Tamyra For Senate updated their cover photo.
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What do you think about Obama giving Bush the Medal of Freedom award next year?


Talking to someone the other day who commented Americans are lazy in the political process. The two party system is dominant and only a small percentage of Americans care to be involved. The person use to be in naval intelligence in D.C. How could I disagree?

Well, it is all over. A Republican sweep. Predicted. And life goes on.....

Election day! Make sure you take the time to vote! Enjoy!

Changing my computer system tomorrow so I might not be on here for a few days. Hoping everyone gets out to vote tomorrow. Just yesterday met a man who has never voted in his life. His age 53 years old. Good luck to everyone!

November 2nd please vote Burris-U.S. Senate, Knott-Congress (9th District), d'Ippolito-Monroe County Council-District 2. VOTE LIBERTARIAN! Try it you'll like it!

I was asked yesterday if I am the only local Libertarian running in Monroe County. The answer is yes. Federal offices Rebecca is running for the U.S. Senate and Greg is running for Congress of the 9th district.

I appreciate the HT followed through and added me today in the newspaper. I was in the National section vs. the local section but I was in there and not missed. The spelling of the company is Ragazzi Arte Cafe not Regazzi. Thank you.

Dan Parker, Chair of the Democrat party just spent $15,000 on mailers targeting Greg Knotts in the 9th District running for Congress. Knotts appreciated the pump up! Clearly, Parker does not know how to manage Democratic funds or choose men to take over Bayh's position for Senate because Ellsworth is trailing behind.

President Obama just approved the largest solar project ever. $6 billion Blythe Solar Power Project to be built in the Mojave Desert. The 7 projects involved will light 2 million homes.

Local schools managed by the state? What do you think? Article today in the HT the hearing begins at 10 a.m. today in the Riley Room of the Indiana Department of Education. Re: Comments on a set of rules that would govern how the state treats failing schools.

I am getting phone calls that all the candidates were listed in the newspaper today except my name was left out. I just spoke to the Editor and he said he will fix it in tomorrow's newspaper. Which I extremely appreciate! Thank you Editor of the Herald Times!

My friends are going to vote today and then out to breakfast. They are making a morning out of it. I assume everyone has voted. If not, you better go soon! I voted the first day!

If anyone would like to make their thoughts known about the best ran campaign this year from U.S. Senate down to local races I believe you have till 9 am tomorrow Wed. morning. 50 words or less, Full name and city. Send to email below. Better hurry not much time till tomorrow morning!

Attended Ron Paul's lecture last night at IU. He made so much sense. Talked about the 60,000 soldiers we lost in Vietnam. And our misguided attitude on foreign policy. How China has a stronghold on our currency. That we need a strong military defense but we do not need to be a world empire. I could have listened to him for 2 more hours! To hear a politician speaking common sense, priceless!