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The Goodie Truck was thinking about old memories.

Remembering the time when the "competing ice cream truck" would pull up right on our bumper and try to out blast our music. When we leaned in his window to speak with him about his antics we realized he was pant-less😳

I mean..boxers..but still.

Good times.

This is even more applicable today then it was then. We are proud of this and taking a stand.’s-take-on-the-occupy-movement/


Did we ever tell you about the time that we forgot to bolt down our fridge?! We made one sudden sharp turn, the fridge went flying and busted open the side door. Pies everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We salvaged them Enough said.

Millie and I sometimes would spend hours upon hours making treats and then instead of going and selling them we'd just go give them away. We went out of business.. so make of that what you will.

This is a great memory moment!

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Jajean Morgan to The Goodie Truck

Free treat happiness!!

Little trip down goodie truck lane...Once upon a time, on a hot summer night, Jajean and Millie were feeling adventurous. So on our way to the movies in the park we picked up a 75 and a 90 yr old ( we knew them) Millie politely gave up her bucket to the 90 yr old and I think the 75 yr old just held on tight as we VERY carefully drove them to the movie, walked them up the hill and set them up with treats before selling our goodies. The End.

Yes this story highlights something sweet about us..but mostly it demonstrates why we went out of business. #priorities.

The Goodie Truck updated their status.

Goodie Truck Fun Fact: Jajean drove, while Millie sat on a bucket (where a passenger seat should be) for about 6 months because we couldn't afford to buy a seat. A BUCKET!! #goodtimes

Goodie Truck for sale. $6000 or best offer. Sold as is. Needs new battery and generator. Fridge, shaved ice machine, other random equipment included. Will include list of contacts for past jobs, URL and email.

If the Goodie Truck suddenly decided to go all healthy and low fat, what could we possibly change our name to? The "this sucks" truck maybe?? Lol

Sold out!!...kinda.
Packin' up and goin' home. Hopefully I don't run anyone over..

"out of hot chocolate" has caused an uproar. And apparently our caramel sea salt cheesecake is not at ALL a big hit. Oh well. Live and learn:)

We're here!! Come get pseudo drunk on rum cake!

We'll be at 8th and Penn from 5pm on..

Want a treat tomorrow at First Night?? Here's our menu:
1. Very rummy rum balls
2. Strawberry-champagne cake
3. Caramel sea salt cheesecake squares
4. Big chocolate chip cookie and a shot of milk....
5. 2 types of loaded brownies
6. Mini rum cakes
Come get fat with us!!

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Fyi- We'll be downtown for First Night ( dec 31st) in the lot at 8th and Penn with a variety of decadent deserts from like 3pm on.. Come see us and a bunch of other awesome food trucks as well.

Hit us up if you want holiday treats at your party, office or wherever. You can never have too much hot chocolate and pie right!