Not long after we started TakeThemAMeal, Scott and I kept getting requests from people who wanted to "ship" a meal to a friend because they lived in a different state. At the time, we didn't offer that service. As more and more people asked, we wanted to help find a solution, but it needed to be food that was both DELICIOUS and HEALTHY! We knew that friends who were ill, receiving treatments, etc. need meals that would nourish the body and soul. I truly believe that we have found the best available combination of both! The meals we send to your friends are truly "a bowl of good" using fresh ingredients from local vendors. ~Adina…/5-reasons-your-friends-will-lov…

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Isaiah Kehle
· January 14, 2018
Great service and had a terrific customer service response that was quickly addressed. Thank you

Thoughtful meal schedulers and providers, I'd love your thoughts. I was invited to a birthday/memorial party this weekend for a little boy who passed away when he was 3 months old. I'd like to bring a gift but I'm struggling to think of the right thing. Any ideas? ~Maureen

I'm so guilty of this... Are you? ~Adina

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Mum's Pantry

Tell me you do this too?

It's our anniversary! And we want to celebrate by thanking YOU for loving each other so well!

Comment below for a chance for you and a friend to win a shipped meal from our store!

Thanks for 10 years and here's to many more!

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Rachel was enjoying dessert with friends after Christmas caroling at a nursing home. The 31-year old mother of 4 was perfectly healthy; no one had any reason to think that

Check out these FREE printable notes! You could tuck one in a meal you're taking. Who could you encourage today?…/…/printable-love-notes-2.html

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This effort is near and dear to us because we know several little angels with special hearts! Amazing women in the town just north of us are participating as are women all over the country! Do you like to knit? Will you be knitting some red newborn hats?

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Winchester Medical Center is with Gail Rhoden Good.

Can you knit? These ladies from the group, Berryville Treasures, have perfected newborn hats for the American Heart Association's #LittleHatsBigHearts. A campa...ign to raise awareness of congenital heart defects and to inspire families to be heart healthy, these hats will be given to newborns born during the month of February. More information on how you can become a knitter or donate items can be found by visiting

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We agree! Actually, this is a great business idea. Instead of opening a florist, open a company that provides a sink cleaning

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Mum's Pantry

If it hasn't had the slightest bit to do with you it's the best isn't it! 🙌🏽

So much love ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Webb Quadruplets Updates

The girls love hugging each other 🤗

Don't get me wrong, I love having everyone home. But being stuck inside all day is hard!

East coast moms, how are you coping? Any HELPful suggestions on how to stay sane?! ~Maureen

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I Love Being a Mom

It may take you a second. (via The Mom TruthBomb)

I have taken many meals over time but there's something I almost always struggle with. Can you help me?

When you're cooking for your family AND another, how do you determine the quantities? I usually give too much away and have too little left for my family! Or sometimes we'll have leftovers and I'll wish that I gave more away! Any suggestions? ~Maureen

Cooking with a rotisserie chicken is an easy, cheap, and flavorful base for a meal you're taking. Check out these 52 creative ideas for how to best use this versatile protein (scroll down to see all the recipes)!…

Keep Scrolling down. Recipes and links for all the dishes are below... But First... I am so confused... $5.49 for a fully cooked, f...


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Are you staying home for New Year's Eve? If so, here are some SUPER FUN (and inexpensive) ideas you might want to try with your family.…/ringing-in-the-new-year-at-home…

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