Tal M. Klein - No Mask? No Mask!
Lo-Fi High

New remix coming soon on paperecordings, but until then, still promoting my book 😘

A lively discussion with Tal M. Klein featured in this month's Apex Magazine.

A world where every Big Mac tastes exactly the same, where you can print anything from anywhere from the comfort of your home, and where the headaches of traveling have been resolved with teleporta…

DJing tonight? Here’s a pro tip.

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Very cool to have The Punch Escrow featured on MOTHERBOARD!

In the future, teleportation is real. Unfortunately, so are transit snarls.

I can't tell you how excited I am that James Bobin is attached to adapt and direct The Punch Escrow for the screen. Can we talk for a sec? Flight of the Conchords is my favorite HBO show of all time. If anyone needs me, I'll be on the floor. I love you Lionsgate, Geek & Sundry, and Inkshares. I would marry all of you, but I think that's illegal plus my wife might get jealous. ❤️ #thepunchescrowmovie

Getting to work with Nickodemus was a dream come true. Nico is a gem of a human being. Just filled with love for the world and its people. His warmth and happiness always permeates the music he makes, and I'm incredibly happy and grateful for his friendship. Check out this wonderful package of tunes!

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This just in! We've dropped a special Wonderworld double 7" package just in time for summer BBQs that include 4 favorite Nickodemus originals and mixes from pas...t years...."Los Tarantos", Yukicito's remix of "Mirage", Tal M. Klein's remix of "N'Dini" and the Ska Version of Nickodemus & Brian Jay's "Wanted Man".
Stream the entire compilation and cop the 2x7" here--->…/wonderworld-10…

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I may be coming to your town. Come say hi!

The Punch Escrow

Okay, here we go! The Punch Escrow indie book store event list. Note that events that are near capacity have been changed to "invite only" - so hit us up if you... need an invite. Each event will feature Tal M. Klein reading a selection from The Punch Escrow, as well as a raffle of Mercury Wine's 2147 vintage of the mysterious Vino da Taraval, and a limited edition Super Ugly The Punch Escrow print):

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If you haven't gotten your copy of The Punch Escrow yet, Inkshares and Geek & Sundry have gone absolutely mental and are giving away 50 copies of my book on Goodreads.

Enter to win one of 50 free copies available. Giveaway dates from Jun 15-Jul 07, 2017. When he's accidentally duplicated while teleporting, Joel Byram mu...

Joel Byram, The Punch Escrow's protagonist, loves 80's new wave. Which a really weird thing to love in 2147. It's like being really into baroque music now, whic...h if you are, nobody's judging. Still, 80's new wave plays a big part in The Punch Escrow, and so, we've put together Joel's favorite playlist - the soundtrack of The Punch Escrow. Enjoy!

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The unofficial official The Punch Escrow soundtrack.

Sorry for the radio silence. Been crazy focused on my book The Punch Escrow. But I have also committed to releasing a new album on paperecordings next year, so new music is forthcoming.🙏

I love this mid 90's trip hop throwback remix I did for Great American Canyon Band. I hope you love it too!

(You can download it and a few other songs on their *free* Westward EP)

One of my favorite new bands (Great American Canyon Band) on one of my favorite labels (Six Degrees) asked me to do a remix for their amazing song, "Crash." I wanted to give it a classic trip hop trea

Project Fear is out now! You can grab my new track Thingy Blah Blah 303 as well as new heat from paper boys Anthony Mansfield, Chris Massey, DJ Rocca, Ben Arnold, Ralph Myerz, SofaTalk, Nutritious, De Fantastiske To, and more. Very proud to be among such great company.

Project Fear at Juno Download. Project Fear

You want new music? You got it. This heapin' pile of acid and breaks is coming soon on Paper Recordings, but you can hear it now because internet! But gods do I ever hate soundcloud. That's not your problem though. No, you just need to click play and turn it up. Like way up. No, higher. 11? Perfect.

Coming soon on the Paper Recordings compilation: Project Fear Audrey Tautou once said this in response to a question about whether she'd like to w

Who needs technology?


Thanks to Bagio for the fantastic choreography for my new track "No Mask? No Mask!" - a throw back to the old Trancenden trip hop days. You can grab this track on my new Rubs & Remixes v4 compilation EP which features a bunch of other good tunes as well, including remixes from Aniligital favorites Irian Jaya and Skizzo Franick. Check it out here:…/tal-m-klein-rubs-…/3162695-02/

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Finally! This remix EP was supposed to come out shortly after Exhaustasaurus, but fate had other ideas. So, nearly two years later, here are some fantastic remixes of the tracks from Exhaustasaurus by the likes of Tad Wily, Del Gazeebo, Mr Bird, as well as Aniligital staples Irian Jaya (Chris Renwick & Doug Sam-Ra), and Skizzo Franick (Philipp Peltz) who pulled double duty with TWO remixes. Last but not least, this EP includes my previously unreleased track "No Mask? No Mask!" which is a throwback to my old Trancenden days with Dave Marino. Enjoy!

Rubs & Remixes 4 at Juno Download. Rubs & Remixes 4

Thanks to Tad Wily, I just learned that some AMAZING remixes from Exhaustasarus will be soon available on Juno Download and other fine digital music purveyors!! (Shout to Super Ugly for the cover portrait)

Remixedasaurus? Rubasaurus? Dubasaurus? In this fourth edition of Tal M. Klein's Rubs & Remixes series we are treated to a cornucopia of remixes from th...