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Jim Ellrod
· February 28, 2018
Fourth time back. First three were exceptional, great food and service. Last time the service was still super, but the food was bland. Always order the same thing. Just wondering if they changed c...ooks or if it was just an off day. See More
Cali Mullins
· January 27, 2018
Wow! What a cozy place with amazing food. I found my new favorite breakfast place!
Mary Baird
· August 16, 2017
Even years after leaving Seattle this is a "must stop" for breakfast place when visiting. Food is excellent, staff friendly and just a fun place to eat!!
Tedi Trindle
· June 30, 2017
Fun, quirky place with mismatched coffee cups and wonderful food. The staff is friendly, the service excellent, portions generous and the prices reasonable. Best breakfast burrito I've ever eaten!
Rebecca Thompson
· March 14, 2016
This last Sun., we had a party of three and one was on their way, we were asked to wait to be seated before they arrived, which was outsole for twenty+ minutes during the worst Seattle wind storm and ...many other parties, that group by group arrived after us were seated. The attitude on the servers faces said it all, they didn't want be be there working. No expression, irritated to be at your table and tone in their voices. Abruptly setting down full juice glasses on table with no comment felt as though I was being served by my angry teenage daughter. We received our food, I had ordered corned beef hash, easy over egg and a scone. When they brought it, the first thing I did was move the dry balls of what looked like cooked dog food around with the fork, it was so overcooked when you dropped it, it clicked down onto the plate like beads. I was thinking I'm so hungry, I'll break the egg and let the food absorb it, nope, still too dry, had to bury it with hot sauce, allot to even get it to be moist. I had asked the other server if it was canned or home made because the potatoes that are tiny and perfectly cut into squares are always the dead giveaway, the older woman lied and said home made. I am borderline diabetic, and was shaky so, ate it against my better judgement, later to have an upset stomach. The thing called a scone was the best thing about the meal, it was dry on the outside edges but moist inside once you ate away the harder part, it was sweet and looked and tasted like corn bread, definitely not scone just because it was cut in a triangle shape. My husband said The pancakes were rubbery but didn't complain but said I'm not coming back here for this price. The owner needs to eat some of their own food because, I would never send anyone to eat at this place or patronize this establishment again. Poor food and horribly poor service, should re-name it, Dog Dish. Gross. See More
Barbara Conroy Flynn
· September 12, 2017
Huge portions, great food! Such a great find on a recent trip.
Gregory Morgan
· March 20, 2017
Probably the best breakfast I've had the privilege of having. The Huevos Verdes was out of hand. Savory, spicy and just all around bad ass. I would and will be making trips down to Seattle from Vancou...ver just to eat here. Kudos guys. See More
Arnold De La Torre
· March 12, 2017
Love the home style potato salad and it was a great looking place. To be honest it felt like home
Walter Kinghammer
· February 26, 2017
Awesome breakfast, great food and great service to.
Michael Nikbakht
· January 30, 2017
Not the biggest fan. They are pretty expensive and black out in heavy whether....
Mark Hall
· September 16, 2014
Love this place. Get the breakfast sandwich. It's very filling. And chocked full of goodness
Ian Dumych
· November 15, 2015
Ate there today, and it was fantastic. First new palace I've been really excited about in a while. Perfect date spot with the wife for Sunday brunch.
Stuart Bright
· October 9, 2015
Service and food are great. Would recommend as a nice sit down breakfast. Get the Bacon!
David Bernhard
· September 29, 2015
Great breakfast menu and good coffee. The service is awesome
Agnieszka Madetko
· January 23, 2014
Really good food and service !!!
Fraser Ratzlaff
· February 13, 2013
Best greasy diner bacon and eggs around.
Tyler Mitchell
· February 7, 2013
Best biscuits & gravy in America!
James George
· September 26, 2013
Most excellent service!!! Yummy food!!! Thank you CAROLINE!!!!!!!!!!!
Beth Kirlin
· January 27, 2014
Love it!!
Kelly Gleeson
August 6, 2013
Best EVER.

Scramble with smoked salmon, asparagus, mushrooms, green onion & cream cheese. Look a double yolk. .....which is Good luck.

Can’t guarantee the double yolk though!

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Saturday morning breakfast of beer and a tuna melt! We are happy to make you your favorite breakfast anytime 😎

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Chicken fried steak,mushroom,avacado eggs Benedict

Image may contain: food

This weekend we are serving braised beef brisket Benedict’s (say that fast 10 times)

Sunday we are are serving sourdough pancakes with fruit...the sourdough starter is from one of our regular customers family who has had it in the family for over 100 years! Thanks for sharing Dave!

Best breakfast sandwich I’ve ever had!
Lamb,eggs,roasted peppers,goat cheese on homemade focaccia....or Chris had hers on a bed of spinach!

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Image may contain: food and indoor

This weekend special is homemade focaccia breakfast sandwich. Roasted lamb, goat cheese, roasted red peppers and eggs! Sounds delicious to me.

Homemade corned beef hash Benedict and fresh fruit!
Get in here this weekend!!🦄

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This weekend we are serving sourdough pancakes with blueberry compote... the sourdough starter is from Dave ( one of our regular customers) he has had this starter in the family since the late 1800’s!

The other big new is that Both dishes will be closed next week January 2 through Friday. We will open on the weekend. Vacation time yahoo! See you when we get back.

Our son, Noah, and his grandma (Omi)at the Dish

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Both Dishes got together for our celebration of two birthdays and our holiday party. Congratulations Jade for winning the ugly sweater contest. Personally I did very well at the white elephant contest by procuring a virgin Guadalupe Fuzzy throw. Hope your holidays are happy and filled with good food!

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Steak,pork and veggie tacos!
Beans and rice!
Tonight is the night!

This weekend special in Ballard is a scramble with hotlinks and it comes with Cheesy grits. Something to spice up your day On such a dreary weekend

Dish Ballard special this weekend will be a scramble with roasted chicken grilled asparagus sautéed onion mozzarella and topped with our homemade pesto

The Dish Greenlake is having Friday night taco night once again! Carnitas, steak, fish, or veggie! Three tacos and a premium beer for $10

Lunch special in Ballard is pork posole
My personal favorite

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