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Jacque Lyn
· November 16, 2017
Wish I could give 6 stars! They helped my family so much in every way: practical tips, emotional support, access to the newest research developments. They literally saved my son's life and have made t...he quality of his life so much better! If you haven't yet, call them! Or donate! See More
Denise Burger
· February 8, 2018
Thank you for putting my son Jason in the feeding tube awareness 2018 video �
Duval M. Cantu
· May 26, 2015
Oley Foundation is a remarkable organization that strives to provide help and support to patients on feeding tubes or TPN and to caregivers that provide care to their loved ones. Without organizations... like Oley many members would be lost with lack of the necessary information needed for survival as well as a much better quality of life. I particularly enjoy Oley's forum where patients, caregivers, families, and friends can go to share their experiences and receive or provide help to other members. The forum is provided by Inspire who partners with over 209 support groups giving patients with multiple conditions the opportunity to join the necessary groups to get help from each group.

I am addicted to Oley Foundation-Inspire since stumbling across it a few years ago when we were desperate.

Highly Recommended
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Leighanne Boone
· July 10, 2017
I have been a HEN consumer my entire life, almost 34 years. I only found out about Oley last year. This is how I look at my life before Oley and after. I have discovered a whole world and support syst...em/ family I never new about. What a blessing!! See More
Katie Hagen
· August 11, 2016
Ive been TPN & JTUBE feed dependant for about 8 yrs now because of Gastroparesis & digestive tract paralysis, Ehlers danlos & other health issues. I was hospitalized for 1 month after jtube was placed..., we were sent home w/ very little info on important things like clogs,pumps& troubleshooting these common probs, but the Oley foundation was very imformative & helpful putting my parents & my minds at ease,and again when I started on TPN. I've been able to do soo much with these resources. When on 24/7 feeds I still ride my horses & play in symphony orchestra. So very thankful for advice & help from Oley. See More
Brian McCall
· September 3, 2016
Help along the way. A wonderful organization. Happy to have found them.
Tonya Steely Tierney
· February 21, 2014
Love the info packet I was sent. Had my J tube for a year and this is the first supporting information I've received. So glad to have found it!
Chris Cavanaugh
· January 10, 2017
So valuable for patients and caregivers. A great resource and source of support
Tammy Grammer Morris
· July 13, 2015
So thankful for Oley Foundation! What a blessing they are to families like ours.
Denise Killmeyer Watts
· January 3, 2014
We just received our information packet in the mail & I'm thrilled my husband will now have a support system,
Aranka Poprocka Tracey
· August 26, 2013
good luck to everyone, I am admiriing all of you very very brave people, good job
Robin Tuttle Bowden
· March 4, 2014
Great information for newbies and for long term users such as myself.
Donna Johnson
· February 5, 2014
Has been our saviour in both sanity and information.
Kristi Patzman
· February 13, 2015
One of the most incredible source for TPN AND tubes
Abby Evans Brogan
· November 12, 2013
Great support organisation for anyone on nutrition support!

Word on the street is that there will be a special guest at the conference in Memphis! Who can it be? Here are 2 hints:

"All I ever wanted was to help people, love them, lift them up and spread some joy"

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The Oley Foundation to 2018 Oley Annual Conference

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