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My thoughts on the Antarctica Larsen C ice shelf:

JOHN STETSON • Associated Press The Trans-Antarctica Expedition, led by Minnesotan Will Steger, made its way through blowing snow as the six-man team neared the South Pole in 1989.

Our personal favorite is the TEDxAntarcticPeninsula stage, check out these great events and their stages.

All across the globe, TEDx teams work with designers, architects and artists to create stunning stages that encapsulate the themes of their events, the spirit of their communities and serve as the ...

Interactive map of Antarctica, learn something new about the great continent.

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Antarctic Ocean Alliance

OUTRAGEOUSLY AWESOME interactive map - click the link below for penguin, toothfish and krill hotspots, plus MPA proposals. Take a look!…/20…/protecting-our-southern-ocean

Fascinating image. This scene is from a high-resolution, supercomputer replica of the Southern Ocean that is part of a Department of Energy project to create better climate models. The model that the scientists used to make the new image can test how climate change is altering the planet's oceans, for instance, by testing how currents transport heat.

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The coldest TEDx stage is melting, record high temperature set in Antarctica set last month.…/antarcticas-record-high-temp-is…

The Antarctic Peninsula, one of the fastest-warming spots on Earth, recorded a new record high.

The exciting life of TEDxAntarcticPeninsula speaker Susan R. Eaton.

A group of intrepid ecotourists who travelled to Baffin Island to swim with whales last summer found themselves adrift in the sea on a rapidly melting ice floe. A survivor recounts how they were saved by one of the most extensive and expensive rescues in the history of Canada’s North.

Robert Swan and 2041 are getting ready for his next expedition to Antarctica. Follow his page for updates, they set sail soon.

Who wants to be the next poet in Antarctica?…/impressions-from-the-ice-a-poet-return…

Jynne Dilling Martin spent six weeks living on the bottom of the world and watching scientists work. The experience inspired many of the poems in her new collection, We Mammals in Hospitable Times.

TEDxAntarcticPeinsula speaker Paras Loomba is spreading renewable to the Third Pole. Arctic, Antarctic, Himalayas.…/there-are-villages-in-the-himala…

A Group of Global Explorers Is Electrifying Rural Villages in the Himalayas

Congratulations Robert Swan and 2041, over 250,000 views of your recent TED talk!…/robert_swan_let_s_save_the_last_pristi…

2041 will be a pivotal year for our planet. That year will mark the end of a 50-year agreement to keep Antarctica, the Earth’s last pristine continent, free of exploitation. Explorer Robert Swan — the first person to walk both the North and South Poles — is on a mission to ensure that we extend that…

Today at 8:00PST (16:00 GMT) the Rob Swan's TED talk will be posted! Join Rob on twitter for a Q&A on the @robertswan2041 account from 9:00am PST.

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2041 ClimateForce

Today at 8:00PST (16:00 GMT) the TED talk will be posted! Join me on twitter for a Q&A on the @robertswan2041 account from 9:00am PST

Joost Notenboom and Michiel Roodenburg talk about why they decided ride their bamboo bicycles 30.000 kilometers from Whitehorse, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina...

Good article about how the press, specifically Daily Mail, misrepresents global warming and what is happening on Antarctica. Share with your climate sceptic friends.…/antarctic-sea-ice-latest-globa…

Dana Nuccitelli: The Daily Mail tries to distract from global warming by selectively looking southward

Honored to join a panel this morning at TEDActive 2014. Session will be called 'Remotes" with astronaut Chris Hadfield, oceanographer Sylvia Earle, and polar explorer Ben Saunders joining us on the set. Joining us via Skype will be Roz Savage, who rowed solo across the Pacific Ocean, explorer Mark Wood, and TEDxAntarcticPeninsula organizer Darren McGann.

Looking forward to being part of a panel with Col. Chris Hadfield Tuesday at TEDActive 2014. What are the odds he will have his guitar?

A revised version of David Bowie's Space Oddity, recorded by Commander Chris Hadfield on board the International Space Station. (Note: This video cannot be r...