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Tony Powers

“Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.”

We saw it happening in Charlottesville, Virginia as the backlash to "political correctness" that we sho...uld have seen coming for years erupted in violence and cost the lives of three people and the injury of dozens more.

As so called "white nationalist" (mostly not from the local area) demonstrated over the impending removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee from a city park they were met by a group of "radical leftist" counter protesters (also mostly not from the local area) when the melee ensued.

Both groups were supposedly there to express their First Amendment Right of "freedom of speech" but both groups were also prepared for violence and they both got what they wanted.

What has brought us to this place where we can't have different opinions without violence?

Who was really to blame for today's tragic loss of life and chaos?

THE WHITE SUPREMACIST who held the demonstration, THE AMERICAN TALIBAN aka ANTIFA, THE POLITICALLY CORRECT (who demanded the removal of a Historic Monument and the local Democrat Mayor, the Democrat Governor and the Police who allowed the violence to happen and didn't lift a finger to stop it!

I personally find "white supremacist" to be abhorrent and repulsive and believe to my core that we are all equal in the eyes of GOD and also HIS children and therefore bothers and sisters who should love each other regardless of our differences.

I also find those who have shut down the First Amendment Right of free speech by conservatives (black and white) at colleges and universities across America for years equally repugnant. Just because someone else sincerely thinks differently than you is not a reason for hate either. As brothers and sisters we must be able to disagree without being disagreeable and certainly not hateful.

Let me make myself clear here. These folks who have been labeled "white nationalist," "Nazis" and "the alt right" by the "radical left" and the "Fake News Media" do not represent me as a white male or as a Conservative Christian but their "right" to protest is no less legitimate than the "rights" of the "radical left" counter protesters who came prepared to shut them down and shut them up in Charlottesville.

There can be no tolerance for hate against any group based on skin pigmentation, religious faith, lack of faith or even sexual orientation including the one group that is now seemingly the most hated of all, white heterosexual male Christians.

I'm sure that many of those protesting were racist and bigots and I'm also sure that they're were racist on both sides of the protest.

The real problem is that as the "politically correct" continue to erase History by removing monuments (including The Ten Commandments) that they find offensive. Because of the sins of the past, they are dooming society to repeat the very History they want to erase as we saw on display in Charlottesville.

Robert E. Lee is dead and gone and part of our History. The statue of him at the center of this "protest" isn't the problem. The problem is that by removing that statue we are on a slippery slope to erasing even more of our History including our Founding Fathers some of whom (including Thomas Jefferson) were slave owners but also the authors of the greatest governing document in History, the United States Constitution.

Unless we can learn from the Historic mistakes of our ancestors how do we expect to avoid their mistakes ourselves?

Maybe the radical left Socialist think that by demonizing our Historical figures they can then diminish and demonize the very Constitution that gave us our freedom from tyranny and put the power in the hands of "We the People" and not government elites.

Sadly tribalism is in our DNA and it's just human nature to flock together with those who are like minded and familiar but to our credit, in America, we have become the most diverse and accepting society in the history of mankind even with our less than perfect past.

Hopefully one day (the sooner the better) we'll learn from our past mistakes and put the racial and gender sins of our past where they should be, in the past.

Unfortunately, there will always be disagreement over politics. Capitalist and Socialist will never agree on economics until the Socialist finally realize that it's never worked anywhere at anytime in history and "doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result is insanity."

Without preserving our History (however ugly) and learning from it we are doomed to continue to be disagreeable and "hate" will continue to be with us.

Statues can't hurt us but ignorance of the past will doom us to repeat it.

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The "snow-flakes" are melting (along with their mascara) but before the Republican Congress too much maybe they should start doing what "We the People" sent them to Washington to do or next year it might be the loony left singing "Who's Cryin' Now?!"

Tonight our wonderful PATRIOTIC AND HARD WORKING President Donald Trump gave a real "stem-winder" in Iowa to a packed arena of adoring supporters. While back in Washington the GOP "establishment" are plotting how to get out of town for a MONTH'S VACATION without actually accomplishing ANYTHING they PROMISED!

