It has come to my attention that certain critically thinking people are getting together to help some poor soul associated with that "other" page. I will not stand for this! We atheists are evil, selfish, nasty, cantankerous, insidious, mean, spiteful people. I will not stand by as some do-gooder tries to make us look good! I won't stand for it, you hear?

Stolen from a friend. This is awfully appropriate to the BLWP people.

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Aha! I found the beef on John Schaefer! He's a pastor at a church and evidently ran his mouth a little too much:…/…

In life and in business, reputations matter. They mean so much to a Harrisburg restaurant owner and to a former youth group leader at an East Shore church that they have gone to Dauphin County Court to defend theirs.|By

Attn John Shaefer! Welcome to the group. I'm glad you stopped by. I'd like to relay a couple of things to you:

It is very clear that you disagree with the law. We get that. But the law is still the law and, as you have seen, we are kind of passionate about it. If you were to get your way and if teachers and administrators were lawfully able to preach to captive students of a public school, what would happen is a religious war over the souls of our children. Catholics wou...ld demand they be represented Baptists would demand the Catholics be removed. Church of Christ-ers would insist that no music be played at school. Can you imagine what would happen if a Muslim demanded he be represented, too?

Those kids are there to learn about the real world. Science, math, English, and even religious history. you know, stuff that actually helps them succeed in the real world as opposed to the imaginary world you have been suckered into believing. here is no time for the distractions associated with religious wars on campus.

Look, it's not cool to expose the names of people who may or may not be involved in the ILLEGAL attempts you folks are supporting for inserting religion into our public schools.

You are guilty of exposing the names and businesses of people who were completely unrelated or perhaps even vaguely related to the Brooks crap. I assume you probably DO know that the instigator of the Brooks event has received death threats (I would not be surprised if you were one of them). His elderly parents had a brink thrown through their window.

What I'm saying is that being an atheist in this town can be dangerous. Sadly, if we do not think exactly as you do, we are demonized. Perhaps you didn't know that. Now you do. So when you publicly expose the names of people who may or may not have a damn thing to do with this stuff, you are putting them in danger from folks like your friends.

So please stop it?

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And another from the other page:

Ladonna Pettus: If you are an atheist it does not harm me. Why would my being a Christian threaten you? And if you are an atheist celebrating the birth of Jesus by getting together with family and opening gifts... Doesn't that by it's very nature make you a hypocrit? Just an observation directed at no one in particular. I pray that all will come to know Him..."

You can post over here yourself, you know. Unlike you guys, we will not ban you fo...r voicing a differing opinion. In fact, we welcome differing opinions. You being a Christian doesn't necessarily harm me. But pushing your religion down the throats of children in a public school in direct violation of the law does harm me. You see, I think it is child abuse to teach a child that he or she will be tortured for eternity in Hell if they do not behave. Forcing them under duress to "believe" in invisible beings in the sky and insisting that a 2000 year old book is a source for any sort of moral character is . . Well, bullshit. I will not have to teach that to my children. In exchange, I will not teach them the reality that there is no god. That is also against the law.

you said, "And if you are an atheist celebrating the birth of Jesus by getting together with family and opening gifts"

Once again, you guys have no idea what you are talking about. There is almost NOTHING about Christmas that wasn't celebrated thousands of years before your mythical character named Jesus was invented. Christmas trees, wreaths, presents, celebrating with friends has been a tradition in many cultures all over the world and all these celebrations are the result of the Winder Solstice. That happens on December 22 this year. It is the longest night of the year, After that the days get longer and longer until summer arrives and the process reverses itself. Solstice is a recognition of the "coming of the light." A promise that the cold dark days will soon be over.

And the birth of your savior? Almost every part of it was stolen from earlier religions. I know you will not want to believe this but it is demonstrably true.

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And, another one from the other page:

"John Schaefer They don't believe in God or prayer as we do...we can't chide them for that. That is their issue. What I don't understand is that a true Humanist is tolerant of other faiths and beliefs. I don't understand why these few on the other page chide us for what we, as a group, are trying to do for each other.. What we do to help others should not concern them. I do understand the friction concerning schools and lon...g as both sides adhere to the laws of the land. But to chide our good works or prayers for each other...where is the tolerence and compassion in that?"

John, we aren't all "humanists" but even if we were, humanists aren't necessarily "tolerant" of other faiths. Secular humanists believe the religious dogma (you know, the kind you exhibit) is poison to our species. We would like nothing more than to see religion go the way of the Dodo bird.

