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Maxim MaxWell Gerbut

Black and White

Two of my favorite things paper sculpture and big wigs:

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Cultura Colectiva +

These paper wigs are just beautiful!
Follow the artist at Asya Kozina!


Really cool short video on one of my idols of design, Irene Corey:

In this episode Daphne Gill (Noble Science and Engineering Library Manager) meets with Child Drama Collection Curator Katherine Krzys and takes a peek into t...

Great interview with a costume designer:

I first met A.W. Nadine Grant when we both were participants at USITT’s Young Designers Forum in 2009.  She is currently an Artist-in-Residence at Emerson College.

More Theatrical (in this case movie) jewelry

Founded in 1928, Joseff of Hollywood creates custom jewelry for the Hollywood film studios, seen on screen legends such as Marilyn Monroe and Vivian Leigh.

I have a "thing" for Theatrical Jewelry. It is more magical than fine jewelry, because it is made from glass, and pot metal and dreams, and then looks more glittery than "real" jewelry from the stage.

Association culturelle spécialisée dans les bijoux de théâtre, cinéma et télévision.

It is so nice to see a gorgeous vintage textile being fussed over in a way it deserves to be handled.

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Centre de Documentació i Museu Tèxtil


Os mostramos el proceso de fotografía de un magnifico vestido de corte del siglo XVIII: desde la reserva hasta el plató donde... una vez montado sobre el maniquí luce en todo su esplendor.
A partir de ahora podéis ver las fotos con todos sus detalles y la información de la pieza en la base de imágenes IMATEX ( con el núm. de registro 11682.

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Really interesting details about the early Klan outfits (very different than 20th Century versions, and how in their day they were used to recruit the young, get press, seem trendy, and terrorize the community, while stealing ideas from Broadway costumes and Mardi Gras of the 19th Century.

Historian Elaine Frantz Parsons shows examples of KKK costumes and argues that they were tools of terrorism.

Another video on the history of dress in America

Ms. Miller discussed her book [Dressed for the Occasion: What Americans Wore 1620-1970], published by Lerner Publications Company. The book is about what Americans were wearing from 1620-1970 and the…

More good c span costume history shorts

Colorado State history professor Ann Little talks about the clothing worn by some Colonial American women, with a focus on stays, which are similar to corsets.

I love this one, and have seen it on c span multiple times. It shows the "how" of c.1900 commercial garment making tools and puts it in contect as well. Lots to see in a short bit.

Baltimore Museum of Industry Volunteer Ed Hawkins, who worked as a fabric 'spreader' as a teenager in the 1940s, tours the museum and talks about the history of the Baltimore Garment Industry.

Another one that is in the stach of c span

C-SPAN tour the Croatian traditional costume collection at John Carroll University.

Another useful video!

Daughters of the American Revolution Museum Curator Alden O'Brien tours the exhibit, 'Fashoning the New Woman: 1890 to 1925,' which details how women's clothing changed as women's roles in society…

Just found a stash of C Span videos of use!

Brenda Rosseau, manager of the Costume Design Center at Colonial Williamsburg, gives a tour of the center, where all of the Colonial Williamsburg historic area costumes are researched and designed.

Another great way to do an instant magic costume change!

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The enchantress can also change your dress!!! @inspiredfamilyof5 @bethaniegarcia #designerdaddy #belle #beautyandthebeast #enchantress

Nifty video on costume designs for The King and I

Get Tickets to THE KING AND I THE KING AND I costume designer Catherine Zuber on taking a realistic approach to the...

Ooo, they put out a book too...

✂ Behind The Seams is available now from Angels has been providing costumes for stage and screen since 1840, and is the ...