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Yolandi Mostert
· February 19, 2018
Mr. Corey Cohen help me out of a very difficult case I was looking at some serious time and possibly getting deported if they didn't bring it down from a felony to a misdemeanor. Mr. Cohen fought for in court and got it down to a misdemeanor where I could get it expunged later. I was able to also get my probation shortened with his help.
When the time came to get my case expunged the state wanted to deny my expungement, again Corey went to court and fought for me and I got the expungement.
He is an excellent attorney . Mr. Cohen and his staff will definitely do everything they can for you from the beginning to the end . I highly recommend Mr Corey Cohen to anybody that is looking for an experienced attorney .
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Jhonny Mujica
· February 28, 2018
Mr. Cohen and his staff really exceeded all expectations I had as I walked in with my circumstance. His assistants, Rachel and Elizabeth, did an amazing job taking charge and helping me through the pr...ocess, along with answering the abundance of questions I threw their way. As for the attorneys, Corey Cohen and Samantha Johnson, they will do everything in their power to fight for you in court. Their office is really easy to work with and they will help set up payment plans if you are in a difficult situation. Great attorney and staff, definitely recommended!! See More
Joanna Peterson
· March 16, 2018
Mr Cohen helped a friend of mine with a out of county warrant for Violation of Probation. He was very efficient and very affordable. I will recommend him to any of my clients that need representation Orlando. See More
Sean Patrick
· February 20, 2018
I know a lot of attorneys in this area and Corey Cohen is easily one of the best. He's dedicated, honest, trustworthy, and most importantly, he always puts his clients' needs first. He's had a terrifi...c track record for well over a decade now, and with his outstanding work ethic, I doubt that will change. See More
Driss Ouazzani
· February 16, 2018
Well enough said best lawyer good family man and very humble fellow
He wins all the time lawyer
Ryan Elbourn
· March 22, 2018
Looking for an attorney to get the job done? Look no further, I hired Mr. Cohen a few years back and it was the best decision I made, he get gets the job done and really looks out for his clients.
Wesley Tsukazan
· April 5, 2018
They were able to successfully dismiss a SPEEDING CITATION. I was running late for work that day.. But I'm glad I contacted them right away. My brother was the one who advised to call them since he ha...d great experience with Corey I. Cohen's Law Firm. I would definitely have them represent me again if ever needed. Thank you and thank you 'Nicole Smirnova' for all updates on my case. See More
Stephanie Saylor
· September 28, 2017
Corey is so professional and worth every penny. His consultations are free, which is amazing. He also worked with me on pricing and a payment plan. He made me feel very comfortable and I was able to o...penly talk about my case and charges without fear of judgment. I highly recommend him! See More
Margarita Moshe
· October 21, 2017
Dear Mr. Corey I. Cohen, There are no words can I possibly use to say what is in my heart. Thank you so much for all of your effort, kindness and knowledge. You really are an attorney for the right re...ason. You are truly a gift.