Trump is doing his part and it's time for Republicans in Congress to get off their collective butts and pass a Healthcare Law that will return our medical decisions to us and our doctors without picking out pockets to line theirs and the "special interest" who fund their campaigns, buy their drinks and meals, pay for their "excursions," and fly them in their private jets!

Trump is not beholden' to ANYONE and I truly believe that at least he's working for us and doing it for the RIGHT REASONS. That can't be said for Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and the rest of the "establishment" including Georgia's 12th District Congressman Rick Allen among the "other" YES MEN who care more about their plush lifestyles, the DC "party circuit" and government contracts for THEIR BUSINESSES than serving their constituents!

Instead of taking a MONTH LONG "August Recess" while complaining there's just not enough time to Repeal and Replace Obamacare or pass Tax Reform or work on our crumbling infrastructure or pass a budget using REGULAR ORDER instead of another "OMNIBUS SPENDING BILL" that hides all the pork Mitch, Paul, Rick and the rest of these backstabbers need to stay in Washington and DO THEIR DAMN JOBS!

Meanwhile we should be recruiting REAL CONSERVATIVES in every district that now has a RINO representing them so that Trump's second two years won't be as frustrating from him and us as the first two are turning out.

Once we're into next year, all these "incumbents" are going to do is attend "fundraisers" to insure THEIR futures while putting ours on hold.



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If Republicans continue standing for nothing and racking up high negatives, plan on Pelosi and the Dems winning back the House next year.

Did the Russians do it or was it SOMETHING ELSE?!


I woke up this morning at 4 AM and the first thought that came to mind was "Did... Donald Trump collude with the Russians to influence our election?!"

I knew SOMETHING was wrong. That's just crazy. Only a moron would actually believe that.

That's when I found it.

While getting up I noticed there was only one slipper next to my bed so I got down on my knees and lifted the dust ruffle to look underneath to find the other slipper and then I saw "IT!"

A mind controlling "ILLEGAL" ALIEN POD!

I have long suspected something like this. But the media (who obviously were already infected) kept screaming "THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING!"

Of course like most things that are destroying our Country this story started in California.

Decades ago Big Agriculture wanted cheaper labor to pick their crops so they had to find a way to undercut unskilled American workers who demanded a living wage. That's when the "INVASION" began.

For decades Totalitarian Communist and Socialist had infested Mexico and Latin America destroying their economies and driving down wages so far that people couldn't feed their families and many (already exposed to the "infection") began looking North to escape their poverty. Big AG saw it's opportunity and without thinking of the consequences to the larger economy or culture they lobbied (paid off) the Government to offer seasonal "work visas" to these "aliens" not thinking they would stay and the "Third World" mentality of buying government officials to enrich the "connected" began to spread.

It wasn't long before these "seasonal" workers started finding other willing "host" for their undocumented family members. Movie Stars and politicians who wanted cheap domestic help and lawn care for their expensive mansions leapt at the chance while thinking they were simply "exploiting" poor people who they could control with the fear of deportation hanging over their heads. Soon the "PODS" began to take root across the country. Of course their "employers" were exploiting their fellow Americans as those jobs were no long available to the unskilled working poor and young people looking for their first jobs. Soon the American Dream became a nightmare for their fellow citizens.

Others soon became infected with the greed that was planted in their minds by the lure of ILLEGAL ALIEN POD PEOPLE as more and more Countries in Latin America and beyond saw the opportunity to screw the Americans and dump their unskilled poor on the United States where the wealthy Chamber of Commerce Class eagerly awaited more and more cheap labor.

Roofing companies and others in the construction industry began hearing the siren call of the "PODS" as they dreamed of the bigger profits that "off the books" labor (cheating the government of their tax obligations) and seized on the chance to replace non-college educated blue collar workers (who had once made good middle class wages to support their families) with more and more ALIENS.

