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Like you, I've been wondering about what to do with Facebook. Should I get rid of it? Accept it's like standing in the public square naked? A friend posted this and it has given me the answers I need. It feels like everything we do exposes us and turns us into something to be sold. But here are some easy tips to stay connected and at least make your feed feel like it works for you. I really like the tips about "restricted" and "see first" lists!

4 ways to tweak your Facebook settings so you can enjoy the data-pillaging goodness

If you want to know the enduring, awful price of going through childhood sexual assault, and even if you don’t, read this, from literally one of the best writers in the world. Hurt people hurt people. And as Junot Diaz shows, who they hurt most is usually themselves. If this is you and you’re getting help, you are a hero. If you’re not, I’m begging you too. The world is better and brighter with you in it, and you deserve to really live and know joy. As he says, quoting Toni Morrison, anything coming back to life from the dead is going to hurt. But it’s worth it. You’re worth it.

“I never got any help, any kind of therapy. I never told anyone.”

I’ve been off this week because it’s my birthday. My parents were living in NYC. My father had reserve duty in the Army, so he sent my mother home to Georgia. I was due at the end of April. She helped my grandfather paint the house, which I think led to me being born the next day, a few weeks early. I was born in her old bedroom in what she said was an easy birth, even tho she had no drugs. This is her and me, the next day. She looks like the queen she is. I finally met my fa...ther a few weeks later. For a while he called me “Pineapple” for the thatch of dark hair that seemed to stand up on the top of my head. This morning I woke up with my own two boys in the bed. As I listened to them snore, I thought about my mother and how life changes with children. I know now that while it’s my day, it’s really all about her, and countless moments she’s spent thinking about my happiness, future and dreams....that at twenty, before she’d even seen much life on her own, it became all about me, and then my sister and brother. So thank you Mom. You’ve always been the best gift.

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His final speech, the day before died. He knew the end was nigh. He was dejected and depressed, fearful all the work in the world couldn’t match the poison of hate, racism and classism. He didn’t know who to trust, and was heartbroken over false friends. He knew he wouldn’t see his children grown or hold his grandchildren or age next to his wife. And yet, he persisted. That is the mark and legacy of a great man. As I said to my boys this morning, the time is always right to do the right thing....

The day before his assassination, Martin Luther King, Jr., delivered his last public address to a group of sanitation workers in Memphis, Tennessee.

This story is my everything for a number of reasons: Micheal Brown is an outstanding young man with stellar grades, test scores, and student activities, which is why he has been accepted to TWENTY of the nation’s top colleges. Points of pride: 1. He goes to my high school 2. He’s leaning toward Stanford. 3. He’s my cousin. My grandfather and his grandmother were brother and sister. I am so proud and I can’t wait to see what this young man does with his life. #Family #StanfordProud #ThisIsHowWeDoIt #TheAncestorsAreSmiling

Micheal Brown, now choosing among elite universities like Harvard, Yale and Stanford, said he hoped to one day become a lawyer, perhaps a public defender.

If you’re in the news biz, you’ve heard all the talk about Sinclair, a company that’s bought up a number of stations across the country and with a heavy hand bent them away from a neutral stand to a far right stance. This has now blown into a headline story: Here you see a script, repeated verbatim, at their stations calling into question the veracity and neutrality of other news stations, suggesting that only their right leaning take is fair. It is a frightening thing to beh...old. I get cable stations that have an outlook——for every MSNBC let there be a FOX, and we should look at both to give a fair hearing to opinionated takes on both sides of an issue. But your local news station should stay out of that. I have no idea how my colleagues vote, tho i suspect we have plenty of folks on both sides of the political divide. But what I know for sure is they debate heartily the fairness of our coverage, with a concerted effort to make sure we include middle of the line takes or, if one side has made a point, make sure we offer up the view from the other side as well. My bosses would never ask me to read this. And if they were forced to, think they’d join me in handing in a resignation. And this is not about this being a conservative thing; if lefties were doing it, I’d be equally appalled. Take a look for yourself, and tell me what you think....

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A new video demonstrates how the real “fake news” has never been more synchronized.

Always fun to set up the egg hunt...till Henry decides to take some for himself! Happy Easter!

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Hurt people hurt people, goes the old saying. And it’s hard not to think what a little kindness would do for the kid who feels left out or the person who seems frayed to the edge. But this young woman explains well why a few more friends or a seat at the lunch table wouldn’t have stopped Nikolas Cruz. It reminds me of the stories about how one of the Columbine shooters has just piled I to a car with friends for a night out and yet days later mowed people down. As with all of this, as we look for answers, it all leaves me with a lot of questions....

The notion that he wouldn’t have become a murderer if only his classmates had been kinder is deeply dangerous.

Fascinating. This divorce lawyer is funny, but his point is serious: He sees Facebook as the key pipeline of people into his office. And as he says, if you're in his office, your marriage is pretty much cooked. But his point seems deeper than just the ruination of your relationship. We're so busy looking at everyone else's lives we forget to live our own. It all comes as people recoil from the revelations about how much info FB vacuums up on you and people rethink their time on social media. In my own life, I have a number of friends who have taken this and Twitter and other social media apps off their phones. They log in once a day or so and say they are saner for it. I haven't gotten there, but this makes me think... What do you think?

"If you’re vaguely unhappy with your relationship or marriage: Stay away from Facebook"

I love this list of 12 rules for life...and clearly they are things you say when you get to middle age! What do you think of her list? What would you add? Mine is: Go to the event. I look back on things I've missed for work. It didn't make a whit of difference on the job. But I still think back on the wedding, birthday surprise, etc, I missed. Go to the event, make the memories....

Don't lose friends over politics. Don't lose a spouse over pickles.

My morning coffee hadn’t had time to cool when the news came in: Another school on lockdown, another school shooting, this time in Maryland. This weekend thousands will turn out for the March for Our Lives, and in its honor Lin-Manuel Miranda(Hamilton) and Ben Platt(Dear Evan Hansen) have released this mash up. It’s achingly beautiful. In it I hear the longing from my teenage years: when will life really begin, when will I be seen, how does this turn out? A child psychologist once told me we get teens all wrong: We think they think they’re immortal and invincible. The truth, he said, is they are desperately aware and afraid for their safety. Think how this news hits them. You should be able to get through the day, year and across the stage at graduation without wondering if you’ll come out the other side alive.

'Hamilton' and 'Dear Evan Hansen' stars mash up "You Will Be Found" and "The Story of Tonight" for charity single

Especially when it comes with Irish coffee! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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It’s “Pi” Day. On set we were talking about favorites. This is mine. I had never heard of “Chess Pie” till I saw it on a D.C. menu. I was hooked. And it’s simple to make! Check out the recipe. What’s your fav pie?

Chess Pie Recipe! A super simple, classic southern recipe! This rich, sweet, vanilla custard pie is a sweet-tooths' dream!

So I decided to try today’s “Six Minute Meal and Deal.” Eggplant parm! Totally worth it. Thanks to Alicia Vitarelli and Brad Spence at Amis for the tasty recipe....

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A few months ago our dog Jax died. It was very abrupt: What we thought was a trip for meds and an ultrasound turned into a final goodbye. We took some time to miss him. Then we realized the house was a little too quiet and a little bit lonely. So this weekend we opened our hearts and home to Henry. Thanks to Home At Last rescue. We’re in love, though getting used to life w a puppy!

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When you grew up in Texas, your parents send you pictures in ten gallon hats from the Rodeo. A pair of aces....

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