Feeling grateful,
Margarita Moshe
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Jordan Ostroff
· June 21, 2017
Corey is one of the best and most effective attorneys in Orange and Seminole county. 99% of the cases he takes are in those counties, so he goes in front of the same judges and the same prosecutors a...ll the time rather than driving all around the state and not seeing the same people that often. That friendship/relationship/respect level as well as his likability and lawyering skills all contribute to him getting fantastic resolutions for his clients time and time again. See More
Jay Beaumont
· October 26, 2016
I had a high profile case that was highly misrepresented through the media. I was looking at 30+ years of prison time. From the moment I met Mr. Cohen his attitude and demeanor reassured me that my li...fe wasn't over. He took full control of the case and never for a second gave up on me. He has the books smarts that a lawyer needs, but more importantly he is cunning and practical in his defense. He is always available via email, and we met in person about once a month for in-depth talks. He worked with my financial situation and it was never an issue to change payment dates, or move things around. His head receptionist Martina is a wonderful person who will always wish you well. He was able to get all of my major criminal charges dropped, and we worked out a plea for the lesser ones, which for my situation was best case scenario. My first lawyer said "You definitely going to do some jail time" At which point I fired him and highered Corey. Best decision I ever made. Sorry sucker, no jail time for me.
I was referred to him by a friend, who was wrongly accused for a crime which Corey also got the charges drop.
If you need good legal defense, Corey Cohen is your guy.
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Tonya Lawson
· January 14, 2018
He us an awesome attorney. I hired him and he showed up and handled business girl me.
Danielle Zipperer
· November 18, 2016
Mr. Cohen is amazing he works hard and fast to get things done! Me and My husband felt hopeless to the charges against him. Mr. Cohen assured us he would do everything possible to help us. Mr. Cohen a...nswered all my emails and questions as soon as he could. I even got reply's after the work day was over and as late at 10 at night to be reassured. Martina at the office is also Amazing she helps in anyway she can and is also very reassuring. All charges were dismissed and my husband will be home today. Thank you so much Mr. Cohen to have my husband home for the holidays means so much to our family!!!!! See More
Gabby Barros
· February 2, 2017
My boyfriend had a very high profile case that left us to assume he would be doing 15 years - life sentence. We felt more than hopeless. We thought we would never be able to get through this, and then... we found Corey Cohen. From the very beginning, Mr. Cohen proved to be the best of the very best. He went to visit my boyfriend and did a free consultation out of the kindness of his heart when most lawyers charge anywhere from $200-$600 just to discuss your case. He gave my boyfriend and I the very best advice, even when we did not confirm we were hiring him yet. Weeks went by, and we could not wait any longer. We HAD to hire Mr. Cohen. We thought we would not be able to afford a great lawyer like Mr. Cohen but he compromised so well with us. He set us a price we were actually able to afford. Mr. Cohen replied to every single one of my emails, within minutes! He worked very quickly and diligently to bring my boyfriend's case to justice, and that is EXACTLY what he did. I thought my boyfriend and I were never going to be together again, and Mr. Cohen brought him home to me. My boyfriend and I started to struggle finding work once he was out of jail, and Mr. Cohen made his payments beyond affordable for us. His secretary, Martina, is one to thank as well. She is quick, smart, and beyond polite. She is one to be written down for the history books as one of the best secretary's I have ever worked with. We are so internally grateful for Mr. Cohen and his office. There is no other law office in Florida better than this one. See More
Darren Mazur
· November 13, 2017
Wonderful office !! The staff is very understanding and they gave me the best advice !!!!!!
Jasmin Molina
· July 28, 2017
I was going to loose my license for 5 years and Corey Cohen really came to the rescue!! I would recommend him to anyone dealing with any traffic issues! He made the process easy and results were ! Every time I called the office the girls were so sweet and always provided words of encouragement! Thank you for such a positive experience l! See More
Michelle Brown
· August 25, 2015
I would like to say that I hired Mr. Cohen this morning at 9AM for my son who is in jail right now on a VOP violation, but by 10:30AM this morning Mr. Cohen had already got my son a bond hearing for T...hursday morning, which is only two days away. He also by 3PM today went to visit my son in jail to talk to him about his situation, and he even contacted the Seminole Cty probation department and spoke to the head person there about my son's situation. I think Mr. Cohen is a great lawyer just from the short time that I have dealt with him already. Good Job!!! See More
Anthony Culpepper
· April 13, 2017
Corey Cohen was the best decision I made for my case. I was going back and forth for a few days about even having a lawyer but I decided to call around and see what was my best option. I called over 2...0 different lawyers and Mr. Cohen's confidence and unbelievable experience of being a prosecutor and defense attorney has no compare to any other attorney I spoke with. Mr. Cohen and his team were there for me whenever I needed them. He was able to get my charges dropped in less than 10 days. He was also able to help make the fees adorable by offering amazing payment plans. Thank you all so much for your help, I can't express how much I appreciate you all! See More
Flex Hthree
· August 7, 2016

The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen, P.A is hands down the best legal representation in Orlando and I strongly recommend them to anyone who needs legal representation for ...a criminal case . Mr. Cohen and his staff are very professional, polite, supportive and aggressive when it comes to handling and WINNING your case. Mr. Cohen has represented me in 5 different cases ( misdemeanor and felony ) . All of my experiences with Corey and his staff have been excellent. One of many things I love about this great legal team is that Corey and his wonderful staff treat you like family and update you on everything that’s going on with your case from start to finish, no matter the case big or small Corey and his staff will give you nothing but the best and help you through the legal process step by step .

