The Fotobaron is with Baron Wolman and Sophie Kipner.

“Jerry Waving” by Sophie Kipner. “Jerry Waving” by me. And a pensive “Fotobaron” by Harold Rubin, for whose magic with a camera I thank profusely. The photo was taken at the opening of the exhibit and “movie night” last week at Bergen County Camera’s Gallery 270 “Rolling Stone Magazine: Fifty Years Down the Line,” celebrating the magazine’s five decades of publishing. The exhibit of photos from my nearly three years as Rolling Stone’s first photographer is comprehensive and the films (“Making Magic” and “Shooting Stars”) were very well received by the enthusiastic attendees. Be sure to visit the store at 270 Westwood Ave in Westwood, NJ - tour the exhibit, and peruse the oh so seductive inventory of camera gear, supplies and staff (yes, they, too, are seductive).

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Calling all Media People. As you know, the 50th anniversary of Rolling Stone magazine is upon us, as is the imminent publication of the Jann Wenner biography. Click below on "" to see them all. If you're interested in licensing any of my photos of Jann, please contact me.


Happy 50th Birthday, Rolling Stone! Here is a link to the 21 covers (with short backstories) on which one of my photos appeared. These were all from the very, very early days when the magazine was printed on newsprint, and before some of the issues were "quarter-folded" to resemble an actual magazine. Enjoy.

Baron Wolman Photography

Hello, Canada! After a long absence, I'm headed back. This time to Toronto in early May for an exhibit of my photos at the Charlotte Hale Gallery. Really hope to see you there, exchange stories and hugs...

Here's what happens when a talented artist (Denise Marts) is inspired by one of my photographs (Howlin' Wolf). I'm thinkin' Picasso...…/Painting-Ho…/184283/2861624/view

This is an abstract portrait of the American blues musician, Howlin' Wolf. It was inspired by a wonderful black and white photograph taken by American photographer, Baron Wolman, the first chief photographer for Rolling Stone Magazine famous for his iconic photographs of the revolutionary 1960&…

The problems are complex. The answers unclear. Sometimes a quiet smoke can clear the mind, perhaps lead to understanding and resolution... Perhaps not.

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My good friend, Donna, has come up with a terrific, colorful and useful product, one that everybody must have, one that's perfect for gift-giving. Here she is during a recent visit to my home with an array of fans by Pleat, in a photo by me, of course.

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In popular culture, men in black are men dressed in black suits who claim to be government agents and who harass or threaten UFO witnesses to keep them quiet about what they have seen. It is sometimes implied that they may be aliens themselves... (Another outstanding photo taken by the equally outstanding photographer, Masha Osipova!)

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So, OK, only 3.5 million viewers have already feasted upon this video but I just came across it. Thankfully. If you love the blues (in particular Muddy Waters) and if you love rock and roll (in particular the Rolling Stones) treat yourself to 11 historical and delightful minutes...

On 22 November 1981, in the middle of their mammoth American tour, the Rolling Stones arrived in Chicago prior to playing 3 nights at the Rosemont Horizon. L...
The Fotobaron is with Baron Wolman and 3 others in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
January 29, 2016

As some of you might know, Santa Fe filmmaker Sylvia Johnson and I have been working on a short documentary about me and my “tour of duty” at Rolling Stone. It’s a nice memento to days-to-remember. Sooner or later I’ll be able to share it with you online. Here is a shot by my last week’s visitor from Russia, Masha Osipova, taken in Jano Manson’s studio where Jay Boy Adams was laying down the background tracks for the film. Lots of really good people adding their creative energy to the project. I’m a happy guy...

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The View from the stage - 1969 Woodstock Music & Art Fair.

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So much talent come and gone. But when she was with us - such amazingly incomparable and joyous intensity...

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Baron Wolman

40 weeks ago, when I was still an Instagram newbie, I posted this 1967 photo of Janis Joplin that I took in her San Francisco flat, one of several I shot in fro...nt of the famous Bob Seidemann poster of the semi-nude singer. Along with Jimi Hendrix, Janis was one of my favorite subjects and I think my portraits reflect the affection I felt toward her. The photo I first posted on Instagram was of questionable quality; this one is an improvement, although even in the previous version Janis' shining light and indomitable spirit clearly comes through. Meanwhile, I really need to see Amy Berg's new documentary about Janis, "Little Girl Blue." In reviewing the film in the New York Times, Stephen Holder wrote, "...the sound that erupts from Janis Joplin singing the '60s R&B classic 'Cry Baby' comes as close as I've heard to a grown-up singer capturing a baby's primal squall." Janis, you took a piece of my heart... #fotobaron #rollingstone #janisjoplin #amyberg #littlegirlblue #therollingstoneyears #iconicimagesnet

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Happy about a very fascinating and thoughtful piece on Groupies by Amanda Petrusich posted today in the online edition of the The New Yorker. Well worth a read...!!!…/we-support-the-music-reconsideri…

The word “groupie,” once a pejorative, has since been reclaimed by the women it was intended to shame.

Terrific piece in today's NY Times - great mix of text and fotos... (many of mine)... And, yes, the book is really nice.…/groupies-from-sex-symbols-to-style…

When Pamela Des Barres and other backstage women came to prominence in 1969, the news media focused on their brazen sexuality. Now the focus is on their fashion.

Once More With Feeling - Mary's rock 'n' roll Birthday Party in Santa Fe with JayBoy, Zenobia, Josh English and Beatrice "Trixie" Merkin

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So you wanna be a rock 'n' roll star... Thank you, Shutterbug!

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