Kirsten John Foy


Our campaign for independent, progressive leadership representing Bedford Stuyvesant, Crown Heights and Historic Weeksville, in the city council, has c...ome to an end. I wish to take this moment to thank all of my supporters for their belief in our campaign, our vision and our commitment to the people of the 36th council district and this city.

I wish to congratulate Mr. Robert E. Cornegy Jr. on his victory.

I am committed to continuing my work as an activist, organizer and public servant here at home and all across our city. This campaign was a stellar endeavor by the hundreds of donors and volunteers and the thousands upon thousands of voters who came out and placed their confidence in me. I am most grateful for the opportunity to advance our progressive agenda for our community and our city.

We fought the most entrenched political machine in all of Brooklyn. We fought the establishment and against the stagnant status quo and we came within a few votes of upsetting that entrenched establishment.

Guess what... We have only just begun to fight!!! And I am more energized, enthusiastic and committed than ever before!!!

It would be a profound mistake to underestimate our resolve our commitment and our determination. We will fight for the progress that we demand and deserve and we will never shrink from our call to service!!!

We have learned a great deal more about the needs and demands of our community and our city. Perhaps the most important of these is the profound need for election administration reform. The board of elections discarded 1,000 votes and silenced the voices of a significant segment of our community. This miscarriage of democracy cannot be allowed to go unchallenged and uncorrected. We must fight as vigorously against the threat to the sanctity of The Vote here at home in Brooklyn as we do across the south and Midwest. Voters should be heard and their voices protected. And we will fight for those principles with every fiber of our being.

Cornegy: 4,370 counted votes
Foy: 4, 302 counted votes

Again, thank you to all who stood with us. Now on to Round Two...

Much love and respect,


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Kirsten John Foy

IT'S NOT OVER!!! The election for City Council 36th District has NOT been called nor conceded. The leader Mr. Cornegy has 29.93% with a little over 4,100 votes... and we have 29.25% with a little over 4,000 votes and a margin of 94 votes separating us.

Now we are going to conduct a re-canvass of the polling machines. We will count the affidavit and absentee ballots, which number in the hundreds, next week.

THANK YOU ALL. I appreciate ALL that you ALL have done and we will NOT stop the fight until every vote is counted!

Much Love,

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Margalit L. Ewart

Hey, NYC, don't forget to vote tomorrow. We're talkin Mayor, Public Advocate, Comptroller, Borough President and City Council. Speaking of City Council, here ...are my two personal endorsements: Jumaane D. Williams Council for the 45th District and Kirsten John Foy for the 36th District Brooklyn, we are THE WINNING TEAM!!!

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Support Kirsten John Foy for City Council 36th District 2013 to ELECT KIRSTEN JOHN FOY FOR CITY COUNCIL 36TH DISTRICT SEPTEMBER 10TH, 2013

Getting ready to campaign HARD for Kirsten John Foy for City Council 36th District, Brooklyn, join us as we make history TOMORROW!!!

Tue 6:00 AM EDTAll Polling Sites in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Crown Heights & Weeksville, 36th District, Brooklyn
Kirsten John Foy

Shana Tova! May we all have a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year, one filled with friendship, love and only good memories! שָׁנָה טוֹבָה

Supporting Kirsten John Foy on Election Day this coming Tuesday!

Tue 6:00 AM EDTAll Polling Sites in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Crown Heights & Weeksville, 36th District, Brooklyn
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Kirsten John Foy is with Jumaane D. Williams and 2 others at Kirsten John Foy's Campaign Office 1585 Fulton St.

Proud and honored to have the support and endorsements of New York State Senator Jose Gustavo Rivera and New York City Councilman Jumaane D. Williams Council