Many large manufactures couldn't get the POD PEOPLE fast enough so they moved their plants to where the PODS were plentiful, REGULATIONS were almost non existent, Government Officials even EASIER to bribe and the poor willing to work for even LOWER WAGES!

It didn't take long before the ALIEN INVASION and the job MIGRATION became the "new normal." With manufacturing all but gone most unskilled (and many College Educated) Americans became part of "the service industry." Their wages (when they could find work) collapsed as golf courses, restaurants and every part of the "service industry" were taken over by the PODS while unemployment and lower wages for American Citizens drove many to just "give up" looking for jobs.

"Workforce participation" plummeted hiding the "real unemployment" numbers as the able bodies non-workers were simply no longer counted in the unemployment numbers giving "cover" to the politicians as gullible Americans were lied to by the Socialist Propagandist aka The Main Stream Media.

ALIENS became our "new neighbors" as their families moved here as well and Big Government was forced to dole out more and more unemployment, welfare, food stamps and "entitlements" not only to American citizens, who had been displaced as industries died and service jobs were stolen by the ALIENS, but also to the "POD PEOPLE'S" families who displaced them. All the while the Federal and State government spending went through those newly constructed roofs and our National debt exploded as we were forced to borrow from our children's future to pay for exploding numbers of today's "POD PEOPLE." Education, Health Care, Law Enforcement and Incarceration Cost SKYROCKETED as well as the cost to support displaced American workers.

But the "ILLEGAL ALIEN POD PEOPLE" didn't stop with blue collar jobs!

Not to be out done, California's Silicone Valley, that had been watching their neighbors in Agriculture profits booming, found a way to Lobby (pay off) our Government to allow H1-B visas to tech savvy ALIENS from India and Asia willing to work for pennies on the dollar BELOW what they were paying America's young educated work force.

Our citizens soon found themselves training their own replacements while looking for any job they could find to pay off their student loans. Of course they ended up like their blue collar fellow citizens creating another debt crisis as more and more defaulted on those loans because there were no jobs in their field left for Americans with STEM DEGREES.

With no work and no prospect of realizing the American Dream that their parents enjoyed more and more young people and many displaced older Americans turned to drugs. When reality is too hard to face some found it easier to "escape" reality and wouldn't you know it, the ILLEGAL ALIEN POD PEOPLE had just what the doctor ordered.

Through the same tunnels and gaps in the open border that the "PAID OFF" politicians refused to protect, the POD PEOPLE found another way to get rich at the expense of American Citizens. No longer were they satisfied to just sell their Marijuana to America's youth, their gangs invaded cities and towns across the Country addicting more and more of our population to Heroin and other Opiates to the point that we're now about to spend HUNDRED of BILLIONS of MORE BORROWED MONEY to combat this insidious scourge on our society on top of the TRILLION we've already spent in the WAR ON DRUGS.

Finally the American people began waking up as a BRAVE & BLUSTEROUS BILLIONAIRE who had profited off the "POD PEOPLE" at his Golf Clubs and Resorts had a "Road to Damascus" experience, FOUND GOD and decided he wanted to pay back the Country that had been so good to him by standing up against the paid off politicians (that he once paid as well) and devote his life to returning American jobs to AMERICANS in order to "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!"

He didn't need the "special interest" money to run and became the ultimate outsider the people were looking for to DRAIN THE SWAMP in D.C. MIRACULOUSLY HE WON! ("Divine Intervention NOT a "Russian Interference").

So Trump came to Washington not beholden to ANYONE and that was totally unacceptable to the Establishment of both parties who love the status quo and the "pay for play" goodies that line their pockets and pay for the lavish lifestyles that go with it.

TRUMP MUST BE DESTROYED! That was the message sent out across the country to the Progressive/Socialist Media, the "DEEP STATE DEMOCRAT BUREAUCRACY," the Entertainment Industry, Colleges and the Urban Empires (big cities) controlled by the Democratic Socialist.

