Separated? Divorced? We can help. DivorceCare is a weekly support group that will help you heal from your hurt and learn practical ways to help you deal with the challenges of divorce. Begins Wednesday, May 9th, Green Oaks Campus, 6:30- 8:30 pm. Childcare available.

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New to Rush Creek? Start a Fail Forward small group and discuss the weekly sermon. Just grab a starter kit from The Commons, invite a few friends and you will be ready to start this week. Questions? Reach out to us at

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We now offer 3 new ways to give! Check out the video to learn more, or go to
We now offer 3 new ways to give! Check out the video to learn more, or go to
Camp is on the horizon! We have 2 great camps this summer for our kids and their friends. Sleepover Camp for kids who have completed 4th-6th grade is June 20-24 at Mt. Lebanon in Cedar Hill. Kamp Out day camp for kids who have completed K-6th grade is July 18-22 at the Green Oaks campus. Each camp is $235 per child. Registration is up and space is limited, so secure your spot today at
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Janet Denise Lewis Kozlik
· April 8, 2018
This Church is amazing.... the people are wonderful and very welcoming.... every Sunday I learn more . I encourage you to try one of their campuses and see how great they are.
Stephanie Barber Davis
· 16 hours ago
I just can't stop thinking about the message from this past Sunday (Abraham...fear......returning to the place/time when I was last obedient to God...). Thank you for allowing God to speak through you!!!
Colin D. Marshall
· July 6, 2017
Our oldest daughter had started meeting with these friends for bible study and I had never seen commitment to bible study with a group of teens like that ever before. These friends were all student me...mbers of Rushcreek Mira Lagos church student ministry. We decided to join, serve, and worship and we have felt like family ever since!
Great relevant bible application message by Marty Collier and anyone on ministry staff that happens to give the message that Sunday, there always an encouraging word!
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Vanessa Shaw Woods
· March 27, 2017
I love The Church on Rush Creek. I hadn't been to church in about 2 years & was searching for the right place for me & I heard a lot of good comments about Rush Creek so I finally decided to try it ou...t & im so happy I did. Pastor Marty is awesome & every message he has given since I've been attending has spoken to me in so many ways. See More
Bev Boaz Gibson
· January 14, 2018
Visited Mira Lagos today - loved it, will go back!
Joanna Martinez-Downs
· November 22, 2016
I have never felt more comfortable and welcomed at a church like I have at Rush Creek. Pastor Marty is awesome at making me understand the word of God and putting it in words that relate to everyday life.
Caralyn Kries Floyd
· August 31, 2014
I'm used to traditional worship service, singing from a Baptist hymnal, etc. Loved the tradition but felt that I was never good enough at those it was a snobby club I could never meas...ure up to. Also I felt church should be welcoming to everyone as Jesus is. This is what I love about The Church on Rush Creek....the pastor is so REAL and transparent. You feel at home instantly. See More
Julia Villarreal
· October 17, 2016
So happy my family and I found a Church that we love going too! It's been a month, but I know Jesus led us her for a reason!
Michael Curtis
· August 2, 2015
Marty Collier teaches powerful truths from the Word of God and how they can be applied to your life. The body of believers are kind, welcoming, and have a heart for this community. My wife and I love ...this church. See More
Rheta Kelly
· August 23, 2016
Love this church. We struggled to find a church home after moving to Texas many years ago. So excited to have found Rush Creek!
Conneka Neal
· December 14, 2014
Love this church family! Everyone is kind and generous! They encourage al of us to be the hands and feet of Jesus!
Dhez L Ilioacga
· October 2, 2016
I grew up in a church with dancing, shouting & even jumping, which you can't see those in rush creek every Sunday. HOWEVER, I stayed and finally became a member, bcoz of the teaching. The AUDACITY to... PREACH the bible even its against our cultural beliefs & practices, made me say,
"I'll stay."
I FINALLY realized, upbeat music, long worship & tongues are secondary. You will still grow deeper as Christian without those. There are MORE important things to consider when finding a local church, the doctrine of SALVATION & the teachings to help you in your daily CHRISTIAN walk.

There is no PERFECT church,
for your presence, makes it IMPERFECT. But there is PERFECT GOD that loves us inspite of our IMPERFECTIONS.
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Mike Tirone
· August 16, 2015
Authentic and humble leadership/church body seeking God to make an impact for Christ in their community!!!
Ron Seder
· August 26, 2013
Anointed preaching and worship with real people who from the moment you arrive make you feel welcomed! Great place to make your home church!
Cindy Gabel Wunderlich
· May 17, 2015
Such a blessing to be part of such a Christ-centered church!
Brandon N Lanae Humbles
· September 14, 2014
Best church ever!!!!!!!!