Cast iron Mr. Peanut that once adorned the top of the Planters Peanuts corporate office building on South Main St. cv01peanutp3 Warren Ruda/The Citizens Voice ORG XMIT: WB_20060201062950153318 ORG XMIT: WB_200707060644421099927 ORG XMIT: WB_200707130649261112504

A look inside the burned out portion of the former LS Bowl-A-Rama Building in Nanticoke. I took through one of the higher up broken windows.

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The former LS Bowl-a-Rama Building in Nanticoke. The building is slated to be torn down within a month's time.

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These are two photos from the two family home on Smith Row in Plymouth Township that was knocked down last year. Both are of the living rooms of each side and shows how much worse the left side of the building was. The middle wall was knocked out at some point. When I first saw this house, back in 2013, the door on the left side was the only one open so I'm guessing people bused through the center wall to get to the other half.

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A look inside the other storefront of that building that stands on the corner of Rocky Hill Road and Vine Street in Plymouth. There's even more water damage on this side, due to a fairly large hole in the roof. The walls in here appear to be the original walls from when this was a store. Now it's filled with piles of badly water damaged items.

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Here's a look inside the left storefront to that building that stands on the corner of Rocky Hill Road and Vine Street in Plymouth, exterior shot of the building was uploaded yesterday. This was taken through one of the broken windows right along the sidewalk. A pile of water damaged stuff remains inside.

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I haven't posted up anything on here in a while, so here's a building at the corner of Rocky Hill Road and Vine Street in Plymouth that has been abandoned for some time. The first floor appears to have been divided up into two store fronts. The second and third floors are made out like a two family house. The building has extensive water damage throughout and you could look into the storefront areas through the broken windows to see some of this damage and see that the last occupants used that area for storage.

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A look inside the left side of the two family home on Smith Row in Plymouth Township. It appears this side may have been used for storage or a hoarder lived there.

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This abandoned two family home up on Smith Row in Plymouth Township is slated to be demolished, or might already be gone since I was last up there in June.

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A then and now of the school building that stood in Plymouth. The top photo I took in June of 2013 and the bottom one I just took today. When it first opened in 1913, it was a high school. It'd become a middle school and an elementary school before closing in 2012. It was torn down in August.

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From my other page.

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The Forgotten Coal Industry of NEPA

What remains of the Huber Power Plant from earlier today.

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These two abundments are located between the back of the Wilkes-Barre Lodge and the parking lot to Red Lobster in Wilkes-Barre. I'm not sure if the bridge that was once there was road or rail, but the year 1913 is engraved on the one behind the Wilkes-Barre Lodge.

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All that remains of the former bank building at the corner of North Main Street and West Carey Street in Plains Township. The building was demolished starting on Tuesday of last week.

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Demolition continued today on the Main Street Elementary building in Plymouth. Many of the windows in the front were knocked out and what was in those rooms were scooped out and thrown into the dumpsters.

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Demolition work started today on the former Main Street Elementary School building in Plymouth today. The most that was done was that they brought in a small machine inside the building and were using it to clear stuff out through the hole in this wall, which was a set of windows originally. I'm sure more work will continue as the week goes on.

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