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ALS Ice challange accepted!!! Thank you Yari Cataldi for nominating me!! I would like to nominate Barbara Fusar Poli, Tanja Kolbe, Simone Moscato, Christian Patergnani and Justyna Plutowska! You guys have 24 hours to accept the challange or donate 100$! Have fun!!! Ps the video won't be like Andrew Lavrik's one!
Show's Finale!

We are proud to present/announce our 1st edition of “Skating skills & Component Camp” this summer in #ITALY
with Barbara Fusar Poli, Corrado Giordani*, Stefano Caruso &
Marco Togni.
Don't miss the opportunity!
To register and learn more visit our page:

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Dear fans,

our skating friends Nikolaj Sørensen & Laurence Fournier need you. Let's help them pursuing their dream, the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic!!!

#FournierSørensen #2018Olympic #Denmark #IceDance #friends

Five years ago in may 2012 we started our journey together. We decided on a whim to skate together and really hadn't reflected on where this might lead us one d...ay.

Well first thing first. Little over a year into our partnership our skating partnership also became an off the ice in love kind of partnership and we have ever since may 2013 shared all the ups and downs that we have had both on and of the ice.

We are so "lucky" and thankful to be able to do what we love everyday. With the person that we love. And through this passionate hobby that we have turned into our full time career, WE this year accomplished something that we had never wrapped our heads around, QUALIFYING FOR THE OLYMPIC GAMES 2018 for the country we proudly represent DENMARK. We did so as the 7th best nation in the world!

Now Laurence is not a Danish citizen, and unfortunately Denmark might be one of the countries in the world with the strictest immigration policy.

With this new goal in our heads we have spent sleepless nights trying to figure out a way to compete at the games anyhow.

In the Olympic charter written in :
CHAPTER 5 (the Olympic Games)
SECTION 2 (participation in the Olympic Games)
RULE 41 (nationality of competitors)
BYE-LAW 4 states.

4. Furthermore, in all cases in which a competitor would be eligible to participate in the Olympic Games, either by representing another country than his or by having the choice as to the country which such competitor intends to represent, the IOC Executive Board may take all decisions of a general or individual nature with regard to issues resulting from nationality, citizenship, domicile or residence of any competitor, including the duration of any waiting period

This rule is rather unclear but from our perspective and after having it looked over by lawyers, it became clear to us that the final word on whether being a citizen of the country you represent is something the IOC (international Olympic committee) has the power to decide.

And this gives us hope. We now appeal to the DANISH OC, and hope that they will work very hard to make this exception a reality by asking the IOC.

PLEASE HELP US ON OUR WAY TO THE 2018 OLYMPIC GAMES and pledge your support through this very simply petition!

Thanks to everyone of you and please SHARE SHARE SHARE…

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With the help of this petition, fans of figure skating from around the world want to express their support to the athletes Laurence Fournier Beaudry and Nikolaj Sørensen , who are trying to participate at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. Participation in the Olympic Games is the dream of...