So before after the election (and before and after his inauguration) the Deep State (Democratic Socialist) burrowed into the bureaucracies of the Federal Government and allies of the Obama Administration and his Socialist agenda, went to work to undermine the legitimacy of Trump's election and the very foundation of our election process.

Because Trump was NOT "owned" by any special interest the Deep State, Dishonest Democrat/Socialist Media, The Washington Establishment and Political Elites had to find a "Boogie Man" to blame for Hillary's loss.

The "radical left" think THE ILLEGAL ALIEN POD PEOPLE are their PETS and they believe, as possible future citizens, they can count on their votes to overwhelm the will of our ACTUAL CITIZENS who they've ignored for so many years. Fortunately "rank and file" democrats who haven't been "infected" but rather seen their jobs "affected" with lower wages and unemployment, turned on them in November and are not likely to be fooled again.

Sadly for the Socialist, they left THREE MILLION too many PODS in California and didn't have enough to infect Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina and Florida (or any of the other 31 States) they lost in.

Rather than accept the "new reality" the Alt-Left and Deep State came up with the scheme of trying to convince the voters that "THE RUSSIANS MADE THEM DO IT" when they went to the polls to vote.

Somehow the voters have to believe that Trump had put a Russian Pod under their beds and they weren't able to think for themselves because of that Russian "influence" that Donald Trump was surely responsible for because of his team's "collusion" with a fat Russian Ambassador.

Yes, the last two years have been one drama after another as the Democrats and their "flying monkey minions" in the media try by any means possible to hang on to their money and power.

But try as they might Americans seem to be coming out of the long nightmare/economic coma also know as "The Obama Administration."

So WAKE UP AMERICA and before you go to sleep again look under your bed. Stand strong with your new President and the Patriots he's surrounding himself with to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

I'm sure sometime soon someone will make a movie about this.

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Tony Powers

Today's scripture has "special" meaning for Christians and Jews as the Ob...ama "regime" has just stabbed Israel & Christians in the back.
(I'll be writing about this later)

December 26, 2016:
Luke 2:27-32 (NKJV)
27 So he came by the Spirit into the temple. And when the parents brought in the Child Jesus, to do for Him according to the custom of the law, 28 he took Him up in his arms and blessed God and said:
29 “Lord, now You are letting Your servant depart in peace,
According to Your word;
30 For my eyes have seen Your salvation
31 Which You have prepared before the face of all peoples,
32 A light to bring revelation to the Gentiles,
And the glory of Your people Israel.”

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Hope is Gone! Good Ridddance! HELP IS HERE!
by Tony Powers

"Now we’re feeling what not having hope feels like.” ...
- Michelle Obama

The left is in full panic mode. Obama's "legacy" of "hope & change" is crumbling before our eyes as we watch President-Elect Donald J. Trump fill out his cabinet with incredibly successful men and women with backgrounds not rooted in the "swamp" we've come to know as our nation's capitol, not from the ranks of "political elites." Not from academia. Not from the "dishonest" media but instead people of great accomplishment in business or service to our Country as protectors of our Constitution and American "way of life."

This is not the "hope" of societal "change" that the left had in mind when they gave us eight years of Obummer. They dreamed of "changing" the greatest Democratic Republic in the history of mankind rooted in freedom, competition and a capitalist economy into a socialist society where everyone gets a "participation trophy" for just "being." Their "hope" for a country governed by our "betters" who would enslave "We the People" while redistributing the fruits of our God given talents, labor and productivity for the "greater good" have been unexepectedly shattered.

The past eight years have been great for the politically connected who've had "the time of their life" living off the largess of our government dole, while running up the credit card in the name of future generations of "worker bees" who never had a say in their fate.

These "future citizens" would be indoctrinated (rather than educated) in Government Schools to accept their place in society as cogs in the machine rather than free thinking individuals with dreams and the means to create a better life for them and their future families.

