Please share and post around the pow wow community please share with all that was interested and excited.I do apologize again. Thank you,Paakuma

Hello everybody just wanted to take this time to let everybody know that Tha Native, Paakuma, fear of a red planet and tha pow wow Pages will be going down this evening. But please stay posted and look out for Tha Native Musician/ band page.

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Hey ! Don't miss out on this Pow Wow in Redlands, Ca

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Tha Pow Wow

Check This Pow Wow At UniversityOf Redlands in Redlands, CA

Please Everyone, Show your support and attend The University Of Redlands' Pow Wow March 29-30 !! We will see you all again in 2015 !

Check This Pow Wow At UniversityOf Redlands in Redlands, CA

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I am sorry to say that Tha Pow Wow 2014 is cancelled due to lack of sponsorship. However, we WILL return in 2015. Thank you .

New Song !! "Rainy Days" - I hope you all like it

Here's a new song for you all. I hope you like it.

Why is voting very important in ANY Native American contests?

These contests may appear to be all about egos and who may
be better than others, but there is a completely different perspective
that most people cannot see. ...
Would you like to see a Native American Artist, of any sort get
the recognition they deserve? What does that actually mean to the Native
American community? Wouldn't be really cool to see Bird Singers, your
favorite drum group, or favorite traditional dancers performing opening
ceremonies for a big event like The SuperBowl, World Series, or Championship
games on a regular basis? Well, unfortunately, the people who run "big
entertainment" rely COMPLETELY on popularity. How is popularity measured?
Popularity is measured through voting processes. The ONLY way to get into
mainstream entertainment is to show the people who run "big entertainment"
that you are a viable product…….yes, product. They care about money, whereas,
Native Americans greatly care about being recognized. Yes, the two can work together easily because the "want" from both parties is different. We don't want the same thing. They can have the money and all of the evil that comes with it. We want everyone to know that we are here, have always been here, and are not going anywhere. We are just as good as anyone and if it means entering into voting contests that "big entertainment " sees as valuable investment information to
measure one's "worth" then so be it. They can think about their ways of "success" while we think about how we see as successful. They can see us as numbers while we make ourselves known. When we become organized, we become stronger. Organizations such as The Native American Music Awards bring all of the Native's talent into one space , not only in an organized fashion, but in front of notable people in the entertainment industry. It's very important to get the endorsements from these notable people in the industry because it makes what we are doing relevant to society. A perfect example is the greater organization of Pow Wows. The continued support by the organizers, participants, vendors, and spectators help greatly with the unity of Native Nations from all over. These "Contests" are not part of an individual action, It's ALL of them as a whole that keep us from being swept under the rug of society.
So in conclusion, if you are not at all interested in participating as a face in the Native American community, then the least you can do is vote for someone who is working hard to represent your community. For those who choose to participate and disagree with the previous comment's reality about money, well rest assured if you are popular in the entertainment industry you WILL make money. One thing I know for sure from experience is that money NEVER buys happiness.
Sincerely Yours, Tha Native aka Short Dawg Tha Native

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Hey everyone! I'm listed in the "" for Native American Rapper. However, I'm listed at around #74 (SHORT DAWG) . Please vote to get me in the top ten! Thank you all for your support all of these years and continue to enjoy my music. New music on the way !!

I'm at #74 Please vote!

Native Rappers make a great deal of social-political commentary on numerous issues from racism, to political corruptions and social injustice.
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We Still Have Hats !! $20 Hit us up at
3 Sizes S-M , M-L , and L-XL

Please share and post around the pow wow community please share with all that was interested and excited.I do apologize again. Thank you,Paakuma

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Posted by Tha Pow Wow

Hello y'all,This is Tha Native , Paakuma Tawinat , Short Dawg the Native
I wanted to wish you all a very special New year early,well before the clock strikes twelve. In ninety-six , I spoke with my grandmother Martha Manuel Chacon . She shared a special story , about New years, what she did as a child and the older ones our ancestors did. Listen very closely, it was recorded on tape . so you'll get a hiss but not to bad. But i would say Please everybody have a blessed and won...derful night,be safe and stay free of the negative .Also don't drink and drive. But please enjoy yourselves but have a brother or sister ,loved one or friend be your driver . Also many blessings to all of you and your loved ones present, and those that are sick,incarcerated,having hard times and our elderly. Especially those good people and family that past on this year those that have made a difference in our lives that have past on this year .If it wasn't for there life's we would not know our culture and I would not be able to share a bit of it with you.But all in all This is for my (Toot Too) and Godmother. cause i know they would love to share our history,smile and laugh. Much respect and happy NEW YEAR (TWO THOUSAND FOURTEEN) AND THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT ON MY MUSIC. CREATOR BE WITH US ALWAYS BE WELL. JAN.31.2014

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This is a historical oral account by Martha Manuel Chacon about a New Years tradition.