Founded in January 2010
The destruction of global injustice through Activism (particularly Direct Action), the Five Elements of Hip Hop, Street Poetry, Networking and the Propagation of Real Knowledge.
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Greydon Square, AdeKwit, Nejma Shea, Koshface Jackson, The Thelonious Monks, Agent, Ghetto Transcends Potential, Miranda Writes
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Political/Revolutionary Hip Hop & Street Poetry
Band Members
SAI, MC Therapist, SubKonscious, Bigg Taj, Conscious Route,, Danny Munn, Enki, Pensive, Ill One, Stream of Consciousness, Street Poet Monte Smith, ArieAy, Werd,... Mestizo X, Perseverance, D-Cypher, Drastickpoet, Beartrap, Gabe 'VNON' Rosales, Kwervo, Illuzivshadow, Street Poet AK47, Paria B, Mekz One, Guerrilla X, DUWOPRose, Kerby Rok, Street Poet Lilith, Baltimore band, and many more. See More
Edinburgh, California, New York, New Jersey, Canada, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Philadelphia, London, Glasgow, Las Vegas, Cuba and more
Record Label
AK47 Industries
Real Hip Hop Forever
Company Overview
The Anti-Injustice Movement (AIM Clika) is a non-profit global activist organization which is run from the UK but is composed of well structured Chapters from a...cross the globe. These different Chapters which are currently active in the UK, US, Canada, and Belgium all work together in solidarity to raise awareness about global injustice to counteract it. AIM Clika uses grassroots campaigning, the Five Elements of Hip Hop, and Street Poetry and to raise awareness about human and animal rights violations. Each Chapter uses the movement's large amount of free promotion, while also raising awareness at a street level, to highlight various aspects of injustice in their areas, perform AIM shows locally and engage in non-violent protests on behalf of the movement.

However there are often opportunities for our AIM members, particularly artists, to collaborate with each other by working together on our key campaigns and working together on albums under the AIM Clika ‘AK47 Industries’ label both nationally and internationally. Members also participate in activist events and hip hop shows/tours with other Chapters from around the globe. We also work in collaboration with many other activist organizations, campaigns, hip hop collectives and individual artists who are affiliated to the movement. The movement is committed to the idea that collaboration should replace competition.
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'The AIM Raptivist Collective', the creative wing of 'The Anti-Injustice Movement', is composed of a growing number of highly talented and intelligent political... emcees, producers and street poets from our Chapters around the globe. These 'raptivists' utilise their creativity to wake up those who have been lulled into sedation by the soothing lies that surround us to make them aware of various injustices, and encourage those who are already waking up to take action against them. These lies are perpetrated by governments, corporations and the mass media and through the Five Elements of Hip Hop (including Knowledge) and street poetry we expose them. Thus our peaceful army of 'raptivists' in collaboration with our other activists within the movement use creativity to help others become aware of global injustice in order to encourage them to make positive changes in the world.

Although there are many smaller shows and activist events going on within each Chapter regularly we use the profits we receive from our collaborative revolutionary hip hop albums by The AIM Raptivist Collective to fund larger national or international Hip Hop/Activist tours which bring together many of our raptivists from around the globe. The raptivists use the tours to utilize their music and street poetry to target a specific area of concern for The Anti-Injustice Movement. In 2010 we released a collaborative revolutionary hip hop album, ‘Lyrical Warfare Volume 1’, with our raptivists from the US and UK. It's profits funded the ‘I Want Justice Tour’, whereby raptivist Capital-X from AIM East Coast (NY), a prominent anti-death penalty activist, and his comrade Jehuniko from AIM West Coast (LA) came to the UK and performed in three UK cities with four of our AIM UK MCs, a guest beat boxer, and two hard hitting AIM UK street poets. The event raised awareness in the UK about the moral bankruptcy surrounding the death penalty, in particular relation to how it is used in the US within the racist prison industrial complex which puts profits before people. The tour was a massive success.

We are now organizing our next tour, the ‘Hip Hop Against Human Trafficking Tour’, which has been funded by our second revolutionary hip hop album, 'Lyrical Warfare Volume 2'. It features our US raptivists and many talented guest artists. The first ‘Hip Hop Against Human Trafficking’ event will take place in New York and the second one in Edinburgh, Scotland where the movement is based. We work on six campaigns a year and human trafficking is an issue we are pushing to raise awareness about. The rate of human trafficking today is higher now than it was at the peak of the transatlantic slave trade. The biggest victims are women and children who are being forced into the sex industry. The US and UK government continue to do very little to stop this problem and the UK government has often fought against legislation from the European Union to make the human trafficking of children more difficult. This issue is of great importance to all our members, particularly New York raptivist SAI (Renan Selgado) who is not only one of New York’s top abolitionists due to his work on the frontlines stopping human trafficking but also for his expertise as a speaker/researcher in the area.

The event will take place throughout the day and evening. The first part will host a panel of experts in the area of human trafficking, including SAI and many of his contacts who he often gives talks around the world with. They will deliver talks on the subject and answer questions from the audience. There will then be hard hitting street poetry about human trafficking from various raptivists from the movement. One AIM street poet was herself once a victim of human trafficking so this performance will be particularly poignant. We will also be auctioning a large piece of graffiti art by a talented New York graff artist representing the issue. We will then have some of New York’s finest B-Boys and B-Girls performing. The evening will then feature incredible performances by The AIM Raptivist Collective and guests who featured on the ‘Lyrical Warfare Volume 2’ album. The show is completely non-profit but it will give artists a chance to sell their merchandise to promote their ethical hip hop and allow us to give our profits from the event to Anti-Slavery International. A documentary will be made about human trafficking, the making of the event and the event. Thus we AIM to raise awareness about the issue of human trafficking at a global level before, during and after the event.
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Please support The Anti-Injustice Movement (AIM Clika) by buying our album Lyrical Warfare Volume One by The AIM Raptivist Collective on Amazon, ITunes, CD Baby..., Reverbnation, Bandcamp and many more. The second hard-hitting album by The AIM Raptivist Collective & Guests, Lyrical Warfare Volume 2, is available for sale on Reverbnation and Bandcamp. We also sell dope new Anti-Injustice Movement Graff bandanas on Bandcamp and have a new store with lots of merch (including new AIM Clika shirts) coming soon. See More
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UK, US, Canada, Belgium, Tunisia, Cuba
General Manager
Public Enemy, Subcommandante Marcos, 2Pac, Che Guevara, Keny Arkana, Immortal Technique, Lowkey, Logic, Albert Camus, Friedrich Nietzsche
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