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Monica Lopez Soliz
· February 18, 2018
I will never return! Poor service! Ran out of food! Regardless of what time of day, a food business should never be under prepared and run out of food. We ordered 2 chopped sandwiches, not enough chop...ped meat for 2 sandwiches. Ordered a baked potato w/ all the trimmings, no chopped beef for it. Ordered a small side of potato salad, no potato salad. Ran out of buns for the chopped sandwiches as well. Why do you even remain open, if you can’t keep stocked up at 2pm?!?! Then the only 2 butchers were the cashier and the wait staff as well. No reason why you should remove the butchers from cutting meat and attending to the customers orders to have them run the register. Hire a cashier! All in all not happy w/ how the place runs. I won’t visit again and surely not a place I will recommend. See More
Candice Howard
· December 9, 2017
I'll start out on a positive note and say the place has awesome vintage/antique decor! It's what made us stop on our way back home from San Antonio. Also our boys had lots of fun in the playground. No...w for the not so great.
Since this was our first visit we had stood a while looking over the menu, we were not greeted, just kind a got stared at by the lady working behind the counter. With 3 boys and a husband in tow, I'm also looking for the better deal. The lady was somewhat helpful in that department. So we ordered 2 loaded baked potatoes, a pound of pulled pork and fries.
The pulled pork was incredibly salty and a bit more than a quarter of it was nothing but fat. Our potatoes were still hard on the inside. The spicy bbq sauce tasted as if they just poured Louisiana hot sauce in it. My poor boys left just as hungry as they were going in. Very cool looking place but we will not be returning.
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Garza Captain
· December 23, 2017
The portions were a lot smaller than previously. I been going there for years I ordered the 3 meat 2 of them being brisket and one chicken. I had to tell the lady to slice the brisket thicker b...ecause she was slicing it the thickness of lunch meat. I got three little slices of brisket for two of my meats meat. The Macaroni and cheese was hard and crusty. The green beens were luke warm and had no flavor. See More
Sandy Sigel Haiduk
· October 19, 2017
I must admit very diappointed this time around. We brought a group of 13 there for my grandson's birthday on Tuesday evening. No ribs. no turkey.. other meats did not seem fresh. Not overcooked just ...old .Chicken was dried out and hard. most sausage was the same. All the sides looked like they had been out all day .dry ,soft stuff crunchy, crunchy stuff soft, discolored. Out of sweet tea but they did replace it fairly quickly. The young lady did handout free cobbler at the end of the evening about the highlight of the night. See More
John Ritz
· February 11, 2018
First time there yesterday, very disappointed because the brisket was Really tough(and it was a fresh brisket, I saw the lady unwrap it from the foil) and the Dark meat bbq chicken was dry and didn't ...look fresh. Pricing is average to other bbq places, but wouldn't go back, considering the long drive. See More
Esmer Sañchez-Efird
· September 4, 2017
I liked the food (BBQ) but the service sucked. I was very disappointed with the service. My visit was on Sunday, Sept 3, 2017 @ about 2pm. First time visit. No employees acknowledge our presence. I d...idn't know where to order, found my way and we (about 15 of us) literally stood there until (in front of the young man with a long beard and no hair net) hoovering over cutting the meats. We had to talk to him and ask him, How are you doing today, sir. Still no acknowledgement. I had to ask, sir. I've never been here, do we order here. His answer, ya. Then, my other girl next to him wearing a Def leppard shirt, just looked at our group as if, we were from other universe. We eventually made our way, ordered our food and got no Thank you for stopping by nor any extraordinarily service, I thought I would of gotton from a place alot of people talk about. I will not return and as a employee of a Harley Davidson store in Texas, will definitely not recommend your location to any out of town riders that come to ask for BBQ recommendations. If, asked about Texas pride and if asked, if the BBQ was any good I will just answer, ya See More
Elaine Reamer
· October 2, 2017
I have had a lot of BBQ growing up in Texas. I have always thought it all tasted the same. Nothing special. My husband took me to your restaurant n OMG !!!! Best I have ever tasted. Delicious. Th...e whole meal I kept telling him how delicious your food was. Your employees were great n very friendly. Enviroment was fun n engaging. Already told my husband this is where I want to go for my birthday. Thanks for a great lunch !!! Oh n we took our leftovers home. Dinner was just as delicious. See More
Will Holden
· September 12, 2017
As a native Texan I have familiarity with Texas BBQ. Texas Pride offers a full range of meats and sides at very reasonable prices. The prices are reasonable because the portions are generous. The tea fresh and the place is clean. All staff were friendly. I was there on Sunday 9/10/2017.
The quality of the meats was nice and the flavor was good. Commercial cooks are very limited in use of seasonings. One cannot expect to get perfect BBQ at a public place due to the fact that we all have different preferences. I prefer Hickory and Pecan Smoke for example and hickory was not used for the meats I ate that Sunday.
So I give the Brisket 3 stars. Very good quality, very tender, and large portions. The flavor was smooth but more spices/salt/Cayenne in the rub is needed for my taste
Ribs get 3 stars for quality and tenderness and flavor
Pulled Pork gets 3 stars. It was very tender and juicy
Sausage-5 stars! You'll not find better sausage than what they served on Sunday 9/10/2017
I did not try the Turkey as my buddy ate it all and said it was really good. The turkey was good at a minimum.
Beans were also good and I rate them a 4. The cook caters to the masses here as well so the bean's seasoning was generic, not sweet or spicy, and still very good.
Pecan Cobbler to DIE for was served that day. You'll not find better anywhere,and I hope for your sake, that you get to enjoy Pecan cobbler as good as Texas Pride's
Texas Pride's setup is very customer friendly. Leftovers can easily be wrapped and bagged for the trip home. The condiment bar is well stocked with all the traditional accompaniments and BBQ sauces. They have experience and it shows. I will go again for sure. Please understand that smoked meats being served to the public must be somewhat generic in flavor due to restricted use of seasonings. BBQ sauce was not "NEEDED" but may have added a pleasant spicy tartness to my selections.
I did not try all the sides that were available. The venue was monstrous with room for dancing and live music. There were well over 200 people when we arrived and they did not run out of food.
My overall rating for Texas Pride BBQ, for Sunday, September 10th, 2017 is 3.4 Stars with acknowledgement that they could EASILY jump up to 4.5 Stars. With a little work on the beans and the pulled pork, slight enhancement of the brisket rub, and a killer potato salad I'll rate Texas Pride BBQ a solid 4+ stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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Marjorie McDonald VanFossen
· November 25, 2017
Omg Rudy’s used to be my first love in barbecue rib restaurants. But wow these flavorful ribs are out of this world fell off the bone didn’t have to chew it dissolved in my mouth! Also became a fan of... their potato salad and Cole slaw See More
Bruce Kingshott
· January 5, 2018
It was just the 2 of us and we ordered the Hungry Texan, lots to eat and a great variety of their BBQ. we had more than enough and took the rest home where our daughter and husband finished it off. Yo...u have to try it and check Groupon for a good discount. See More
Blake Manning Stayton
· October 12, 2017
I’ve eaten here many times, and I can say the food has progressively gotten worse. The ribs are dry, turkey is dry, and who doesn’t have potato salad on a Friday night at 5:30pm... I mean really peopl...e get your poop in a group. See More
Kim Allbright
· February 17, 2018
I love this place. It has so much history and character. Its like a museum.. The Brisket was great. And the staff was so nice. Great place to play music. And listen. Many of my heroes have stood on th...e stage we played last night. Hope to go again soon. Thanks to Tony for everything you guys are awesome.. See More
Peter Bilon
· December 3, 2017
Last time that I was here 2011and it is still #1 in my book. Come hungry because their food is awesome....the brisket, ribs and all is outstanding. l love it....
Mark Gibson
· October 13, 2017
We love coming here because its family friendly and we get to bring the kiddos and have great bbq, listen to live music and enjoy a night out as a family
Dennis Mallory
· October 2, 2017
The venue is very nice... large with lots of memorabilia.

