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May 3, 2014
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Still looking for a co-administrator for this page. I will try to answer questions and check the page every Saturday at a minimum.


As the administrator of this site, I would like to invite someone with knowledge of Tetra Tints to be a co-administrator of this page. I work on the road a lot and can't always provide the time that should provided to the upkeep of this page.

Update on my hens, they are settled in and are all laying New owner is very happy, as am I.

The hens left yesterday, a message from the new owner states they are doing well and they even got an egg yesterday! So hopefully this change wasn't as traumatic as I thought it would be. They are in with one rooster, and the owner says the girls are the bosses of the coop....

I'm sharing this post again in hopes someone will help this gentleman out with his overgrown flock. He's selling them VERY cheap, great deal for a person just starting out looking for low start up costs. Remember, they lay beautiful large cream colored eggs, and very social birds.

Tetra Tint Chickens

21 Tetra Tints for sale, 2 weeks old, $1.55 a piece (great deal). Located in Hanover PA. ANY TAKERS??????

21 Tetra Tints for sale, 2 weeks old, $1.55 a piece (great deal). Located in Hanover PA. ANY TAKERS??????

The girls have officially found their new home. They will be leaving next Sunday. Teary just thinking about it. I wish they knew what was going on, and that I could comfort them and tell them it will be okay, and that their new owner is so excited to have them....we will see how it goes, and I hope they adjust well.

It's sad to say, but I have decided to move out of the country and into town. My father in law does not want to keep our six hens, it would be too much for him to take care of right now (mother in law is having back surgery). Don't fret, the hens have found a home in less than one day. I'm heading out on Saturday to check out the new place and make sure everything is safe and sound. I found another person who treats their hens like royalty, and will not butcher them. They are my pets, they have names and their own personalities, and I refuse to have them become stew hens. This was a tough decision, but a necessary one.

The heavy wet snow last night and this morning weighed down my fencing. While out doing repairs I was able to set up a chicken jungle gym for the girls. Just a simple design with bricks and some old plywood, but it's something to keep them occupied until spring is here and they have bugs to chase. Do you have "toys" for your hens?

I'm on the fence about getting peeps. I should be building a brooding box, but there might be some changes here soon. We live in a rural area and are debating a move, which more than likely means a move into town. There is an ordinance in many cities that prevents people from owning livestock, and that means no peeps. My father in law would keep my hens here of course, they would be well cared for and happy, living the rest of their lives out with no fear of being butchered. We talked last night about new peeps and all the work that goes along with it. He loves to help with the chickens, but I would hate to saddle him with more responsibility. For now, I am waiting to see what spring brings, is it a stay or go....

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Yearning for spring, and new peeps...anyone else sick of winter?

I lost my favourite red comet over the weekend to being egg bound. I spent the cash and had her x-rayed and she was given shots of calcium and oxytocin. The egg on the x-ray was very low in her abdomen and was actually broken, she was not able to pass the enormous egg and died here at home. Tips to keep your hens from becoming egg bound are as follows; make sure they get enough calcium, oyster shell, clean egg shells from used eggs and complete layer ration feed as well. ... Plenty of fresh water and a low stress environment can't hurt either. Signs your hen may be bound...fluffed appearance, not roosting with other hens at night, lethargic, droopy tail, loss of appetite and sometimes these girls will walk nearly upright like a Penguin...if you think your hen is egg bound, keep her isolated from the others. Bring her inside and give her a warm soak...around 104 degree water temp. She should be in an area that is warm 90-95 degrees at all times until the egg passes. Feed her crushed tums (pure calcium), soak her butt twice a day, and when she comes out of the tub make sure she is completely dry before returning her to the flock or to her cage. You can also "lube " her vent with olive oil, mineral oil, or KY Jelly. Be careful when doing this, if the egg is close to coming out, you don't want it to break. Gentle is the word I would use, I had the vet do this, simply because I knew Oscar had a broken egg and I didn't want to make it any more difficult on her. I hope someday if someone here has a hen that may be eggbound that this info can help prevent another death.

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Anyone planning on getting peeps this year? I've decided that a few new peeps would be a good idea. Back in December I lost one of my red comets and I'm thinking of getting more brown egg layers. All four of my tints are laying strong every day, I wish more people realized brown eggs are no different than my tints cream colored eggs. Anyone ever integrate new chicks into a flock? Any advice would be appreciated here!

Another one for Lynette Obeck, this hen is so cute with her black splotches Also a younger hen from this year.

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These are the latest pics of my Tetra Tint girls.