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"In response to the cold, President Donald Trump tweeted that the U.S. could use some 'good old global warming' that the nation was 'going to pay TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS to protect against.'"

The politics of climate change during the coldest winter we’ve seen in decades

"The show came back after a long promotional campaign by Netflix, who uploaded teasers for weeks without ever mentioning the release date. [...] Sadly, the show left me quite disappointed for one very big reason."

The show hasn't been the same since Netflix

a poem.

September tenth, on the train from Montréal to Toronto

"Unlike certain religious and academic institutions who seek to sanitize the past, we aren’t afraid to get a little bit dirty—and by “a little bit dirty,” we mean absolutely filthy. So unbuckle your seatbelts, turn up that baby makin’ music and let’s take a trip through the ages…"

… somehow it always goes back to the Pagans

"The Phantom of the Opera opened my eyes, to things both good and bad, but it wasn’t until I opened my legs, a full decade after that afternoon, to a world of other possibilities that I realized how fun love could be."

My awakening through a temporary affair with silver screen romance

"[T]he mere recollection of [the accuser]’s account and her descriptions of her unease, which I initially felt the impulse to disregard as an over-exaggerated comeback to a bad date, triggered an emotional and personal response that felt all too familiar. As I took a step back, I realized that my decision to defend Ansari came from societal conditioning that normalized accepting poor male behaviour."

A grey area sparks debate on consent and dating culture

Need some advice on where to begin? the newspaper's got you sorted.

tips on how to find what’s best for you at a sex shop

"Sex-shopping is so much more than what you do within the store—it also includes how you feel about going into those stores, who you tell or who you don’t and how to talk about it if you do."

A novice’s observations about adult entertainment stores

"Tennis show us in a million different ways that love is important. Love for music, love for friendships, love for partners and just love for the sake of love. How can you not love that?"

Husband-and-wife indie pop duo Tennis comes to the Mod Club Theatre

Hey kids! Our love + sex issue is out on stands now — get your hands on a copy while they're red hot 😉

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"I saw a sole person go in through a black doorway a little further down and across the street. We walked over, and as we got closer we could hear it. We were headed to this particular warehouse on this particular Saturday to seek out an event put on by Sidetrack."

Getting lost in the fudgy grooves off Dupont

"Since Donald Trump’s unprecedented victory, numerous non-politicians have expressed interest in running for office in the United States, including Kid Rock, Kanye West and most notably, Mark Zuckerberg. [...] Zuckerberg routinely stresses that [his actions] are purely philanthropic or company-based and that he has no desire to seek elected office, but touring the 50 states for Facebook’s sake seems like a stretch."

You don't get to 270 electoral votes without making a few enemies

"In the past year, many spaces that catered to the city’s underground art scene have been shut down, mainly due to the rise of real estate prices in the downtown area. [...]
In retaliation, youthful musicians, photographers, comedians and other artists have banded together to create platforms where their work can be experienced, ensuring that as this city grows and develops, there will still be a passionate and cultivated art scene."

Local Artists Create an Independent Platform

"[Professor] Fulton is concentrating on studying ancient trade networks that existed during the early Roman period dating back to 300 CE. Since last school year, she and her team have been busily conducting theoretical research, and now they are ready to roll."

U of T professor studies Mediterranean trade routes

"Though you see him want to become better, whatever he does leads to catastrophe for him and all who are around him. It’s not a matter of 'oh, he screwed up here, but in the next episode he will get on the right track and get his shit together.' That is never the case. He will not get better."

I hate you, I love you, I hate that I love you

"There have been criticisms that the film’s cast is largely white despite the Japanese setting, though it may not be whitewashing per se since the white actors seem to be playing the dogs, not the people."

Cultural appropriation and plagiarism—how much can you forgive?