Motherboard: 'Sex Trafficking' Bill Will Take Away Online Spaces Sex Workers Need to Survive

"Although it is framed as sex trafficking prevention—with celebrities like Amy Schumer and Seth Meyers issuing PSAs about the dangers of online trafficking in support of the bill—experts including the ACLU and Center for Democracy and Technology say it would do little to help actual victims of trafficking and instead devastate consensual sex work communities online, where sex workers share valuable, sometimes life-saving information and resources."

The SESTA and FOSTA bills claim to protect people from sex trafficking, but they harm sex workers and porn performers in real ways.

New Republic: The Case Against Jaywalking Laws

"Jaywalking is a trivial crime, one that virtually every person has committed multiple times in their life. This makes it susceptible to arbitrary enforcement. Sacramento’s black residents are five times more likely to receive a jaywalking citation than their non-black neighbors. Seattle police handed out 28 percent of jaywalking citations from 2010 to 2016 to black pedestrians, who only make up 7 percent of the city’s population."

They're enforced disproportionately against black Americans, sometimes with fatal results.