the King has not been as active as I shoud be. But this year i make a pact to make it up to all of my fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have come to the conclusion that making jello is a art and not a right. if you are going to make it make it good and strong!!! not just strong my friend!!!


let me just say i have never seen jello move so fast as it did this weekend made 180 and wow it was gone in no time!!!!!!

no mater what time it is we all love jello

jello in had look out my fans.

working on the web site!!! coming soon

The King is on the move coming to your city soon!!

who know that jello can make you new friends!! ex with what i put in them LOL

we all love jello

1 jello shot, 2 jello shot, 3 jello shot we what more!!!!

we all love jello