We've gotten a taste of how the can opener came to be with the ten year time skip but still no details!! What do you think it could be for? How could you use thumb tacks with a can opener? Give us your thoughts!

Welcome to fuck yeah, suits, a blog related to the new USA Network series Suits, starring Patrick J....

Hello Can Opener enthusiasts! You want to help spruce up the page (I mean we want things to look their best for the mid-season premiere right?)? Well here's your chance, post your submission for a new cover photo and the one with the most "likes" by January 1st, wins! Just post to the page. Thanks! Happy holidays!!!

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The elusive can opener may always remain a mystery. Go back to its first appearance & watch the Season 1 finale of Suits online or On Demand. What are your theories on the secret ritual?

Hello Can Opener enthusiasts! How is everyone? Who's ready for SUITS TO BE BACK IN JANUARY?!?!?!?!

Hey guys! I know I've been super inactive (little thing called life keeps getting in the way). Just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten you all! And thanks so much for the 1,002 likes!!! Wooohooo!!!! Also great news, Suits got renewed for a 3rd season! Remember that season 2 resumes in January. Can't wait!

Making great headway guys! Only 150 odd likes to get to 1,000!!! We'll make that by the time Suits comes back, no problem....right?

Sooo...what DO we think the Can Opener is? One of the most common explanations, that I've heard from fans, is that they use it to "open up a can of whoop ass." But that doesn't explain the thumbtacks. Thinking caps on Suitors! Let's get creative!

Question: What is the secret ritual involving the can opener?

Labor Day weekend was great cause I _________.

Korsh replied on Twitter...snarky blighter.

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Trill talk. It's not joking matter!!!

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Harvey Specter is with Farah Maalim.

I never joke about the can opener.

WHY?!?!?!?! WHYYYYY Suits writers?!?!?! WHYYYYYY?!?!

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Suits Memes

That elevator just HAD to close then...

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They're having a "hair/costume" contest...there should be extra points for inclusion of a can opener and or thumbtacks.

Welcome to the first page dedicated to Harvey Specter's hair. Doesn't matter if you're a "Floofer" or a "Geller" you're home.

This was from last year, but it's still a legitimate question...

The Can Opener - Harvey/Donna

So what made Aaron Korsh pick a can opener? How close was he to choosing some other kitchen utensil? Could this page have been "The Spatula - Harvey/Donna" or "...The Hand Mixer - Harvey/Donna"? *Sigh* Trying to get a glimpse of the mind of a genius/ex pro hockey player...hey! It could've been "The Ice Pick - Harvey/Donna".

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New goal! Try to make 1,000 "Likes" before Suits comes back! Do your part, can opener enthusiasts and thumbtackers, spread the word about the awesome that is Harvey/Donna/Suits/CanOpeners etc. Go forth!!! Seriously...share as if your life depended on it!!!! We'll meet back here in 4 months! If we make our goal we'll break out the can opener to celebrate!! And then sit around and try to figure out what the heck to do with it. Only been two days and I'm already resorting to fanvids!

In HD everything's better! ^^ I always wanted to vid them, 'cause, you I ship them from the very beginning - after 5 minuts of the pilot they were already my...