A Doomed & Stoned Compilation

Happy 420, you beautiful Doomers & Stoners out there! Been working hard behind the scenes to bring you a new ins...tallment in our ongoing scene-by-scene compilation series, showcasing the doom metal and stoner rock bands from the heavy underground (with a few surprises thrown in).

Today, we bring you, 'Doomed & Stoned in Philadelphia' (2018), featuring 28 artists from in and around The City of Brotherly Love. It's our gift to you, with the hope that you'll have a very high 420!

Big thanks to Brian Schmidt, who is based in the Philly scene, for coordinating the bands and to Rain Fice for the amazing album art! If you dig the music, please support the bands.


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A Forward by Brian Schmidt

Sitting along the Delaware River on the east coast of what most of the planet would consider a rather weird country lies the 5th largest city in the USA, Philadelphia.

Philly is not just the birthplace of America, it's also the birthplace of numerous other wonderful and amazing things, such as the Philly Cheesesteak, and a very rich artistic community. Here we not only have the highest number of murals out of any city on the planet, but we also have an incredibly rich and vibrant music community. Whatever you fancy, we have it here- jazz, hip hop and rap, various forms of electronic, country, folk, indie, singer songwriter, and styles so weird they can't be classified into any one specific genre. You name it, we have it.

However, the the heavy underground rock and metal community is what really stands out from the crowd. Philly is also often called Seattle's sister city and with that comes a love of all things Grunge. Soundgarden and Alice In Chains fans take note! There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of rock and metal bands regularly playing out in this area, including from the surrounding areas in Pennsylvania, Delaware and South Jersey.

What I aim to bring to your ears is the doom, sludge, stoner and psychedelic rock movement that has been gaining more and more steam the world over the last few years, and especially here. While our doom-stoner scene may not be as large as other cities, such as Portland, what we lack in quantity we make up for in quality.

The sense of community here is also so strong that we all consider each other to be family. Come spend some time here with some of the bands you're about to listen to and it won't be long before you're sharing a blunt or bong with them and crashing on each other's couches when you're too hammered to make it home.

So sit back, light that fatty, and let the sounds of the city of brotherly love take you to another realm.




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