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Ruth Trinidad
· June 28, 2017
My son had an amazing first experience here and his second was even better he keeps saying how he can't wait to see Leah again :) They are very professional yet very compassionate. Very friendly. I co...uld go on and on with a long list of nice words to explain them. Yet not any or all of those words would express how truly great they are. See ya next week Cheif ;) See More
Katie Merrill
· June 16, 2017
Horseback riding and caring for horses has been my favorite most loved hobby in my life. The day I encountered my first horse I fell in love with everything horses and riding western. I have always wa...nted to do something like this and I just think its the most beautiful thing in the world. To teach and just give these children/people time with these beautiful animals and the support you guys give them is astonishing. I love everything about this and all that you are doing to give them a better quality of life.. And not mention caring for the horses themselves. Its a big job in itself. I commend you all and thank you! I pray that one day I can be a part of something like this! See More
Elaine Michael
· April 3, 2017
The best gift you can give someone is time because you are giving them something you will never get back. At Sunnybrook it's not how much time they give but how much love they put into giving. �#innerpeace
Toya Moser
· October 27, 2016
Love it I grew up riding here and it's where I first learned now I show my own and train horses which I never thought I'd be able to do if it wasn't for these people giving me a chance to ride a horse
Tehani Grenell
· July 13, 2015
Fantastic staff and volunteers. My daughter loves it here.
Mary and Jacob

🐴🌺🌼The SunnyBrook Spot Light 🌻🌞🌷
April 2018

Below you can read a Mother’s heart for her little girl and the program here at Sunnybrook. Please take some time and read this wonderful snap shot into the program!


Tru Kiessling is 4 years old. She was born with Spina Bifida and Turner Syndrome. She has hydrocephalus (excess fluid in the brain), a shunt, has had 2 heart surgeries and is paralyzed from the thighs down. She began horse therapy when she was 2 years old. Immediately her father and I saw increased strength in her core. Within months she began sitting up on her own and then crawling on her hands and knees. She is now walking with assistive devices and has seen benefits of mimicking the left right pattern of her horse's gate. Each week Tru looks forward to spending time with the horse and volunteers. Wes and I feel Sunnybrook has been a huge blessing in helping to give Tru the strength and confidence she will need to thrive.

Hope this snap shot into the program truly encourages you today if life has got you down. We cannot express how much we truly love what we do here at Sunnybrook and we look forward to hearing from you all.

God Bless,
Sunnybrook Meadows

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