Grateful to be a part of two films on Chris Conduit's "Best Features Of 2013" List. Resolution is #8 and Coyote is #3. Congratulations to filmmakers Trevor Juenger, Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, and to every single cast and crew member who made these two innovative films happen:…/best-of-2013-features.html

Extract: "RESOLUTION'S Benson and Moorhead have succeeded in delivering a harrowing and resolute commentary on friendship, destiny, ulterior motives, and the helplessness that comes with an unalterable path....and Trevor Juenger has left a truly frightening mark on the 'man that guy really got in my head' sub sub genre of dark, emotionally (and viscerally) unyielding cinema."

Hi guys, I am the actor who plays the Facebook Stalker in Take This Lollipop. I wanted to say thank you for all the likes. It has been great fun to hear from fans of the ap from all over the world. Please drop by my FB page anytime ( Actor Bill Oberst Jr. ) and check out my IMDb below for what's up. I appreciate you! - very best wishes, Bill

Bill Oberst Jr., Actor: Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies. Bill Oberst Jr.'s performance in Take this Lollipop was awarded a 2012 Daytime Emmy Award. An American actor of German descent. Bill is the polar opposite of his on-screen persona in real life and is a frequent motivational speaker in schools and…

Merry Christmas to everyone wherever you may be around the world! We hope you all have an amazing and joyous day with your family and friends and are all ready and excited for the new year coming! and a big thanks to Actor Bill Oberst Jr. for giving us and everyone around the world another year of scares and laughs, keep up the good work and merry christmas Bill! and a very merry christmas to everyone around the world wherever you may be! ))

Actor Bill Oberst Jr.
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'Photo courtesy of @[1043583415:2048:Joaquin Montalvan] - performance shot from @[100216463653594:274:Ray Bradbury's "Pillar of Fire" with Bill Oberst Jr.]'
Actor Bill Oberst Jr.
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