We can't wait to see you at the CELL's moving 9/11 Commemoration and insightful National Security Forum on Thurs., Sept. 7. We are officially sold out! #september11 #johnbrennan #bretstephens
Thank you Congressman Mike Coffman for your decades of service and for taking a moment to share your thoughts about the importance of remembering 9/11. Join us for #COremembers911 on 9/11/16 at 1 PM in Denver's Civic Center Park to pay tribute to the service men and women of our community.
CELL CEO Thanks Broomfield Heights Middle School Students
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Amsalu T Kassaw
· November 10, 2017
Very Educational and easy to understand. I learn a lot about the treat that we face everyday's Life!
Michaela Rafferty
· September 21, 2017
I intended to send this to the Exectuive Director of CELL however your website has been unable to connect for two days.

I am currently in the States on an International Visitors Leadership Programme... with the theme of Countering Violent Extremism through the Department of State.

I am a Youth Worker from The North of Ireland working with young people on Peace Building & Reconciliation work. I have been inspired, informed and intrigued by many of the organisations, government officials, law enforcement agencies and religious leaders we have met with on this 3 week trip thus far. On 19th Sept we visited CELL. During our 1 hour visit the anger in my body became overwhelming. The tour guide kept referring to the centre as 'non-partisan' however what was presented was anything but. A misuse of the term non-partisan.

We were presented with misinformation during the fact myth area. 'Poverty breads terrorism' myth; when statistics show those living in poverty are more likely to be drawn towards extremist groups. 'The American government doesn't fund any terrorist organisations' fact; there has been infornation leaked etc. These are questionable facts which academics we have met on this trip can provide evidence to contradict these. During the introduction video & the video room there is mention of the civil war and peace agreement in the North of Ireland. The only group mentioned is The IRA. This group is then mentioned again in the interactive room at the end with them being categorised with The KKK. The IRA were given prisoners of war status as part of the Good Friday agreement they should never be cateriogised with hate filled groups such as the KKK. During this whole exhibition there is no mention of loyalist paramilitaries from The North Of Ireland or the British States involvement in lives lost in the years of the troubles. I find this offensive, misleading and dangerous.

The section on Israel is hugely offensive to Palestinians or Plaestinian Supporters who have a knowledge on the invasion of Human Rights which are carried out daily by the state of Isreal. The justification of Isreali settlements on Palestinian land throughout the interactive board are clear American/Isreali propaganda. Isreali settlements and the bruitality carried out by IDF has been recognised by The UN as breaking International Law. This should not be glorified when looking at terrorism.

CELL trivializes or ignores the primary drivers behind terrorism. There is also no mention of the terrorist activity of the American and British military invading wartorn countries across the Middle East. Essentially the centre gives The USA and Europe a pass on their responsibility for the power vacuums that have lead to Al Qaeda and ISIS.

In one room the centre attempts to recreat a fake terrorist attack in Denver. This has never happened but is said to 'prepare' peoole for 'when' it does. This experience will do nothing more than bread fear and mistrust, the exact opposite of what researchers identify as components to building strong communities resilient to extremism and violence.

I can't put into words my disgust at this centre. It has left me with a negative impression of America and their efforts to combat violent extremism. The Department of State has invested huge resources in bringing me and my 6 colleagues from The UK to share best practice on this topic. My visit to this centre has left me with distrust and disgust in America's efforts to tackle terrorist activity.

In the words of Joe McDonnell (Republican Prisioner who died on Hunger Strike for Policial Status during The North Of Ireland Civil War)

"You dare to call me a terrorist while you look down your gun"
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Gabrielle Marie Trollinger
· November 7, 2016
Very educational; the staff was friendly & very helpful. I went on a group tour with my work, but I would love to come back with friends & give them an inside look so to speak. I think a lot of people... hear the word "terrorism" & they know it's something awful but they don't know much about it. The CELL exhibit helps educate on where terrorist groups start, what their motivations are, & what we can do not only short term to mitigate risk of an attack but long term to help solve the problem of terorrism/extremism being a viable option. See More
Phil Martin
· November 16, 2015
I've attended your semiars for national leaders, but when will you be offering hand-to-hand seminars? How do we as individuals fight back when we are attacked?