That said, most of us here on this page of are just vanilla atheists. Atheists are atheists because we actively do not accept the bullshit you are spewing. We are passionate about the subject because of hateful turds like you who will not listen to reason and insist on pushing your beliefs onto us and our children in direct violating of the "law of the land" that you say you support.

We chide your "good works and prayers" because they are completely worthless. Even more, they are harmful. Prayer absolves you from responsibility to ACTUALLY help your fellow man. If you want to actually help someone then get off you ass and help someone. Sending invisible mind beams to your magical sky daddy on a Facebook page as you do on a regular basis only serves your own selfish need to make yourself look good to your friends over there.

Have a nice day.

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The witch hunt continues on the other page:

John Schaefer: "Concerning the singing of religious music being song in schools: Petitioned by letter to discontinue this practice or at least reduce the religious songs in any school program, was sent by The American United for Seperation of Church and State. This organization was formed in 1947 and the current Treasurer is <name removed> , an attorney from Tuscumbia, Alabama. Just thought you folks might like to know."

This asshat... has no compunctions at all of attempting to ruin the reputations and good standing of innocent people in this fundamentalist community by publicly posting anyone and everyone even remotely associated with (or not) with anything they don't like.

This is sickening.

I wonder what I could find if I investigated this fundamentalist nut's background? Hmmm....

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Dedicated to our friends in the other group.

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From the BLWP page: "Please pray for my neighbor she lost her husband and home to a fire this morning.. This really makes me count my Blessings one by one. And also please pray for and thank your local fire fighters for their free service they do for us. Thanks."

See THIS is the kind of crap many of us are fed up with. This is a horrible event and so many will "pray" thinking that they have actually done something to help. This is how prayer absolves you from responsibility your fellow human.

Don't pray for these people! Or if you do pray, then back it up with SUBSTANCE! If you want to help them, then get off your ass and actually DO something! Organize a chicken stew sell-off to raise money for the family. Go help sort through their burned stuff. Donate a dollar, 5 or 100 to a local charity in their honor.

Do ANYTHING except sit on your ass and "pray"!

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One of the more pitiful posts that I've seen on the other page:

James Bass "Please pray for me and my family. There is really too much going on to put it all here. Just pray for wisdom, understanding, and unconditional love for us. Feelings have been hurt, trust has been broken, and now despair and hopelessness are setting in. I just don't know what to do next. I have hurt those I love the most and just don't know where or how to start healing those gaping wounds."

So, Brook Prayer Warriors. Tell us, how is all the prayer working for you? I note that the site has become a simple prayer request hotline that is markedly different from the original mission. I was wondering if the prayers for lost faith, , and other illnesses and maladies have done any good? Report! We atheists are dying to know if the magical incantations do any good!

My goodness! Yahweh is pissed at all the Brooks nuts. First, he eliminated Brooks s from the playoffs despite all the prayers and now he is turning off their water?

And update from one of their most outspoken fundy-nuts, Morris Lentz,

"Attention Rogersville Residents: The Town of Rogersville is currently without water at this time. A main water supply line has busted south of town. The Rogersville Water Department is working on the problem as we speak. With this loss of water, this means our fire hydrants are not working. Please be very careful with any burning whatsoever until the problem is fixed. We have notified our 911 Dispatch Center of the problem and have made arrangements for additional fire tanker trucks to assist our fire department is needed."

From the BLWP page:

Tammy Edwards McArthur: I fully expected this...
FFRF protests Penn State Prayer | Secular News Daily


Following Penn State's pretentious display of false piety, FFRF sent a letter of protest. You can send one of your own as well!

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From he BLWP page: "Annessa Beavers Richey: My laptop took a spill and is down for the count. It is going to be pretty difficult to admin the group from my phone. But I am still here and will do my best to keep our group going. Don't forget the Safeplace List drive Nov 19th Foodland Killen. Tell everyone you know "

It is exceedingly difficult (impossible?) to block people from the mobile app. So I invite you all to re-friend the page and have at it!

From the BLWP page: "Dodie Davis: "I was telling a guy about all the tragic stuff that was happening around here lately and he said aint that the same communites that are fighting to keep public prayer? I told him it was and he said well what did yall expect? Yall have made the devil mad and he has pulled out all the stops to try to shake yalls faith! and the best way to beat him is to pray that much more!! I just sat there thinking, ya know....he may be on to something here.....dont forget to say your prayers tonight!!

So I am told that the evil atheists might be waging a war on the 10 Commandments Monument in a public park in Rogersville. Unshackle thine swords, Christian soldiers!

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