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December 2017

Finally got out on the water Christmas day 2017. It was a blast. I have to admit that a jet boat not a Jet Ski. So I'll have to take some time getting use to it. I launched at Maximo and headed toward Gulfport. Then I came back and headed toward the first bridge to the Skyway. Saw some dolphins as always . This was not a trash run, but I am happy to say that I did not see any either.
Just want to say thank you to The Jet Ski Repair Shop who sold me the Ski and how awesome that have been.

Well i got my new/used boat today. I'll be on the water soon. I think my dog will make a good scout for trash

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A funnel, REALLY!!!!! Yes a funnel. :-)
Got very wet

Today I took my dog for walk at Gulfport. We walked the small area at the shore. I was absolutely appalled at all the trash that I saw on the ground. Cans, plastic wrappers, Styrofoam cups, and worst of all cigarette butts. How hard is it to walk 5 to 10 feet to a garbage can and cigarette butt collector? Next week I will try to get out there with my bucket and grabber and try to do more than today. Maybe my friends will join me for this beach cleanup.

I should be back out on the water in 3 weeks. Stay tuned for more.

Here is an article by Channel 10 about a group I am associated with.…/community-crimefighting-tam…/482291285

The Guardian Angels were started in New York City in 1979 and have grown into an international organization with chapters in more than 130 cities.

I am sad to say that i will be land locked for a while. My pwc (marine 1) suffered a major tree fall from Irma. Hope fully she can be fixed.

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Doing the right thing is a good thing.

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S1:E1 Operation Combat Bikesaver
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Mike Rowe visits a garage in Indiana to surprise Jason, a former Army engineer who runs a therapeutic bike building program for veterans.

The episode centers around the main cast member, who also narrates, and a 'Great Gatsby'-themed gala party
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Adjudicate Guilty Michael Wenzel, Bo Benac, Heintz 4 Felony Animal Abuse

Florida Standard Jury Instruction for an Animal Cruelty case! Please note the prosecutor must prove either A, B or C Beyond a Reasonable Doubt!

Dragging a shark behind a boat was only the tip of the iceberg. What else have Michael Wenzel and his friends have been up to? Caution: GRAPHIC CONTENT.
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Denmark just put another nail in the coffin for fossil fuels 🙌

I was out on the water last Wednesday the 26th and here is what I caught.

Geeks love a good visualized data set! Iced tea anyone?

Summer temperatures have shifted toward more extreme heat over the past several decades.
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The climate has always changed – so why all the focus on it now? It has a lot to do with predictability. NPR’s Christopher Joyce explains.

Happy belated Fourth of July. I decided to do my patriotic duty and hit the water. I picked up a lot of trash. In Bayou Harbor there is a little finger that has some business such as a dry dock, restaurant, boat rental and so forth. This finger was a mess. There was even a 2x6x4 floating in the water with nails. I got a lot of the trash but not the 2x6. I did ask the guys running the dry dock to warn people. I also saw the Coast Guard doing exterior painting on one of the ships. Check out the pictures.