In light of hundreds of deaths and ser...ious injuries at the hands of Islamic Terrorists in Paris , when (in God's name) are you going to begin offering REAL education for Colorado Citizens to counter a terrorism attack in Colorado? Think about it! Have we heard stories of people fighting back in Paris? Sadly no!

The reality is that ISIS has plans to attack the US. And President Obama is treating the effort to defeat ISIS like a wuss.

Please offer tangible training how to recognize suspicious behavior, clothing, and HOW-TO counter their attacks: Krav-Maga, life-saving body positional stances, firearms use (get trainers in from Centennial Gun Club and others!), the use of at-hand weapons such as chairs, posts, hard objects.

Phil Martin
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Stacey Hervey
· October 4, 2017
A must see for classrooms or anyone visiting Denver.
Abdirashid Hussein
· August 24, 2016
Most RIDICULOUS Statement -False News!! For America's sake don't spread this NONSENSE of a Statement. Russia's new soft power weapon Middle East arsenal.The greatest problem facing young people in Ame...rica,Africa,Middle East, India, S. E Asia UK, Europe isn’t terrorism, is not lslam migration, or even climate change for 81 percent of participants in POLITICO’s first Youth Caucus, the top concerns are youth unemployment and lack of economic growth. Ahead of International Youth Day last year we asked 700 leaders, including young black community, Latina community political advisers and heads of youth organizations what ails the bloc as part of POLITICO’s occasional pulse-taking of America,Africa,Middle East, India, S. E Asia UK,European influencers. Their anonymous answers highlight the America,Africa,Middle East, India, S. E Asia UK,EU’s ineffectiveness in reaching young people and not just “the lucky ones that go on Erasmus,” as one put it.
One respondent summed up the plight of young people in America,Africa,Middle East, India, S. E Asia UK,Europe today: “Unstable low paid jobs, if any. Stuck in trainee/internships forever. Forced to move to other countries and accept very flexible working conditions.” The effect, as one put it, is that home ownership appears out of reach for this generation.
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Jason Chun-hsing Chen
· October 23, 2016
The CELL has been promoting awareness of terrorism and educating the public at varies age level for crime prevention to keep our society a safer world to live in.
Melissa Veith
· May 23, 2016
The CELL is a great educational museum to learn about the horrors and realities of terrorism! It teaches the eight signs of a terror attack to watch for, which is so important! It is a must see for al...l Americans in our current era and climate of terrorism! What a great museum! I loved it! See More
Nguyễn Tâm
· July 20, 2017
I think every American should support the CELL, take their class and donate their money and time for a very good cause.
Justin Daniels
· April 3, 2015
Awesome experience! Would recommend to any high school, college students including young adults to experience the cell!
Douglas Edwards
· February 22, 2017
This place was amazing and so information about terrorism in all its forms. The tour guides knowledge within the Learning Lab was outstanding.
Charles Cunha
· January 8, 2017
Very educational exhibit. Lot of good stuff. Very informational.
Grimsinger Kevin
· October 8, 2015
Experience it fer herself you won't be disappointed, and I promise you will learn something.
Stephen Darlington
· January 5, 2015
Very well done. Presenter was outstanding. Highly recommend it.
Suzanne Motley Morlang
· May 9, 2014
It was interesting and interactive good staff good visit
Daniel Goll
· June 20, 2014
fascism, paranoia, propaganda. I guess North Korea has comparable museums.

“That’s the strength of the relationship between Jordan and the United States is we want to see peace” — His Royal Highness Prince Feisal of the Hashemite Kingdom if Jordan

#CrisisAndClarityintheMiddleEast hosted by Gov. John W. Hickenlooper, facilitated in coordination with Colorado National Guard

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