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Alyssa May
· January 28, 2018
Started coming to the Birth Center for regular gyn care, and felt instantly at home!! Continued to have wonderful experiences here as I came throughout my pregnancy and for the birth of my daughter! T...he staff is so welcoming and supportive - they really take the time to listen and help you navigate any bumps (pun intended) along the way. I never felt judged for my choices or pushed to do something a certain way. Just a loving, warm, family environment where I feel totally comfortable, which is exactly what I wanted during labor. The prenatal classes and post-baby support groups are excellent as well!! See More
Alexandria Shaffer
· March 8, 2018
I received all of my prenatal care at TBC! Unfortunately I was unable to deliver in the water birth room as planned, due to prolonged rupture, but I still felt very supported by the staff during my ho...spital birth. One of the nurses at the hospital also worked at TBC and even checked in on me. The thoughtfulness and care is unparalleled, but most importantly I felt informed and like I had complete agency during my pregnancy and childbirth. The care of the midwife team at TBC is the best and I will be returning for all my routine care. See More
Beth Brasowski
· January 16, 2018
I had a wonderful experience here throughout my entire pregnancy, delivery and postpartum care. The staff are some of the warmest, most caring people I’ve ever experienced at any office. They genuinel...y care about you and your baby. They made my delivery as smooth as possible and were incredibly encouraging. Couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. See More
Jennifer Pugh O'Connor
· November 3, 2017
Had my two kids there 14 and 10 years ago, and still receive my routine gyn care there. The most wonderful atmosphere, supportive and informative. Most of every appointment is taken up with talking the actual midwives who will deliver your babies. So glad I chose this path for my childbearing! See More
Amy Harris
· August 22, 2017
I just had my little guy there yesterday with no meds and a water birth. This was one of the most empowering and wonderful moments of my life. After a hospital birth with my first son, I wanted to try... something different and I would recommend this to anyone. The staff is wonderful and keep you motivated even when you feel like giving up. Thanks Dawn Marie, Sarah Grace, Marie and Lauren, you ladies rock!!! Maximus and I are doing great! See More
Dawn Sheiker
· October 10, 2017
The Birth Center is a one stop shop for women's health. I recommend the midwives to women in all stages of life.
Jacqueline Del Campo
· April 21, 2018
Love the birth center. Had my little girl there, have always felt comfortable with all the nurses and midwives.great experiences!
Todd Guidry
· June 4, 2017
I was a skeptic before I came and remained so for about half of my wife's first pregnancy. Once they won me over though, I can't help but recommend everyone to this place.

This was our second delive...ry at TBC. The first experience won me over and this one just reiterated what we love about the place. From the front office staff to the midwifes and nurses, everyone is super nice, supportive, responsive, and honest.

