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Jarrod Ward
· August 3, 2017
I had a terrible accident and was charged at the scene for many serious and excessive charges. I lost my car, my lisence and my pride was crushed. Two days later I called an upstart lawyer on the reco...mmendation of my friend Shannon Saving. Matt was fast, aggressive, and compassionate. On our court date Matt had the charges dropped and restored my diving privileges. Calling Guilfoil Law was the best thing I ever did. I cannot give a high enough recommendation. ����� See More
Matt Horning
· June 15, 2017
Avoid doing business with this person. He will not pay his bills which is basically stealing from you. I have no clue if he can actually practice law but I do know he will not keep his word and pay ...for what he requests. If you like giving your services away for free then by all means do work for this person. If you value your services and provide for your family don't do anything for this man. See More
Jennifer Kiely
· January 31, 2015
If you want honesty this is your guy. He has handled traffic tickets for me and two criminal cases for people I know. He doesn't make false promises, he tells you the truth, and what you can expect in... the best circumstances and the worst. If you want someone that knows what he is doing then he is your guy. See More
Martina Shipoopi Medina-Serecero
· January 31, 2015
Guilfoil has helped me with multiple items other than DUI and I have been 100% satisfied with everything. I will continue using them and recommend them to my friends and family!
Shelley Nunnelee
· January 31, 2015
Solid, competent, straight forward representation. Uncommonly good communication for a defense attorney. I don't wish legal woe on any of my friends, but should the need arise, I would whole-heartedly... recommend Mr. Guilfoil. See More
Shane Nichols
· January 31, 2015
I called about a traffic ticket I had received and Mr. Guilfoil explained to me all my options and handled it. If I needed his services in the future I would have no hesitation calling him up.
Stephen R Douglas
· January 31, 2015
Matt Guilfoil has always done everything he said he could do for me, would recommend to anyone!
Brian Costello
· January 31, 2015
One of the top DUI defense lawyers in the state I regularly seek his advice on difficult cases.
Tony Knoblock
· January 30, 2016
Matt is very good at what he does. That would be "winning"
Juliann Mathiesen
· January 31, 2015
Matt Guilfoil has handled our cases for years with professionalism and dedication.
Gary Miles
· April 9, 2015
Did a great job representing me. Certainly took care of business!
Teddy Lee Dixon Jr.
· January 31, 2015
You are the best, thank you!!!!
States with legal pot should not define DUI based on a "mythical link" between THC blood levels and impairment.
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration rejects effort to eliminate the use of ticket quotas when issuing federal highway grants.
One Florida man's fight to vote could re-enfranchise 1.5 million people, while a handful of states have already begun easing voting restrictions for ex-offenders.|By NBC News

Happy holidays to everyone. Please be safe in your vehicles. Just in case some of you have too much holiday cheer, don't forget to put my number in your cell phone. Remember to remain silent, ask to speak with your attorney, and don't forget there is probably a videotape being recorded of everything you say and do. Put me on your speed dial: (816) 916-4907 Mobile, (816) 842-3717 Work (24-hour voice service), 855-DWI-MATT (Toll Free).

Do not ever give your password to your smartphone to the police! They’ll promise you: you’ll get it back quicker, we just want to see you phone logs, blah blah blah. Don’t do it, EVER. They will data dump your machine and know EVERYTHING about you- where you’ve been, the path of your car and gps location at the time of the crime they’re accusing you of committing, among dozens of other things you haven’t thought about.

A corollary of this is not so obvious and comes up in tr...ial now all of the time- if an offense of any kind has been committed, turn OFF your phone entirely and do not turn it back on or call anyone (yes your lawyer included) until considerable time has passed. If you make an immediate phone call it will ping the nearest cell tower placing you at the scene of the crime. Prosecutors are routinely subpoenaing this type of evidence. Be aware. Your cell phone is often your worst enemy.

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DWI tonight reduced to a littering charge with no probation. Pleased with the result.

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I will be presenting a DWI caselaw and legislative, update for UMKC Law School this Friday. If you haven't gotten in your CLE hours this year, come on down and see me.

I will be speaking today for The Missouri Bar Association on standardized field sobriety testing and cross examination of the arresting officer at Stoney Creek Inn, in Independence. My session starts at 10:20. The class begins at 8:30. Come out if you still need hours.

A second offense DWI in Missouri is a Class A Misdemeanor carrying up to a year in jail and up to a $1000.00 fine. A second conviction lifetime can also trigger a five year license suspension in many of these cases. Hiring someone to plead you guilty without fighting in these cases will usually get you at least 10 days jail in state court.

Client does poorly on field sobriety tests and has a chemical breath test result of .116 on a second offense DWI. We are able to suppress... the chemical test result winning both the civil case avoiding any license suspension, and receiving a non-alcohol disposition in the criminal case for a small fine. Client avoided: probation, community service, SATOP (the annoying alcohol class that costs a fortune), ignition interlock on his car for two years (which is usually required in all second offenses), SCRAM alcohol monitoring bracelet, SR-22 insurance, etc.

Choose your representation wisely if you receive a DWI.

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Client has a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and will lose his job if does not win both the criminal trial in his case as well as a separate chemical test refusal license hearing. CDLs are the toughest cases- you must win twice, there are no deals.

Client gets in late night accident in his own personal vehicle. Report indicates strong odor of alcohol, watery glassy eyes, cop claiming he is swaying and staggering for his balance. Cop administers three standardized field sobr...iety tests. He claims client shows all 6 eye clues for the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus eye test, 4 clues for the walk and turn test– that client failed to maintain his stance, that he failed to touch heel to toe, that he allegedly stepped off of the line, and that he used his arms multiple times for balance. Cop said he also failed the one leg stand test by exhibiting swaying, using arms to balance and putting his foot down during the test.

After admitting that he did not have probable cause to arrest without the results of the standardized field sobriety tests, we were able to demonstrate through cross examination officer made numerous mistakes on the three tests and he admitted that no reasonably prudent, cautious, trained officer could properly use these tests as adminstered because they were invalid.

Court held– in favor of driver with CDL license, saving his career. If you receive a DWI with a CDL you need to hire your attorney accordingly. They are going to have to go to trial and win. There are no pleas to be worked out with a CDL. Merry Christmas.

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We are thrilled to have 435 Magazine award Managing Member J. Matthew Guilfoil with the Best Lawyers of Kansas City designation for 2017. This is a peer-nominated award so thank you for the recognition!

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The Guilfoil Law Group's inclusion in the 2017 U.S. News & World Reports- Best Lawyers "Best Law Firms in Missouri" first-tier rankings was an honor. Thank you!

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