Thank GOD the great unwashed woke up just in tme and "learned the lessons" the left were teaching were nothing but lies before the "dumbing down" of America was complete.

Even the constant drumbeat of "fake news" being spewed by the "Main Stream Media" and the liberal world of entertainment was ignored as they unknowingly were singing along with Green Day about their own demise.

"Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road
Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go
So make the best of this test, and don't ask why
It's not a question, but a lesson learned in time
It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right
I hope you had the time of your life" - Green Day

After convincing everyone they could (including themselves) that Donald Trump had "no path" to victory because Hillary's fire wall in Florida (which no GOP candidate can win with without), North Carolina (which no GOP candidate can win without), Ohio (which no GOP candidate can win without) and certainly not Pennsylvania (the GOP "bride that got away" for almost four decades), plus having the traditionally "RED" States of Texas, Arizona, Utah and Georgia "in play" the MSM were giddy with predictions of a Clinton Electoral College LANDSLIDE.

On November 8, 2016 fly over country made their voices heard giving Trump the most surprising victory since "Dewey Wins." OOPS!

Watching as the election results started (after an early evening of more bad news from the dishohest media's "exit polls") Trump supporters all over the country were bracing for the bad news to come while hanging on to "hope without hope" (to hope without any basis for expecting fulfillment). Then, as state after state came in with "Breaking News" that the unthinkable was actually happening, the crowd waiting outside the FOX News studios in New York began to believe!

Maybe a miracle was in the making! It was! Hope became real and "help" had arrived!

In the early morning hours of November 9th the impossible was possibe as Hillary's "path to 270" evaproated before their joyful and a disbeleving media's tearful eyes.

BREAKING NEWS...Donald J, Trump will be the 45th President of the United States of America!

The story is now legend that Trump has enthusiastically repeated over and over during his "Thank You Tour" rallies for tens of thousands of adorring working men and women in the "toss uup" states of Ohio, North Carolina and Florida plus Pennsylvania, Wisconsin & Michigan and others where nobody (except Trump himself) thought he had an ice cubes chance in HELL of knocking down the democrat's BLUE WALL. His final rally ended in the never in doubt State of Alabama where the YUGE rally campaign had it's first (with the crowd never to be shown on TV) Trum-a-la-plooza.

Noverber 8th, 2016 was not what was expected over at Clinton headquarters!

There was weeping, wailing and knashing of teeth. Yes, HELL on EARTH had actually become their reality as they began clinging to some glimmer of a chance that their lying eyes and the networks whose lies they had believed for months whould somehow reveal that what they were hearing wasn't really the final result The candidate herself (according to reports) was crying and screaming and stomping her feet blaming everyone and everthing for the outcome that all her sycophants had arrsured her was impossible. She was so distraught that she couldn't face her supporters and had to send John Podesta out to delay the inevitable until she could be adaquately sedated the next day.

EVERY media outled (including FOX News) was equally caught completely by surprise because they believed their campaign of missinformation leading up to the election and the absolute unacceptability of a "populist demagog" like Trump defeating the media preferred establishment "globalist" and the vaunted big money Democrat, get out the vote "ground game" was unbeatable. So the scramble to find excuses for their own detachment from America outside of Washington and New York and the bubble they live in began.

It started with blaming the left and media created "Alt-Right" for their racist creation of "fake news" that had become viral on the interenet (although 99% of voters had never heard of this "Alt-Right" movement that reportedly was rampant among Trump supporters) or actually seen any of the "fake news" (other than the constant dribble of REAL "fake news" on the very networks condeming it). Oh, how the left loves to "project."

Then there were the recounts that got wall to wall coverage. Even though there was no evidence that the voting machines themselves had been hacked. Jill Stein raised over seven million dollars (more than twice what her Green Party candidacy did for the entire election) with the backing of the Hillary campaign in an effort to "find" votes in the rust belt that Trump wasn't supposed to win. Sadly for the "so callled" progessives Trump actually gained votes.