They treat you with care and respect. They let you know when it's time to get it in gear. They're an extra cheerleader when you're going through the most intense, amazing, draining, and empowering experience of your life.
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Jeanees Kellam
· June 27, 2017
I used the birthing center for my pregnancy but was unable to birth there b/c my water broke at 36 weeks and 5 days but they were so helpful in guiding through the steps of having to go to the hospita...l. They called and checked on me even while still in the hospital and even still did my home visit. They truly make you feel like your part of their family. I love the birthing center family to pieces and if I decide to have another baby they'll be the first and only place I'll go. See More
Gina Shatney
· March 18, 2018
The Birth Center was a vital part of supporting me as I became a mom. All of my birth stories are different, but the patient and wise nurses and midwives at TBC were there through it all.
Chris Rome
· August 28, 2017
I cannot say enough about the midwives at the birthing center. They were so great with Chelsea through her first delivery. Thank you to everyone who helped bring our baby into this world!!
Nicole Valerio Roselli
· February 12, 2017
We delivered our daughter at the birth center in November. I cannot say enough wonderful things about everyone at the Birth Center! All of the midwives take the time to listen and explain everything ...from your first appointment. Unlike other practices they care about not just you and baby's physical well being but also your emotional wellbeing. They really take care of the whole family. We also really appreciated the Childbirth Education Series and Breastfeeding Class. We felt about as ready as we could be for labor and delivery, nursing, and life with a newborn. During labor the nurses and midwives were so kind and patient. My husband was able to use techniques taught in the class to help support me during labor. The freedom to move during labor, and use the tub to help with contractions really made a natural childbirth possible for me. Something that is so important when delivering a child is consent for examinations and other interventions. Everything was explained and I felt that this this was the safest place for me and our baby. I was in control of my body and the nurses and midwives were there to support myself and our baby and ensure a safe delivery into this world for both of us. For anyone who is considering natural childbirth or interested in delivering outside of a hospital setting I would highly recommend going to The Birth Center. For so many labor and delivery can be such a traumatizing experience and for us it was an amazing and powerful journey and one of the best days of our lives. See More
Diane Grills Bove
· December 21, 2016
I cannot recommend the Birth Center enough! I delivered 2 of my 3 babies here. Coming back for each new baby feels like a homecoming. My greatest concern with my first pregnancy was all the unknowable... parts of a first time labor, delivery, and breast feeding. The classes and staff at The Birth Center provided me with an incredible amount of information and I felt as prepared as a new mom can. I felt confident and present through my delivery. There were complications with my third pregnancy and The Birth Center gave us excellent care to identify our baby's issues and shepherd us to the care we needed outside the center. There is such a beautiful community of women supporting each other here. See More
Crystal Anne Minger
· July 11, 2017
I highly recommend the birth center. They were absolutely wonderful through my pregnancy and birth of my baby girl!
The atmosphere was relaxing, midwives, nurses, and staff were all very caring and su...pportive and non judgmental.
For my family and I it was a truly amazing experience with such angels by my side through labor and delivery. Katie, Dawn and Megan were wonderful! Thank you!
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Yasmine Stitt
· May 12, 2017
Delivering at The Birth Center has been the most rewarding experience ever. We have had all our prenatal appointments and delivered our first child here. Each visit is very warm and welcoming and the ...midwives, nurses, and administrative team are so wonderful. I know I will be back once we decide to have more. The energy is so loving and everyone there has a passion for what they do. I love The Birth Center!! See More
Marlee P. Kline
· September 10, 2016
I delivered my first child With the birth center 2.5 years ago, I didn't end up
Switching over to them until I was almost 4 months along as I had been going to dedicated to women in Dover(terrible exp...erience with dedicated to women) Switching to the birth center was like night and day. Dedicated to women, I was just another number, they pushed me out the door as soon as my Appointments started and did not care nor did they feel I was capable or had any clue how to deliver my child. The birth center, from the moment I walked in my experience was all about empowering me as a women and soon to
Be new mom and how I was more than capable to deliver a baby, my body was made for this. I felt so much love and comfort from the midwifes that by the time i was to deliver I was so empowered and confident in my
Ability to bring my son into the world. I truly had the most beautiful experience and look forward to delivering my daughter with them in the next week or so.
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Blair Lutner
· February 12, 2017
I did all of my prenatal care and delivered both of my babies at The Birth Center and loved my experiences. I found all of the midwives to be very helpful and honest, they do not talk down to you like... my former OB/GYN (part of the reason for my switch). I was actually sad after the babies were born that I wouldn't need to go back! Can't recommend them enough. See More
Ebeth Pitman
· October 27, 2016
I birthed 4 of my 5 babies at The Birth Center and attend for my annuals. I have the highest respect and admiration for the midwives, nurses and staff. They provide the most excellent, safest care and... I have always felt they took the best care of my body, my children and my wishes. Thank you for EVERYTHiNG! And I think that my son (now age 12) may still hold the record for their largest baby ... He was 12lb 14oz and delivered by Dorinda � See More
Christian Bazell
· October 30, 2015
I gave birth to our first child at the center this past summer. The experience was fenominal from start to finish! The midwives and nurses were all so kind and helpful, whether it was just a regular v...isit or labor and delivery. I may not have been able to get in the birth tub this time but the experience was still amazing and so much more than I was expecting it to be! I would reccomend and DO reccomend the center to everyone I know. My only regret is that the center is not closer to where I live. But the drive was WELL worth it! Huge thank you to all the midwives and nurses for being there for me! See More
Laura Emily McManus
· July 22, 2015
We had our Son here 7/19/15, Katie was our Midwife for delivery. She was so calm the entire time!! She showed my husband how to rub my back to help with the pain. She directed me into different positi...ons to help my labor. She did everything possible to help me bring our son into the world and I can't thank her enough!
We felt so taken care of during my my pregnancy from everyone at the birth center. We have already called with some questions about our son and whoever we talk to takes the time to really listen and talk us through whatever is going on. It's great to have that kind of support. I can't give a high enough recommendation to these wonderful people.
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Texas Flood

We are MOVING!

Dear Birth Center Families and Friends,

Dorinda and I have something really important and exciting to share with you!

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Some of you may have heard, but we wanted to share with those that haven't... Because the building we are moving into is new construction, dates of moving in have the potential to change due to things going faster or slower than expected.

As of now, it looks like we will move in late summer / early fall. We will keep everyone updated as things progress! Clients due around that time will be kept in the loop at each appointment and will be the first ones in to see the new center! There will never be a time where one location or the other is not open. The 7th Street location will remain open until the Churmans Road location is open.

Thank you all for your support and patience during this process!