Hi everyone! Our very own Aaron Strumpel has just released a duo Christmas project with Latifah Phillips (Page CXVI) - check the behind the scenes video out and grab the EP over at…/heck-ya-the-halls-v…/id1057846687!

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Heck Ya the Halls

We are thrilled to release our debut album today! Check out our behind the scenes video...when you make a record in 5 days it gets a little crazy! Help spread the music and holiday cheer!

The Emporiums updated their cover photo.
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Aaron Strumpel is in the studio today with Moda Spira making his record #BrightStar2014 - all reports are that it's coming along fantastically!

There is joy, joy, in this house.

The Bright Star Kickstarter has CLEARED it's goal! There are 8 hours left of this Kickstarter and he's offering one last sharing-hoorah! Check it out:

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Aaron Strumpel

Looks like we're gonna hit the VINYL Stretch Goal...soooo...with 9 hours left of the Kickstarter, let's stretch it out with some final day sharing! Anyone who ...reposts this picture on Instagram or Facebook, shares the link and tags me will be entered into a drawing for the first vinyl edition of Bright Star! #brightstarkickstarter #funtimes #vsco #vscocam

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Brilliant songwriter & friend @JoshGarrels is giving away 5 CDs 2 benefit Congo's rebuild. Yes, be a part!

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This soup is delicious and I felt so great eating these healthy greens! You can make it in under 20 minutes too! 1 Onion chopped 8 cloves Garlic 2 Carrots chopped 4 cups Kale chopped 4 cups Chicken Stock 2 cans White Kidney Beans drained Saute onions and garlic in a little oil or butter, [...]
Sometimes you only write a part of a song and it haunts you, sticking around foretelling of a upcoming moment where you will meet a muse, capture a picture, complete the project. This is precisely what happened with Mamma Wing. I can truthfully say I was not ready to finish this song until I had [

Brand New Aaron Strumpel Music Video starring Louie "Villain" Slugger - A Study in Forceful Micro-Movements:

I wrote this song after I heard of two tragic stories, one with a sad ending one with a happy ending. Last fall I was pouring through the 40 or so stories that I received from you about your grief stories. I came across the blog of Colon and Melissa Burritt, the chronicle of a [...]

Just found a lovely post about our record, its impact, and a little YouTube attached. Enjoy!…/…/its-been-while.html

Creative people need outlets. This is one of mine. It will be updated infrequently and sporadically. A rush of posts followed by a drought of inactivity. However, it is an overflow, which by nature ebbs and flows.
I watched my flowers wilt and wind away Inside there is a heart tattered and frayed Summer won’t come back Winter just might stay I wander Grey and Silver I wanted to write a song that captured the end of a man’s life and feature the uniqueness found in the masculine expression, things like hard [..
Ice Road was the last song I wrote for the album about a week before we started recording, that often happens to me. I find the songs written last often capture over all themes and ideas in a very effective way, and I am proud of this one too! I grew up on Lake of [...]

rockin' and rollin' in minneapolis tuesday nite - worship circle style w/ kate hurley! come on out!

Do the best songs need extra love and attention? Answer yes and you will be one step closer to understanding the dynamics we faced when arranging and recording this song! I wrote the original lyrics and basic feel for this song in November of 2011 but honestly struggled with it until bringing it to