The BBQ is not representative of Texas' best. The meat (baby backs)was poorly seasoned (i.e. BLAND)....

THE bottled soda, though taken from a fridge, was barely cold.

The staff who prepared the food order were cold, and seemed generally BORED with their pleasantries...COLD.

I had been here before (about a year or so prior), but the quality and ambience has gone way down.
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Erica Estep
· December 3, 2017
The BBQ is so delicious & the staff are very nice. This place is definitely worth the visit if you are in town.
Rj Martin
· September 12, 2017
Food came our cold. Brisket was ok. Kinda dry. Sausage was ok. Pinto beans were great. Mac and cheese was ok. Just not good. Not bad. But definitely not good. Still looking for good BBQ in San A...ntonio. So far, no luck. See More
Humphrey Salinas
· October 8, 2017
Had heard a lot about this place but we were very disappointed when we got there. First of all we waited about 45 minutes in line for our food. The brisket and sausage were greasy but ok, the beans burnt and the cream corn wasn't creamy. See More
Chris De La Zerda
· October 21, 2017
My fish plate was ok but my wife's was terrible small dry pieces like jerky almost�� and at 7:30 They were out of shrimp, guess that's what we get for trying fish at bbq place.
Ashley Lewis
· October 15, 2017
First time there and the bbq was nasty. Didn’t have want I wanted so got something else and didn’t like it at all. Family didn’t even like what they got. Won’t be back.

Fish Fry Friday

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Wayne Martin

Friday night @ 7pm, JOIN THE LONE STAR PICKERZ for the FISH FRY FRIDAY dance at TEXAS PRIDE BARBEQUE in ADKINS, TX. Great fresh fish or their fannnnntastic BARBEQUE! Yall come & bring your cuzzins!

Tracy Byrd on now at Texas Pride Barbecue
Baby back ribs turned out beautiful this morning! #babybackribs #babyback #bbq #ribs #texasbbq #texas #texaspridebarbecue
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Texas Pride Barbecue

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Fri 6:30 PM CSTTexas Pride BarbecueAdkins, TX
Dance · 115 people

Fish fry kicks off this Friday! Don’t miss it! #fishfry #fishfryfriday #friyay

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Baby back ribs turned out beautiful this morning! #babybackribs #babyback #bbq #ribs #texasbbq #texas #texaspridebarbecue

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