"The Laws of Nature are the functioning of Truth."

E. Fersen ~ The Lightbearer ~ Pearls of Wisdom

"In the Quest for the Unknown, we are seeking the Eternal. The Unknown is always facing us all of our life."

E. Fersen ~ The Lightbearer ~ Pearls of Wisdom


"Life is eternal motion."

The Lightbearer ~ E. Fersen ~ Pearls of Wisdom

"There should be respect for old age. If it is not given, it is like stabbing a person in the heart...When a nation begins to lose respect for the accumulated wisdom of age, it is a definite sign of decay."

E. Fersen ~ Pearls of Wisdom

"There is within us an Eternal Phoenix which cannot be destroyed."

The Lightbearer, E. Fersen ~ Pearls of Wisdom

"The future does not build itself. We are building it. This demands a sense of reality, of common sense."

The Lightbearers ~ Pearls of Wisdom

"Wisdom belongs to the Higher Self, the Spiritual Ego."

The Lightbearer, E. Fersen, 1923

"We should not wait until we are old to come into our own. If we do so in Youth, we are able to see and enjoy life to the greatest extent."

Pearls of Wisdom ~ The Lightbearer

"We must embody on the physical plane that which our mind has achieved through its unfoldment."

The Lightbearer ~ Pearls of Wisdom

"We are all flowers in the garden of the Eternal, each of us lovely and beautiful."

Pearls of Wisdom

"Our Higher Self reminds us when we make a mistake. When we are tempted to make the same mistake again and are reminded of it, if we will refuse to make it again, it will never again come up. We have destroyed it within ourselves."

Aphorisms of The Lightbearer

"Everything in Creation comes from the depth of the Eternal Itself. We are representatives of this Law (Truth,) and must try to fulfill it."

Eugene Fersen ~ The Lightbearer

"One can never become saturated with good because good has the power of expansion. With evil the reverse is true. It concentrates itself."

The Lightbearer ~ Eugene Fersen

"Enthusiasm is the Power of Love."

Eugene Fersen ~ The Lightbearer

"Knowledge which is not used is abused"

Eugene Fersen ~ Aphorisms of The Lightbearer

"Conscious mind has as much power as it is willing to accept."

~Aphorisms of the Lightbearer~

"Love is endless and each moment throughout Eternity, Love feels different...Love never hesitates, never is afraid, never is weak...The Eternal created the Universe so as to have something to Love." Aphorisms of The Lightbearer