Corey and his staff are excellent when it comes to giving you comfort and peace during a tough time . The Great experience starts as soon as you call the office , one of his wonderful assistants Tianna or Martina are very informative and always make sure they provide accurate and updated information about your case . In each of my 5 cases ( all dropped or dismissed ) Corey’s assistant Martina has been very helpful and supportive in helping me through all of my cases . She is wonderful when it comes to consistent updated communication about your case , and always respectful , polite and aggressive when it comes to getting a resolution to the case .Mr Cohen and his wonderful staff fight hard for you and will get you great results every time .

The Law Office of Corey Cohen, P.A is great because they work with you depending on your situation. Martina gave me a very informative free consultation on my cases each time, and also worked with me on payments plans to pay off Mr. Cohen. Mr Cohen is hands down the best legal representation out there and I would recommend him and his staff to anyone going through a legal issue . MR Cohen is a great lawyer and knows his law. Corey will give you peace as he fights your case .
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Ross Baird
· April 2, 2015
If you’re looking for an authentic law firm that truly exemplifies knowledgeable, informative, and persistent, staff. A law firm that truly represents integrity towards the quality of customer service...!! SEARCH no further ......I've had friends that chose Corey Cohen to represent us in two critical shortfalls that caused a detour in their finances as well as getting through a serious car accident. All in all, Mr.Cohen's firm were very easy to work with. The firm’s team really took time to listen to our concerns, provide us with viable education and exhaustively fought and won both of our claims. For this, we are grateful and blessed to have researched and worked with an A graded firm. Many thanks to Mr. Corey Cohen, Caitlin and the other exceptional staff members! See More

What a wild rescue and brave worker.

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NTD Life

Heart-stopping video of Ferris wheel rescue attempt gone wrong

Credit: JukinVideo

Accusations of drug possession or trafficking can be addressed at either the state or federal level.

How do courts decide where the case goes?

Enjoying a firm lunch with the best staff anyone could ask for.

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A 25-year-old Texas man was arrested last week for posing as a high school student and playing on the boys’ basketball team, police said -- and he may have had an inappropriate relationship with an underage girl.

Happy Mother’s Day! Being a mother is one of the hardest jobs in the world but most rewarding!

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It was chaos in an Ocala, Florida courtroom, as fists were flying and deputies discharged tasers.

Love to see how this works with police here.

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Ontario Provincial Police is with Deaf Ontario.

#OPP endorses the Visor Card in partnership with Deaf Ontario to enhance accessibility and facilitate communication during a traffic stop #DHHSI

This has to be a joke.

"Being put in handcuffs, not knowing what he did wrong, I could have had a talk with him and told him look, I know you like to play guns, but you can't do it in... school," his mom says.

The offense alleged against the boy is brandishing an "imaginary" rifle at his art teacher, an educator who apparently felt threatened.

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Florida isn’t great but it’s not worth killing someone.

"All because she wanted to be closer to her children and grandchildren in Florida to live out the remainder of their lives.”

He is at it again.

The investigator was working on a documentary related to the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin.

Why couldn’t they just let him finish.

CRAZY: An extremely intoxicated man who was attempting to have sex with the tailpipe of a car had to be subdued with a stun gun after he refused to stop.

At least it wasn’t Krispy Kreme.

Kevin Raymond Curtis, of Augusta, says his father's cremated remains were in a vehicle's glove compartment while he awaited arrival of an urn he had ordered.

What do you think?

Damn. Mixed emotions.

Bill Cosby has been convicted of all three counts of against him in his indecent assault trial.

The Law Office of Corey Cohen is proud to announce the addition of Attorney Sabrina Jadunandan. She came from the Orange County State Attorney’s Office and is doing a wonderful job in private practice.

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I could see myself doing this.

Gilberto Escamilla said fajita scheme got out of control.

Crazy how people get brainwashed into these cults.

Women in a secret group in a female mentorship organization operated as "slaves" with "masters," say federal prosecutors. Actress Allison Mack is alleged to have played a big role in the operation.