Then Hillary blamed FBI Director Jim Comey for "re-opening" the email investigation after it was discovered that classified material was found on Huma's estranged husband Anthony (I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours) Weiner's computer.

Then it was the Russians who allegedly hacked not only the DNC's computers and email but John Podesta's as well revealing just how the Democrat Primary was actualy rigged against Bernie Sanders and other embarrassing relevations about the bigotry and inside fighting among Clinton's supporters. Of course this didn't get one tenth of the coverage of Trump's embarrassing "leaked" video or having his crude "locker-room" remarks played on a loop at every network and splashed across the front page of every paper. Nor did it recieve the the wal to wall coverage of the bimbo eruption that followed (BTW, where are they now?). Strange how these "victims" faded away just like Ted Cruz's FIVE "affairs" and in 2012 Herman Cain's numerous "alledged" picadillos.

No, the Russians didn't make Hillary use an unsecured server and then lie about it and destroy evidence. The Russians didn't force Donna Brazille to provide Hillary debate questions in her primary fight with Bernie. The Russians didn't prevent Hillary from campaigning in Wisconsin or Michigan or taking Pennsylvania for granted until the final week of the campaign. Vladamir Putin didn't throw Ohio or lose Florida and North Carolina for her either.

The barely covered (in the MSM) Wikileaks didn't cause Hillary's downfall either. It was her inept campaign! It was the fact that Trump simply outworked her and actually had a message that connected with the "forgotten" men and women. Nixon once called us "the silent majority." You know, the "real" people who don't live inside the bubble of Washington, DC, the shadow of Hollywood, the cacoon of academia or in the anything goes "big cities" which have become decayed culturally, morally and physcally while being controlled by democrats. The same democrats that are completely out of touch with fly over country.

Hillary and the democrats ignored the very people that they once claimed to champion. The hard working people who make things, grow our food, work in our stores and restraunts, factories, repair our cars, build our houses, fix the plumbing, protect and serve our citizens, raise God loving families who are sick and tired of being ignored or seeing their values maligned. They ingonred the people tired of seeing their jobs sent overseas or taken by people who are here illegally, in other words, MOST OF AMERICA!

So take your "hope" and put it where the sun don't shine. "We the People" are tired of "hoping" and we're not buying your "change" anymore!

We elected a man who we "know" will "Drain the Swamp" in Washington, put America FIRST, bring back our jobs, reduce our taxes, repatriate our wealth, shrink the bloated government, undo the job kiling regulations, make us energy independent, save our health care system and keep America SAFE from enemies foreign and domestic. A man whose not beholden to ANY special interest other than the American people.

Donald J. Trump will be the 45th President of the United States and all of the wailing and weeping, the threats and blame, the noise of the "fake news" or the politically correct stupidity the socialist progressives throw at him and us won't change that fact.

So here we are over a month after the election and less than a month until the inauguration looking forward to the NEW YEAR again while watching the Stock Market hitting record highs almost daily and confidence in our future getting stronger every day.

Patriotic Americans are beginning to feel proud again. Working Americans are seeing a brighter future unfold even before Trump is officially in office.

Americans of Faith are celebrating Christmas knowing that their Religious Freedom will once again be safe from an out of control Supreme Court while gun owners know that the Second Amendment wil not be infringed upon while Obama opines about FOX News as his "legacy" flashes before his eyes. Life is good!

Yes Michelle, Hope Is Gone and Good Riddance!

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Michelle Obama has given an interview to Oprah Winfrey as she prepares to leave the White House and expressed her disappointment and the current political si...
Tony Powers

I would like to be the VERY FIRST to call the race tonight!

Tony Powers

I keep hearing that "educated" white women either won't vote Republican (because of Trump) as they traditionally have or they will not vote at all.
How STUPID does the media think educated white women are?!

