Users of our Tax App customer, will be pleased to hear of some exciting improvements that are under development.
We have been working on improving the Tax App further, ensuring that we continue to bring you the relevant information that our clients require. These exciting new developments will include key elements such as:
• Links to cloud portal software
• Mileage logger
• Expenses tracker...
• Ability to include digital publications
• Updated design
• Available on Windows mobile (along with IOS and Android devices)

As usual, we will ensure that the content is updated and relevant, so you will still have all of the current great features and resources. Further to this, our new design that will allow for a better user experience and more intuitive menu options, making our App stand out from the crowd.

We will soon be in touch with more detail – and (if you haven’t already) you can download our tax app from here:

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For any confused by the EU noise, this might help.

I’ve made a short film with my friend Roger Bowles about why I’ll be voting Leave on 23 June and…

Effective Estate Planning ensures that property and possessions go to the people you choose when you die as well as leaving everything neat and tidy behind you. We have helped clients with this in the past and have just released our new Estate Planning update for the benefit of clients. Please download from here.

Our interactive publication is streamed online no download, no waiting. Open and start reading right away!

Increases to the taxation of Company cars are in the pipeline and so we have update our Practice Guide as a timely reminder because there are many things you must take into consideration before making a final decision. Our guide provides the essential information you need to know when planning or reviewing a company car scheme and the effect it will have on your tax bill. Please do not hesitate to call us on 020 8868 2022 if you would like to chat further.

Our interactive publication is via a service for streaming PDFs online. No download, no waiting. Open and start reading right away!

Our new Tax app is available for FREE download from our website
TAD Accountancy TaxApp – the future is here!
Our new Tax app is available for FREE download
Available for iOS and Android mobile phones and devices and using the latest technology, our App has been developed to provide you with useful tax tools and information via your mobile phone or tablet device.
Containing lots of features such as Tax tips; a wide range of tax calculators, current tax... rates – including quarterly updates, reminders of tax dates to be added to your calendar with regularly updated comment on recent events.
TaxApp will always be technically up to date and keep you reliably informed.
Download for FREE now from our website or from the app store.

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We have just been made aware that random e-mails claiming to be from Companies House with a zipfile mail attachment are being sent. These mails have not been generated by Companies House and we strongly advise you not to open the attachment. Companies House are emphatic that the details that they hold have not been compromised.

In September 2013 a new, simpler bank account switching service is being launched. The new Current Account Switch Service will make it easier and quicker for any customer, small business or small charity that wants to switch their current account from one provider to another. The service is backed up by a Current Account Switch Guarantee and has a 7 day turnaround.
We have a fact sheet available that tells you about the changes and what to do if you want out.

I find some subjects in life are often best left alone - particularly politics and religion. But one of my pet hates is bullying of any shape or form and what I have read on…/when-you-think-they-couldnt-sink-…/ has shocked me and made me break my golden rule.

TAD Accountancy Services updated their cover photo.
July 8, 2013
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