☆☆☆☆☆The author's use of poetry throughout the book felt like it was his way of letting the reader into ...

By Amazon Customer on December 12, 2016

The author left me wanting more! The characters are well established which only enhanced my desire to follow Carlton and Carmen through the next phase of their lives. The author's use of poetry throughout the book felt like it was his way of letting the reader into his own mind on a deeper level. It would be unfair to this author not to give him credit for the detailed descriptions of the sexual encounters in his book. His descriptions were erotic and left me with the desire to "hunt" him down! A great read!!♡♡♡♡♡

Chelsie D Morrell☆☆☆☆☆

I could not put this book down. The same day I received it in the mail, I was done with it. Definitely a must-read!!! I can't wait for the next one to see what happens!♡♡♡♡♡


Today we are happy to provide our services to A. Lamar Brooks, he is enjoying a manicure with our techs and our Spa ambiance. A. Lamar Brooks is a fantastic writer who has a new book out and he will be in the Atrium at Cobb Galleria tonight for an interview launching his new book.

The Correctional Affair!

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The Correctional Affair updated their cover photo.
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ByJoyce Davison July 31, 2016

This book is a must read. It filled me with raw emotion that only an expert narrator can do. From suspense and drama to unexpected twists and beautiful poetry I enjoyed THE CORRECTIONAL AFFAIR immensely.

I've had several people ask me what inspired me to write this book. Several have stated that they love the story, the poetry, the suspense, the romance and the dramatic climax. The most rewarding comments are those of the spiritual context within the book. Comments of their connection with the struggles they face and the temptations that seeks us all. I believe we all have the ability to rise above that which could lead us astray... It's called trust and believing in yourself!!!

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5.0 out of 5 stars
Hot & Steamy Real Life Situations Unfurl in This Novel!!,
December 24, 2014
By Monai S. Reid -


The Correctional Affair is AWESOME!! Easy Reading with Twists and Turns! Hot and Steamy Chapters that have you wanting more!!
This book will blow your mind! I'm anticipating a sequel ASAP!!!
The Correctional Affair draws you in and makes you feel like you are in the book! Hold on tight ladies... This is definitely a ride that you don't want to get off! The author depicts REAL LIFE Issues & Situations that you can learn from! I enjoyed every moment of the book and couldn't put it down until 2am!
This is a Great Gift!!! Stocking Stuffer if you will!!!
I have gifted this book to my sister, niece and coworkers!
The writer is very much in touch with REAL LIFE situations and Expresses these things throughout the book!!

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*****….That’s Right 5 STARS

I purchased this book on 10/9 and now on 10/10 ...

By l.boogie on October 10, 2014


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I purchased this book on 10/9 and now on 10/10 it's completed. Often we go through life and experience, rather it’s through personal experience or other relationships in our lives and witness what's expressed in this novel. It captured many points and with each chapter I was left pondering and even at times reflecting on my personal life experiences and those around me. Mr. Brooks work express how without the power of faith, discipline, and humanity our worlds could and do turn into the very things we fear. No one is greater than the higher and as our morals are constantly tested a split decision without thoughtful thought could lead us to a world of turmoil full of PAIN not just for ourselves but to many beyond our knowledge of reach!! THANK YOU for your recommendation. Job well done and I look forward to more reads!!

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5 (five ***** stars)
Amazing Novel!!! Praying for a Sequel !!

By Cherrelle Moody - August 14, 2014
Amazon Verified Purchased


I can definitely say that The Correctional Affair had me captivated from cover to cover! This book once opened will keep your mind going with a sense of imagination that's constantly taken to new heights. The characters mentioned in the book are well adapted to real life situations anyone could encounter during their own stages of life. That feeling alone would constantly have you eagerly predicting "What happens next?" and utter surprises to shortly follow. This feeling the book gives is mixed heavily with emotion, comedy, suspense, eroticism, and spiritual enlightenment which is sure to give you a feeling of fullness once the book has ended..But it also leaves you wanting more!! I highly recommend this novel to anyone that would like a great sense of entertainment at the turn of every page! The writer paints a picture so heavily I could see this being played out as if it were on stage. It would make great for a stage play or film! It's a must read!!
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***** -5 STARS

Sometimes The Thing That Needs 'Correcting' Isn't What You Think!

By Eden Adele - July 20, 2014


This book was a ride - beginning to end! I like stories that I can't predict the ending to and THIS is DEFINITELY one of those stories!!! The characters are people you know (or people you've been at some point) in your own life. It's a realistic story of how badly and how quickly life can spiral out of control into a direction you never anticipated. It's funny, it's heartbreaking, it's dramatic, it's traumatic . . . it's life. I'm glad there's more coming!

