The rain mostly held off for the America's Cup victory parade in Auckland.

A $600 million scheme to help Auckland's housing crisis by bringing forward 23,300 new houses in the north and south of the city is still some time away.

The new model will not be in place 'in the immediate future' and could be some time away.

Auckland's new section sizes have shrunk by about a third in the past three decades.

Kiwis are downsizing their houses as the quarter-acre dream becomes a thing of the past.

Glen Innes, Mt Albert and Orewa are among the big winners. Is your suburb there?

The 'hot spot' suburbs include a number of up-and-coming neighbourhoods, agency boss says.

Aucklanders have rejected the latest America's Cup village proposal that involves a wharf extension into Waitemata Harbour.

America's Cup village in Auckland should not extend into the Waitemata Harbour, says poll.

Aspiring young lawyers from the University of Auckland will re-examine the 400-year-old case of Shylock, the Jewish money-lender, versus Antonio, the Venetian merchant, using cast members from Pop-up Globe's production to re-enact the courtroom drama.

A possible miscarriage of justice highlighted by Shakespeare gets second hearing.

Out of the 180 youngsters enrolled at South Auckland Middle School, in Manurewa, there are eight sets of twins!!

Manurewa's South Auckland Middle School has a whopping eight sets of twins.

A team of researchers ventured into Auckland's Waitakere Ranges to trap the threatened species.

Scientists have succeeded in trapping and tagging the rare and elusive long-tailed bat.

Who should keep the cash?

The case raises questions of who can lay claim to valuables with no obvious owner

Well this is depressing: Each motorist wastes an average 78.6 hours sitting in traffic, just on our motorways.

Each motorist wasted an average 78.6 hours sitting in traffic, just on our motorways.

More than 200,000 are expected to visit the Domain over the weekend to celebrate the Auckland Lantern Festival.

Festival will mark the close of Chinese New Year celebrations.

Have we reached a tipping point?

Staff are working under extreme stress say employers.

A look through the archives reveals a long-term obsession with property, a sickening realisation at just how much prices have grown, and a touch of déjà vu.

NZ On Screen's Nicky Harrop reflects on Auckland's history of housing.

How was your commute today?

Goff says Auckland Council needs more support from the Govt to fix transport woes.

The plan for siting the America's Cup bases proposed by Viaduct Harbour Holdings (VHH) ticks all the important boxes, says Simon Wilson.

The new plan for siting the America's Cup bases is great, but what is the mayor doing?

Aucklanders have raised concerns events are being "needlessly" cancelled due to an alert system based on weather data rather than water testing.

The water quality monitoring system has been in place since November last year.

Commuters on affected services can expect delays for the next 19 days.

It comes as a rail union is irked at proposed staff cuts.