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Adam Poole
· March 12, 2017
for a while now it's been terrible.. no effort at all.. some time i'ts picture of a real object, other times it's just terrible unfunny so called jokes... it's hard to believe someone gets paid to do ...this comic.. i've done better comics in my sleep See More
Joe Dosch
· March 11, 2017
Least amount of effort Ive ever seen in a comic strip....I spend more time defecating...and its way funnier.
Enrique Babaluja
· December 19, 2015
For ruining my movie-going experience, you are a hat made of ass.
Richard New
· June 20, 2015
Mr. Garcia's homophobia, misogny and sexism might be tolerable if his strip was within spitting distance of funny. Hopefully one day he will outgrow his fixation on comic books and sci-fi, but until t...hen he should find another hobby. See More