In the 1960's, a group of intrepid travellers coined the term the 'hippie trail' for the classic overland route from Istanbul to India, crossing Turkey, Ir

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As with Gotham, which got the hero it deserved in the form of Batman, India has a new comic book superheroine Priya Shakti. Created in the wake of the brut

“You cannot travel on the path until you become the path itself” ~ Buddha

Learn how to make ancient Buddhist philosophy a handy support in modern daily life. Buddha has a timeless wisdom - come on it and see why!

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With a population of 22 million and growing, the world's second most populous city, Delhi is at the heart of India's growth. So much has been published on

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Ladakh is a place that is dripping in culture. Up until 1974 it was closed off from the outside world which means its traditions are still a living breathing part of everyday life. Before the arrival of Buddhism they practiced a more shamanic type of religion called Bon. Both belief systems fused together which resulted in the tradition of oracles and shamans.

Oracles give assistance by becoming vehicles for particular spirits, during which they speak with the very voice of t...he spirit. The most famous ones in Ladakh are those of Matho Gompa, one of the festivals we attend during our tour. We also attend the Stok Oracle festival as well as attending a more local shamanic session with a female lay oracle where the opportunity for personal healing should you want it is there.

We will also spend time in the homes of the local people praying, eating and simply enjoying their unique way of life as we relax and let our woes melt away. No doubt coming back from it all deeply changed.

The souvenir of the Ladakh trip is a Green Tara mantra. We will meet with a Rinpoche or high level monk who will give us a Green Tara blessing so that every time we say the mantra it has more power to heal. We will also pay a visit to a Tara temple in the Tibetan Quarter of Delhi where repeating the mantra there or making even a small nominal donation to her statue will reap greater results for our Ladakhprayers if they are for the highest good.

For the full itinerary, our early bird prices and to book please visit

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