint venture Project).

Moreover, with a goal of direct participation in the field of creative education side by side with the Govt. we have established “SANTO-MARIAM FOUNDATION”. This foundation since inception is playing a dominant role in creating skilled manpower providing scientific and techno-based knowledge of education and has created a new dimension in the field of modern education especially in the field of designing, fine arts, teaching of our folk culture. In order to achieve our goal, we have gradually established*SANTO MARIAM ACADEMY OF CREATIVE TECHNOLOGY*BANGLADESH INSTITUTE OF ART DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY” and lastly set-up “SANTO MARIAM UNIVERSITY OF CREATIVE TECHNOLOGY”.

Furthermore, we have plan in the long run to set-up more service oriented Techno-Based organizations creating more employment opportunity with skilled manpower for the development of the nation.
Our dreams stretch out to expand our activities to the Middle-East, other parts of Asia, Europe, and the United States.

Able expatriates will certainly enjoy the boon of an ambitious and optimistic work force and altogether feel close to home.
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