Tony Powers

Is it just me or does this really feel like 1980 all over again? Are we seeing a Trump LANDSLIDE? #TrumpPence16 #MAGA

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Tony Powers

Obama in panic in North Carolina. Speaking at Chapel Hill (Moscow West) he says Trump will takeaway Medicaid, Pell Grants & dig up MIchelle's garden. ALL LIES! ...(well maybe the garden will go).
They do this every four years.
Scare poor and old people that somehow Republicans are going to take away their entitlements (of course it NEVER HAS & NEVER WILL HAPPEN).
Basically Trump is the devil himself and can't be trusted with the nuclear codes.
They must be seeing some "internal polling" that has them scared to death that Trump's WINNING and Obama's panicing because he won't be able to make the HUNDRED OF MILLIONS Bill & Hillary have with their "FOUNDATION!"

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Tony Powers

Patriots, do NOT become complacent! We MUST "run up the score" and give Donald J. Trump a MASSIVE MANDATE to DRAIN THE SWAMP in Washington!
Even if you live in ...a "safe" RED STATE get out and VOTE!
Remember he is not just running against Democraps, he's running AGAINST THE ESTABLISHMENT in BOTH PARTIES!
We FINALLY have a chance to break up the CRIME SYNDICATE that is the DC CARTEL who are serving the Globalist & Special Interest who do not have OUR INTEREST at heart but holding on to their power and their "gravy train" of back scratching each other, while lining their pockets with OUR MONEY & screwing "WE THE PEOPLE!"!
Let's show them that "the American voters" are not as STUPID as they thought!

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Tony Powers

Don't be lulled into complacency! It's not over till it's OVER!
Remember, it's not about Donald J. Trump. It's about "WE THE PEOPLE..." asserting OUR AUTHORITY over OUR GOVERNMENT & the DC Cartel of "elitist" Democrats, the Republicans "establishment," BIG GOVERNMENT, BIG MEDIA & BIG MONEY "Special Interest" who will not go down without a FIGHT!
Together, they're powering up the DEATH STAR as we speak!
I have been saying since the beginning of this election cycle that the DC Cartel (including the GOP) would rather have Hillary than anyone "other" than their "selected puppet."
They killed off Cruz (who they viewed as their BIGGEST THREAT) using Trump who they didn't think stood an ice cubes chance in HELL of actually becoming the nominee.
Then (as they often do) miscalculated the ANGER that rank & file Republicans, Republican leaning Independents and folks who had NEVER been involved in politics (or even voted before) had for the Big Government Elites that they KNEW had been selling us out for decades, "claiming" to be one thing and then doing just the opposite.
They also didn't count on the REDEMPTION OF DONALD J. TRUMP!
They saw him as an "insider" who "they could do business with" (after all he had been one of their biggest contributors) but somewhere along the line during this campaign, Trump had a "Road to Damascus" experience and started listening to WE THE PEOPLE!
His GENUINE OUTRAGE at the way the system is "rigged" against average Americans was reinforced by the way the media turned on him (after helping him kill off Conservatives in the Primary) and realized it was "rigged against him" too.
Somewhere Trump had a "come to Jesus" experience and was converted to join the revolution and become it's voice. And what a GREAT VOICE he has become.
Now more than EVER they MUST DESTROY HIM but GOD keeps putting road blocks in their path and the PEOPLE are with TRUMP no matter what!
On Trade, Jobs, Middle Class Prosperity, Education of Minorities and the downtrodden of EVERY background, Foreign Policy (where they put the interest of OTHER COUNTRIES ahead of the American People), Obamacare (which KILLS MILLIONS OF JOBS & makes healthcare unaffordable and out of reach for the very people PAYING FOR IT), Regulations (designed to help BIG BUSINESS and prevent competition from SMALL BUSINESS preventing anyone "other" than the well connected from succeeding)
Trump now stands as a HUGE THREAT to "BUSINESS AS USUAL" & a CHAMPION of the Average Joe & Jane who want a shot at the AMERICAN DREAM for themselves & their children!
If they can help elect Hillary, WHO WOULD BE A WOUNDED AND HOBBLED President they can "work with" then their control of our economy and their "gravy train" will stay on track. As they "rail against Hillary" pretending to STAND FOR US while keeping the "Establishment" wheels greased with special interest money flowing they will be able to solidify their power in the 2018 Mid-Terms claiming to be a "fire wall" against Socialist Hillary while doing their dirty deals out of plain site.
If they're allowed to stop Trump, NOTHING WILL CHANGE and they will be emboldened to actually MAKE THINGS WORSE!
The Courts will be GONE! The CONSTITUTION will be GONE! Our BOARDERS will be GONE! AMERICA WILL BE GONE unless
We NEED to turn out in RECORD NUMBERS to give TRUMP a LANDSLIDE and an unquestionable MANDATE for CHANGE!
Then in 2018 we need to DEFEAT the "establishment" in the House and Senate during the PRIMARIES and replace them with Constitutional Conservatives who will put Americans & AMERICA FIRST!
We are the ones we have been waiting for! We still have the power to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN but our opportunity is a fleeting one.
DON'T BLOW IT AMERICA! Don't let them use their "METHODS OF MASS DISTRACTION" to keep you from going to the polls and VOTING en' masse for DONALD J. TRUMP!
In Liberty,
Tony Powers

