A bit of live material from THE COLLINGWOOD... #thecollingwood
Even with the jealous tension in the room, we commandeered...

Come. I promise not to strip (unless you ask). We, THE COLLINGWOOD, are performing at 11 p.m., Saturday, at Oddity Bar with HANGER and PSYCHEDELIC PUPPETS...

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Chris Malinowski added 11 new photos — with James Pennington and 2 others at 1984.

I always feel like bar audiences are expecting power chords and thud when THE COLLINGWOOD takes to the rock stage, but we proudly offer music that’s more intric...ate, nuanced, dynamic, and three-dimensional than what the current musical climate desires. No one in this band is hip. We look more like the mean stepfathers at the slumber party than rock musicians... touting our minor-key religion... and feeling sexier than god. In the name of the father, the son, and the holy A Flat Major 7th chord as a resolve... xo Chris Malinowski

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