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Happy birthday to the one and only Valentino Rossi VR46 Official, who turns 38 today! 🎂🎉🎂🎉🎂🎉🎂🎉

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Ohm Koh Samui

หาเวลามาเยี่ยมกันบ้างนะ!welcome every one!

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Michael DUNLOP - Southern 100

Video by: David Daisy

Motorbike Daily

THE GREATEST Show On Earth ⚡️ Street Race .

Video: TT - Road - Warriors. Lockk9

Could be good for watching the motoGP, especially those "on bike" bits...

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If you are having a bad day, Watch this!
The sound of this is UNBELIEVABLE
Rotary engine - Wiz Norton Racing

Chang International Circuit By Buriram United at Chang International Circuit By Buriram United.

สัมผัสความมันส์ระดับโลกกับศึก เวิลด์ ซูเปอร์ไบค์ แชมเปี้ยนชิพ ปีที่ 3 ในเมืองไทย ระหว่างวันที่ 10-12 มีนาคมนี้ ที่สนามช้าง อินเตอร์เนชั่นแนล เซอร์กิต จ.บุรีรัมย...

เปิดจำหน่ายบัตรเข้าชมแล้ววันนี้ทาง ออลล์ ทิคเก็ต หรือ 7-Eleven กว่า 11,000 สาขาทั่วประเทศ หรือออนไลน์ที่ ตั้งแต่วันที่ 17 มกราคม 2017 เป็นต้นไป

VIP : 3,000 Baht/1 Day, 5,000 Baht/2 Days
Grand Stand : 1,500 Baht/1 Day, 2,000 Baht/2 Days
Side Stand : 300 Baht/1 Day, 500 Baht/2 Days

*Early Bird : ซื้อบัตร Grand Stand ภายในวันที่ 31 มกราคม 2017 รับบัตรพิตวอล์คมูลค่า 300 บาท ฟรี!
**ลูกค้าของ Circuit Partner รับส่วนลด 50% สำหรับ Side Stand และ 25% สำหรับ Grand Stand

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Honda Pro Racing feeling amused.
January 24

You've seen the teaser and now here's the full version!...

So, grab a comfy seat, a cup of tea and enjoy Honda Racing's John McGuinness and new recruit Guy on their finest form talking racing, tea, beer and who is better over the mountain.

Make sure to follow the Honda Racing team on Twitter @HondaRacingCBR for for ALL the latest news and information on these two TT legends! #Honda

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I wonder if this was designed by someone that enjoys riding motorcycles.... hmmm....

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Mashable - Tech

BMW revealed a motorcycle so artificially intelligent that you can ride it without a helmet.

Matt Bowles shared Damon Oliver Ollie64's video to the group: BLACK SHEEP MC SUPPORT PATTAYA.
January 22


Install KODI on your Windows PC or lapdog for free !!!! (did I say lapdog, I meant laptop)....

These Android TV boxes which run KODI, which will allow you to browse and view 100s of "on demand" TV series and 1000s of movies, choose from 100s of LIVE TV channels to watch, or search for just about any movie or TV episode ever made (if it's on a server somewhere on the internet), are very convenient, but if you want to try out the system for free you can download KODI for Window...s and run it on your PC !!!

Go to.... and watch the video for information about the KODI system.

Go to.... and follow the instructions on the page to...

STEP 1 : download the KODI for Windows software (careful to click on the START DOWNLOAD button and not to click on the advert on the left)

...this will download the FreeTellyWin.ZIP file which you click on to unzip and run the FreeTellySetup.exe to install to your Windows system.

The, follow the rest of the steps on the page (15 steps in all) to set up and configure the KODI system with some useful addons.

You can install additional addons (eg. video addons and music addons) which are suitable for your viewing/listening tastes and will more easily allow you to browse and search for the sort of stuff that you like. There's information on the website, but you can also find lots of videos on Youtube which explain step by step how to install KODI addons (just do a search for example on "best KODI addons" in order to find such videos, or if you know of a particular addon that you want to install, for example ZEN, then do a search for that addon, for example search on "KODI ZEN install").

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