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Tony Powers

Doug Schoen (former Clinton aide, friend & Pollster) just annnounced on FOX Political Insiders @FNInsiders that he is no longer supporting Hillary. He fears a C...onstitutional Crisis is she's elected under investigation.
If a man who's been a CLOSE FRIEND, confidant, aide & pollster for the Clinton's since 1996 can't bring himself to vote for his old friend, how can ANY Democrat with any conscience at all continue to support or vote for a KNOWN CRIMINAL, SERIAL LIAR & possible TRAITOR (selling her office and influence to FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS for personal gain) to be the President of the United States?!
#TrumpPence16 #MAGA

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Tony Powers updated his status.

I took the time to watch CNN & MSNBC this morning just to see how the radical left would handle the FBI's continued investigation of Hillary because of the disc...overy of thousands of new emails on her closest aides home lap-top. It is laughable!
Of course their only defense is an unhinged offense against the FBI & Donald Trump.
According to them, the FBI shouldn't do their job & Donald Trump loves the Russians & Chinese and would kill our economy if elected. REALLY?!
Look around at what the Democrats HAVE DONE!
There is NO WAY that Comey (FBI director) would have done this unless he saw something so agregious that he could not in good conscience keep quiet until after the election. He would be destroyed if this turned out to be, as the left keeps screaming, "a nothing burger."
No, this must be the WHOLE HOLY COW!

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Tony Powers updated his status.

Everyone keeps talking about "classified information" (which is bad enough) but I have a feeling that it's even MORE than that.
There is probably DAMNING evind...ence about "Pay for Play" involving the Clinton Foundation and direct payments to Bill and Hillary..
Remember we haven't seen ANY emails from Clinton about the Foundation AT ALL.
They HAD to be part of the 33,000 that were deleted.
If Huma or Clinton LIED to the FBI about THOSE emails and they found some on her computer it would be a FELONY!
If there is PROOF of bribery by a Foreign Government, that is TREASON!

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Tony Powers


FANTASTIC SPEECH! EVERY AFRICAN AMERICAN IN THE COUNTRY SHOULD WATCH IT! EVERYONE IN THE COUNTRY SHOULD WATCH! Watch Donald Trump RECORDED LIVE today in Charlot...te, NC talking about Urban Renewal in our Inner Cities & a "new deal" for Black America.
(Trump begins at about 1:04 into the video)

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Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump speaks in the McGlohon Theatre at Spirit Square.

Here's the correct link to Donald Trump's speech today in St. Augustine, Fl.
(Trump begins at appx. 55:00 in)

- MONDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2016 ST. AUGUSTINE, FL Donald J. Trump Rally 3PM ET ​St. Augustine Amphitheatre 3:00 PM stars Donald J. Trump will hold a rally at the ...