Celebrate the launch of our dear friend (DFF) Brooke James's first picture book! School Library Journal says, “James puts a new spin on the timeless joke in her first picture book… readers will laugh at the antics.” Kids activities and milk bar, plus cheese, crackers, and grown up beverages. (This event is free and open to the public.)

Thu 5:30 PM EDTHudson Art & FramingHudson, MA
This humorist and author isn't eavesdropping on you, really.
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May 5, 2014

Thursday, May 15, 2014 ~ 7PM - 9PM
Concord Museum, Concord, Massachusetts

Authors Nancy Aronie, Suzy Becker, and Catherine Newman invite you to join them for an evening of casual conversation. These nationally acclaimed authors will read from their own works (and each others’), share their thoughts on all manner of things, and answer questions – “theirs, yours, and some real doozies from this year’s MCAS.”


Wine and cheese at 7:00 p.m., program begins at 7:15; book signing to follow.

$10 Concord Museum Members, $15 Non-members. Ticket price includes wine and cheese.

Tickets may be purchased online or by calling (978) 369-9763 x216.

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Thu 7:00 PM EDTConcord MuseumConcord, MA
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Suzy Becker is one good egg... But we already knew that.

Bolton writer Suzy Bolton traces her journey from single woman to a happy domestic life with a daughter and wife.
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May 30, 2012
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what a lovely mention of suzy's Kids Make It Better book!

If I were to ask where happy cows come from, would you answer “California” like my teenaged son and my husband both did? When I inquired about how they know that, their reply was, “from the commercial.” If you watch television at all, you’ve probably seen that advertisement. It’s rather engaging, ac

what a nice mention of the cat book!

Oscar’s Book Pick: All I Need To Know I Learned From My Cat by Suzy Becker. These profound feline teachings may very well change your life!

Ask a bunch of kids a question, you'll never come up short on answers -- incisive, unpredictable and encouragingly earth-friendly. (I asked thousands of kids 24 questions when I was putting together my latest book, Kids Make It Better: A Write-in, Draw-in Journal.) Last week, I asked this one:

"If you could give the earth anything this holiday season, what would it be?"

Who's your favorite children's book author's favorite children's book author?

Publisher's Weekly snapped up Suzy's story about meeting Bob Graham... Check it out! xo, Meg

News about children's books, picture books, young adult books, kids' and YA authors, and kids' book events and trade shows, plus the Children's Bookshelf Newsletter

Wishing you and everybody on your list very happy holidays, Suzy





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oh look! another great article about suzy - this one talks about Manny's Cows! xo, meg

From the looks on the students’ faces, Suzy Becker had a rapt audience. Kindergarteners in Mrs. Gaynor’s class were curious about the books Becker writes and illustrates and asked great questions. But it was the cow jokes that really got the crowd going. And they did not stop, with questions tur

check out this great article about Suzy Becker and Ride FAR from yankee magazine! xo, Meg

Suzy Becker organizes a bike-a-thon every two years for AIDS and HIV treatment and awareness

"I recommend Kids Make It Better to every father and child.
Learning about these challenges in our everyday world and talking about
solutions is an opportunity that no parent or child should miss."

A review of the book Kids Make It Better by Suzy Becker. This book offers fathers a great opportunity to teach children about personal responsibility for the world around them and how to best solve the problems that confront them every day.

Oh look! The Kids Make it Better book won a Tillywig! xo, Meg

"This book-plus-journal provides a wondrous glimpse into the
constructively creative minds of second-graders while inspiring and
motivating young readers to explore their own solutions to real life ...
Air pollution, broken hearts, shyness, getting enough exercise . . .
each of the 24 problems presented includes a written solution by a real
second-grader accompanied by fun, colorful artwork and followed
by pages on which the reader will verbally and artistically express his
or her own solution. The given solutions are charming and whimsical (How
would you make your school better? 'Put chocolate milk in the water
and the interactive journaling pages are irresistibly inviting. The
Observation Log and Action Plan sections encourage the reader to solve
problems in their own lives, and guides the process of making an action
plan for solving them."

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Tillywig features the best new toys, games, and other children's products available in the United States.

oh look! more great press from! xo, meg

In the 1990s, author Suzy Becker of Bolton was volunteering as a creative writing and art teacher in Lexington when she noticed that the elementary school students seemed upset. After discussing the newspaper photo they had seen of a duck doused in oil, she asked what they would do to clean the oil ...

The Shelf Life section of has a lovely review of Kids Make It Better! xo, Meg

The darndest things The BP oil spill brought Suzy Becker’s thoughts back to the classroom. The former teacher recalled the day several years ago when her students in Lexington were upset by a photograph in the newspaper of a duck covered in oil. She jettisoned her lesson plan. “It was a ...