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5 stars - I really enjoyed reading "The Correctional Affair", July 10, 2014
By Kenneth W. Hammond
This review is from: The Correctional Affair: (Life has a way of taking back what it gives you) (Paperback)

I really enjoyed reading "The Correctional Affair", especially once the characters were developed. The writer built this to a climax, then flipped the ending. I thought I had it figured out, however, I was pleasantly shocked with the conclusion. What a way to flip it! work and I can't wait to purchase Mr. Brooks next novel!

Amazing Book, May 22, 2014
By Bookworm828
This review is from: The Correctional Affair: (Life has a way of taking back what it gives you) (Paperback)

The Correctional Affair is an amazing book that had me from start to finish. It drew me in immediately with the love, drama, suspense and spirituality. I started slowing down towards the end because I didn’t want the story to end. I felt like I knew the characters personally. I can’t wait for the next book. Great Job Mr. Brooks!!!

5 stars- Awesome, July 4, 2014
By Deborah A
This review is from: The Correctional Affair (Kindle Edition)

I truly enjoyed reading and it was hard to put it down. A lot of twist and turns that I never saw coming. I found myself wanting to read more. Can't wait to read more of his books. I encourage everyone to pick up a copy.

5 stars- A must have, June 29, 2014
By Twala Boswell
This review is from: The Correctional Affair: (Life has a way of taking back what it gives you) (Paperback)

This book is sooooo good I couldn't put down. When ever I did put down I found myself back at. If you don't have it I recommend you get it can also be a good gift to someone too

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THE CORRECTIONAL AFFAIR is currently being scripted for a MOVIE or/and MADE FOR TELEVISION MINI SERIES. I am totally honored, grateful and moved beyond words as to how excited I am with the process, progress and blessing for this opportunity. There is SO much work to be done and I pray that GOD grant me the strength, mindset and patients to see it through. Your PRAYERS and by FAITH will usher a DREAM into REALITY. THANK YOU JESUS!!!

The Correctional Affair: (Life has a way of taking back what it gives you)
5 star
Most recent
This is a great book! A good read!
By Tamra Prieur - April 15, 2014...
Amazon Verified Purchase
This book left me wanting more! What a great twist of characters. I am ready for the next one. You will love it.

Loved it!!!
By willie r. whitehead jr.

A Great Read!!! Very Suspenseful and Entertaining! A well put together story that has a very surprising ending. Great Job Alex!!!

Nice Read
By Turtle
Loved reading a great love story not about hustlers, drug dealers, gangsters etc. The ending was shocking And has me completely bewildered, waiting anxiously for next book.
Very good book
By satedra

This book kept me wondering what's a going to happen next. It was very juicy reading. I am curious to know if there will be another part. I will be passing along how good this book is and a must read!!! Mr. Brooks you did a wonderful job!!!!! When's the next book coming out??

By Renee Peoples

I really enjoyed the book. I was able to identify and relate to the characters, I truly loved and I am waiting for part TWO!

By Kisha Williams
This was a good read! The characters were brought to life for me. A must read! The epilogue was wonderful.

Great book.
By subrena musungu
A very good book. Very captivating and interesting. I thought the ending could have played out better. At least someone ended up happy. I am sucker for happy ending. I am also woman stuck in a unhappy marriage, contemplating divorce. So the reality of an adulterous affair really hit home. ...
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Great read!
By Ms. G
Great read, full of spice and the unexpected. I echo other reviews, I could almost identify each of the characters and visualize them in my mind...The characters are great, roles good. It has a spiritual message which makes it even more special. It's a great read, I recommend it to everyone.

Page Turner
By mattie mobley
Alex, you did it. This book is a very good read. I picked it up and could not put it down. It has love, drama, suspense, and life, life, life. I can not wait until the next one. Hurry up and start writing again.

Absolutely AMAZING!!
By Beautifully Designed
I must say that this book is a must read!! This man has really left me speechless!!!! It has enough drama too keep you absorbed!! It gave me a new outlook on life and made me look at things in a different perspective!! He is definitely an exceptional writer and I wish him the best in his future ...

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Hello to you all. I hope this New Year is beginning as you all prayed it will but if not don't worry, GOD WILL SEE TO THAT!!!!!
I'm sending thanks to all of your support and please look for book Two soon. Peace....


It's only been a short while since we've parted, yet I feel forever has passed. So many unsure thoughts wonder within my mind to me how long must this last. Forever I tell myself is the length of time I wish to share with you always and I cherish each moment when we're together as I faithfully count the days. Right now for me, baby LIFE just can't be better. For I wish to share this life with you,
Always and Forever...

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