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Ian Dorian
· December 30, 2016
One of the best used book stores I've ever visited. I started going there 25 years ago. I was a young artist with little money and couldn't afford new books. I was able to acquire First printings for ...less then the new addition that was selling at the Barnes & Noble. Occasionally they had interesting markings or paper inside with writing from From a previous owner. Sometimes the books had been gifted to the original owner and they would have inscriptions such as " Our dear Amy, follow your dreams and always keep looking up" or " To my best friend and wife, I hope every time you open this book you see me and you are transported back to our honeymoon in Paris "- 1928.
You won't find that in a kindle book.
I was always leaving with three or four books on different topics from science psychology to gardening that I didn't originally go there to purchase. I learned about Bushido and Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity and even learned and memorized many of Shakespeare's sonnets.
It wasn't just the books that made it worth the hour of travel. The atmosphere, the smell of the books, the feeling of the books texture and the occasional people I would bump into and have impromptu conversations with regarding what we were searching for, what we found, and what we had hoped to learn.
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John Jelsovsky
December 8, 2012
Best bookstore in Central Jersey and one of the best I have been to anywhere. If you are a book lover, especially if you like older books, this is the store for you.
Michael N. Fried
January 22, 2013
One of the best second-hand bookstores I know--wonderful books and good prices...
Stokeleiyn Eurypontias
October 12, 2011
My favorite place in the whole world is...The Cranbury Bookworm. Y'all check it out!
Jay NoBsl Soloway
January 13, 2012
if you are in the area, this place is great!
Dave Roskos
· February 2, 2012
not many bookstores like this left. go there & buy some books
Brought in some child labor today. We cleaned, installed a second air conditioner, and watered the sunflower. Big day in Cranbury.

Our plan for tomorrow 6/16 is to donate half of our sales for the day to the Cranbury Public Library Foundation Spring 2016 campaign. The CPL has always supported the Bookworm. Now it's our turn. Thank you MM and KV for all that you have done for us over the years. And Thank you to all of the people in town who ran the book sale on Cranbury Day. I hope that whatever we can donate will help the CPL reach it's goal.

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Besides his family, books are Andrew Feldman’s life. And the Cranbury Bookworm has taken up over half his life.

Saturday April 30th 2016 - Cranbury Town Wide Yard Sale Day! We traditionally have a 50% Off Sale. Why break tradition? Saturday April 30th and Sunday May 1st 2016 50% Off Sale We currently have an abundance of History and the Sciences. Some interesting additions to the antiquarian case. Enjoy!

Time to reconnect after a lengthy break from social media. We recently acquired a signed copy of The Speech by Bernie Sanders. Instead of selling the book, we want to share the book with all of you. The winner will be randomly selected on Sunday April 24th 2016. Our daughter Sophie will select the winning entry. Entries will be kept in a blue glass vase at the shop. Please see photos in this post for the specifics.
And for the record - We do not affiliate with a specific candidate, party or opinion. As a dispensary of knowledge, we support all walks of life. Everybody is welcome in our store. Thank you.

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Update: Access to Bookworm remains blocked by the ongoing sidewalk construction. As of this afternoon, minimal progress has been made. However, we are hoping that the project will be completed in time for what is forecast to be a beautiful fall weekend.

New sidewalks and blue stone! The construction was supposed to start two days ago. I apologize for any inconvenience people may have with getting into the store. The side/handicapped entrance will be accessible once the backhoe moves out of the way. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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CRANBURY DAY is this Saturday - September 12th. We have a very big change in pricing to unveil. We also want to invite people to stop by with plastic grocery store bags or Amazon boxes, moving boxes, etc. We will donate the bags for recycling and put any medium to small cardboard boxes that you have to good use. See you on Saturday!

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Should be a beautiful evening in Cranbury!

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Thank you to every customer who came in today - you were all so patient and kind. We had an unexpected take your daughter(S) to work day. Sophie loved working the register. Everybody was so patient and understanding. What a wonderful experience for her. I have no idea how a 3 1/2 and 1 year old survived working with me for 7 hrs. Thank you to everybody who made today such a great day.

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It's that time again. Our semi annual 50% Off Sale will take place Friday July 17th and last until Monday July 20th. Antiquarian to Children's, History, Art, Cookbooks, Classic Literature - all subjects. All CD's are $1 All DVD's are $2(box sets are $5) We will also have vinyl records and paper ephemera available by Saturday. All records and paper ephemera will be $1 each. We will restock the store each day. There will be boxes full of free books outside. See you soon. Have a great weekend!

Jul 17, 2015 - Jul 20, 2015The Cranbury BookwormCranbury, NJ
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July 4, 2015
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Happy Fourth of July!

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Completing your required reading shouldn't cost a small fortune. All of our classic lit, history, philosophy & religion paperbacks are only $1-3 each.
Plenty of Penguin Classics, Oxford, Dover etc.

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It's good luck to have a ribbon cutting 26 months after a business opens, right? (-: Should be a nice night for some music, family, friends, books, ice cream, pizza. The essentials.

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