Quiz: Of the five African American players in the 1947 #RoseBowl (4 w/ Illinois, 1 w/ UCLA), who became the first black player to score a touchdown in the history of that game? (No fair Googling). Check tomorrow for the answer.

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In 2018, we'll be looking at Black Los Angeles, 1947, through the pages of the Los Angeles Sentinel.

In its Jan. 2, 1947, issue, the Los Angeles Sentinel looked back at the major stories of 1946, a good introduction to the year ahead: Job discrimination, Jim Crow laws, segregated housing, police b…

The infamous Scotty Bowers is the subject of a (cough, cough) 'documentary' to be shown at the Toronto Film Festival.

Scotty Bowers, author of the b.s.-laden book “Full Service,” is the subject of a “documentary” (cough, cough) by Matt Tyrnauer. Image courtesy of the Vanity Fair, which really ought to know better.…

Tomorrow, Mary Mallory writes about the 1946 short subject "Don't Be a Sucker," intended to boost unity among Americans.

Mary Mallory takes a look at Rube Goldberg's comic strip "I'm the Guy."

The cover of “I’m the Guy” as a refrigerator magnet, available on EBay for $4.99. Long before newspaper humorists like Erma Bombeck and Dave Barry came on the scene, there was Rube L. Goldbe…

Monday's mystery movie guest:

For Monday, we have a mystery guest and a mystery papoose.

Mary Mallory profiles the Los Angeles Tennis Club.

The Los Angeles Tennis Club, Modern Screen, 1931-32. Long a favorite activity of high society, tennis has been a way to fashionably exercise and enjoy time with friends for centuries.…

Mary Mallory profiles the Equitable Building, at Hollywood and Vine.

Superimposed photograph showing the Bank of Hollywood building as it will appear with the completion of the 12-story annex, photo courtesy of Mary Mallory. One of Hollywood’s first height limit bui…

For Monday, we have a mystery gent.

For Monday, we have a mystery gent.

For Monday we have a mystery gent. Please post your answers on the blog, not here.

For Monday we have a mystery gent.

Mary Mallory profiles Spec O'Donnell, famed freckled boy of silent films.

Spec O’Donnell and Maxine Tadacome, Exhibitors Herald, 1923. Long a favorite of classic film fans for his infectious grin and mischievous onscreen personality, Walter Davis “Spec” O’D…